November 10th, 2007
Psycho Saturday Morning

My husband woke me up because I was crying in my sleep. Normally I wake myself up because I cry really, really hard in my sleep. It’s amazing how everything is more intense in dreamlandia than it is in waking reality. Emotion is sharper, sex can be more explosive. My theory? Uhm…not sure exactly, but it has something to do with the centers of the brain.

The dream, btw, was nothing personally traumatic or anything. It was just a dream with a heavy emotional component.

So we get up (quiet, not to wake the daughter), make coffee and we’re standing there in front of our living room window looking out over the frost-laced front yard and…a buffalo walks through our line of vision. A WHITE buffalo, an adolescent. He ambles down our little country street alongside the cow pasture in front of our house and off down the road.

Me: *head tilt* Uhm?
DH: “Did you just see that?”
Me: “I think so.”
DH: “I’ll go call the police.”

Turns out he’s an escapee from a nearby buffalo farm. Wasn’t sure there for a sec if I wasn’t still dreaming. *g*

3 comments to “Psycho Saturday Morning”

  1. Geez, Anya… That’s very weird, on any day and also on a purely symbolic level. There’s something about a white buffalo in Native American lore… but now I can’t remember exactly what it is. Something about the coming of the “Father,” or something… maybe. Gosh, wish I could remember. Will go see if I can find anything. If so, I’ll be back. ;o)

  2. Here’s what I found…

    The Native Americans have legends about White buffalo, which are extremely rare. It is said that A white buffalo appeared in the form of a woman who wore white hides. One man was respectful toward her, and the other was not. The one who was not was turned into a pile of bones. She gave the respectful brave a pipe and taught him special music. She also taught him various rituals and said that she would someday return in an era of peace. Many people cling to this legend of White Buffalo as a hope that there will be an end to suffering, whereas others think that it is merely an interesting tale. Many experts find parallels between the white buffalo legend and other religions and traditions.

  3. That’s fascinating! Thanks, Devon.

    Yes, I knew white Buffalo were some kind of good luck or something, but I didn’t know all this. 🙂 Hopefully that means good times are to come.