August 22nd, 2007
Question from a reader

Sometimes I get questions in email from readers. Most of the time I answer them then and there, but this one was good blog material.

“What are the differences between putting out an ebook and putting out a mass market book.”

I’ve been surprised that the process is largely similar. For both I still have deadlines, still submit (by deadline), still get editorial feedback, still have the thrill of the first cover view, still have proof changes to make. That’s all basically the same, except at the end one comes out in ebook and the other in paper. Oh, and one process takes a lot longer than the other (I’m sure you can guess which one)

The only real difference, from my point of view, has been in the feedback…and not necessarily from reviewers/critics. When Witch Fire released I was inundated with emails from readers.  When I release an ebook I might get a couple emails, but this went way beyond that. Duh, you’re probably all saying, it was a mass market release. Lots more people read the book. Yes, that’s true, but honestly I have never emailed an author in my life. Sad to say it’s true. I might love the book, but I generally don’t tell them I did. (Though I might mention it in my blog****) So I was astounded by all the people who actually DO. It’s been GREAT.

Honestly, that’s been the only major change for me. Oh, and also worrying like CRAZY about my sales. Oy. Witch Fire hit pretty high on the Bookscan list and also made the B&N bestseller list (I didn’t know that until recently), so I stressed a lot about how the book was doing. I worry about that with ebooks too, but not quite to the same degree. I guess with ebooks I feel like I might have a little more control, it’s more familiar territory. Releasing Witch Fire produced some anxiety in me.

That’s pretty much it, though.

*****OH….I just finished Stardoc, by S.L. Viehl. I loved it! Sailed through the book, especially the back half. SO GOOD. I practically broke a finger trying to order the sequel last night from It had better get here fast, man. I’m already going through withdrawal. I love finding a series after a lot of them have been written. That means I can read the whole thing straight through.

I f you have a question for me you can ask it here, or email me — anyabast(at) I promise I don’t bite.

5 comments to “Question from a reader”

  1. Anya, you have to order Endurance, Book 3 of StarDoc too! Otherwise the cliffhanger ending in Beyond Varallan will drive you crazy waiting for book 3. Unless you are Angela James, who is a freak of nature. I cannot believe that she didn’t immediately look for Endurance!

  2. Well now you tell me! 😉

  3. Stardoc… best, series… EVER.

    And do NOT read Beyond Varallan without Endurance. You will scream. I promise you.

    I’m a total Stardoc junkie.

  4. I have like seven of these sitting on my shelf, unread. I’m a little afraid to read them before I’ve written a bunch of books in my Jax series. I keep eyeing them but so far, I haven’t touched them. That’s a first for me.

  5. Okay, okay!! I ordered Endurance! *g*

    Ann — Are you afraid they might be close to your series? I totally get that. I mean, not reading them because of that.