August 22nd, 2007
The Tea Party

So I discover The Tea Party and develop the The Big Lurve for them…only to discover they’ve been broken up for two years. Ehn.

Ehn. Ehn. EHN!


I’m sorry I have no nice, neat blogging schedule. I go for days without blogging and then, wham, post three times in one day.

3 comments to “The Tea Party”

  1. Oh, man! You poor thing. The Tea Party is awesome. They are a lot like another small local band I knew and there was a bit of a, “they sold out to get on Much” feeling when they hit it big; the other band is still playing gigs in small towns.

    What about Finger 11? Another awesome Canadian band.

  2. Glad you’re hearing back from your readers – that sounds really encouraging 🙂 Also, for some reason I couldn’t get the vid to play – but I bookmarked it on youtube and will definitely try again later. Have a great weekend!

  3. Seeley — I LURVE them. I’m so bummed I’m late.

    Bri — Hope you get to see the vid. I love the song.