October 15th, 2007
Book Signing!

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I attended my local RWA chapter’s annual book signing yesterday, along with a whole list of fabulous authors including JR Ward, Heather Grothaus, Toni Blake, Shiloh Walker and more.

The signing was at The Bookstore, in Radcliff, KY. It’s one of those awesome privately owned ones. My favorite kind of bookstore. If you’re nearby, it’s worth a stop in. They’re very supportive of the romance genre. 

Here’s me at the book signing. I really need a trip to the hair stylist. Oy.

My little daughter came along. Grandma also came to keep her entertained while I signed. However, little daughter was having none of it. She wanted to stick close to me. So she “helped” me sign books. She also dumped a water bottle (full of very cold water) all over us both and scattered lemon bread crumbs on the floor.  But she was cute. That makes up for a lot. 

A couple random shots my mom took…. Here is Elizabeth Beverly and Teresa Medeiros…sort of. 

Me: “Mom, you know you cut off Teresa Medieros in this picture.”

Mom: “Who’s she?”

Me” *aghast* “How can you not know who Teresa Medieros is? I thought everyone in the whole world knew of Teresa Medieros! I wouldn’t be writing at all if I hadn’t picked up Once an Angel, my very first romance novel ever.”

Mom: “Well…I got her elbow.” 

So there’s Teresa Medieros’s elbow. 😉



Last random picture. Hmmm, testing the power of my memory…. From left to right:

Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, Magdalena Scott, Sara Reinke (I think. Ack.), and LuAnn McLane.

These are all authors in my local RWA chapter. You know, RWA has definitely pulled some stunts over the years that have made my respect for the national organization waver, but my local chapter, KYRW, has always been the absolute best. From day one, before I’d made any sales at all, they opened their arms to me. They’ve supported me over the years, celebrated my victories and commiserated my defeats…as I do for the other members.

I have so enjoyed watching some of these authors blossom, find their writerly paths and seize the day. It was a true pleasure to be able to buy a book from Teresa Reasor yesterday, one I’d helped critique the beginning of so long ago, Highland Moonlight. It’s a great book. I loved it then and I love it now. I’m so happy it found a home. Happier that Teresa is now on the other side of the signing table.

Writing is a solitary pursuit and although most of us are introverts, we still need community. We still need others who speak our language and know what we’re going through, who can relate. My local RWA chapter has always filled this need for me. They are a great group of ladies (and one man!), and they are honestly why I remain a member of RWA.

Oh, and I can’t forget the readers! I met so many great people, supportive romance readers and reviewers yesterday. I wouldn’t be writing if it weren’t for you. Thanks for being so awesome. 

  1. The winner of last week’s contest, by random drawing, is Rhian! Congrats! Can you drop me an email at anyabast (at) Yahoo.com. The prize, by the way, is a bag stuffed with surprise goodies. 😉




8 comments to “Book Signing!”

  1. Eeeep! I won something? Dang. I had no idea. I was just doing my normal Anya stalking. heh.
    Bag of goodies – wahoo!
    btw – ya look gorgeous in the photo wenchy!
    The Teresa elbow story – classic.

  2. Congrats, Rhian. Blame my husband. He’s the one who pulled your name. 🙂

  3. Anya – So glad that you enjoyed the booksigning! It was our pleasure to help put it on for all the published authors!

  4. Anya,

    I love the pictures (of course, since I’m in one of them) and your story about the book signing. It was a wonderful day!

    Most touching, though, were your lovely comments about KYRW. I feel so fortunate to be part of such an amazing chapter, and like you, have found everyone to be supportive and encouraging.

  5. Anya,
    So sorry I couldn’t participate. I so enjoy the KYRW crew, and you’re right about The Bookstore-Radcliff being an amazing place to sign. Love those gals (and Jerry)!

    I missed seeing you and everyone. Maybe next time…


  6. Hey Anya! That last picture is actually Janice Maynard (aka Elizabeth Scott) next to LuAnn McLane. And I believe that is even Laura in front of the table. hee hee!!!

    Looking forward to the next signing down in Radcliff or wherever else we can meet up. June should definitely be a blast since we’ll have all weekend to hang out with everyone. 🙂


  7. Rhonda — *hand slap to forehead* I suspected I got that part wrong. Darn it! I have a bad memory!

  8. Don’t feel bad… my memory sucks as well!!! That was the 2nd time I met Janice (Elizabeth) so I remembered her. 😉 If it makes you feel better, I bought a book that day that I already had just to get it signed… and ended up leaving the signing with it never having been signed by Miss Medeiros. *pouts*