October 4th, 2007
Question from a reader — Music

“Do you listen to music when you write?”

You know, I never used to. Listening to music tends to distract me because I get too into it and forget to, ya’ know…write. But then I bought an iPod and I was suddenly exposed to all this great new music I’d never heard before, (because I cruise all over iTunes).

And so lately (well, when I was writing The Darkest Kiss, anyway) I have begun to use music as emotional motivation. Music can do that, get you into the proper frame of mind for writing. So, like, if I need to sit down and write ten pages NOW, but I’m thinking about the laundry or the fact I need to go grocery shopping, ect, I can use music to put me in a different mindset. As long as I have the volume turned down way low, I can do it.

I have even started creating play lists for books I’m writing. I have one for The Darkest Kiss and I created one yesterday for Witch Heart (when this email came in, oddly enough), which will evolve and change as I write.

Here’s some of what I’m listening to now:

Caught in the Rain — Revis
Suffer — Endo
Stop a Bullet — Black Light Burns
Evening Rain — Moby
Lie — Black Light Burns
Simple Lies — Endo
Lie to me — 12 Stones (Hmm…I’m detecting a theme here. Heh.)
Temptation — The Tea Party
Gyroscope — The Tea Party
Unaffected — Hoobastank
Fall to Pieces — Velvet Revolver
Let Go — 12 Stones
The Way I Feel — 12 Stones
I Will Follow You Into The Dark — Death Cab for Cutie
Beyond Time — Apocalyptica
Cohkka — Apocalyptica

2 comments to “Question from a reader — Music”

  1. Good stuff on that list, Anya. I listen to a lot of it, too.

  2. Death Cab. Awesome.

    And Apo.

    I listen too, but more for the rythym. Keeps my fingers moving.