October 15th, 2007
70 Days of Sweat

The second round of Sweaty Seventy has started! Are you participating?

Or are you gearing up for NaNo?

I’m doing the SS because it gives me more time. I believe in quality over quantity. Some days I struggle all day long for 1,000 words, but those 1,000 words are exactly what I needed to write, where I needed to write them. They are worth more to me than 5,000 words that lead me in the wrong direction, you know?

Plus, SS conveniently starts at the time I’m beginning Witch Heart and runs just short of its deadline. So, SS it is.

How about you?

6 comments to “70 Days of Sweat”

  1. Yay! And I’m trying to pretend like I don’t have any vested interest in you finishing the book so I can read it, snort…

  2. wahoo! I’m not gonna pretend at all – i need to read that.
    my entire existence is precariously balanced on reading it.
    not to pressure you or anything.

  3. Yeah, I believe in quality over quantity too, and that’s why I love Sweat70, but could never do NaNo, I think…. The pace of NaNo is too white hot for me, whereas ‘sweating’ is a pace that allows for bits of editing and polishing as I go along, and not leaving myself too much of a task in the rewriting. 🙂

    All the best for Witch Heart and the challenge!



  4. Lauren & Rhian — You’re both going to give me angina. *g*

    Portia — Gook luck to you too!!

  5. Hello! I, too, opted for the 70 Days vs. Nano. While I agree with the whole quality vs. quantity idea, my reasons were a little different. First, I’ve never managed to write 50K in a month. The more important reason, though, is that I really don’t need a new project. What I need to do is finish the story I’m working on and get it edited.

    Hope the writing goes well!

  6. Hi Krista! Best of luck with the editing. 🙂