November 16th, 2007
Mysteries of my world.
  1. I KNOW there were two socks when I put them in the washer and now there is only one. Where, oh, WHERE did the other one go?
  2. How is it some people can get so wrapped up in TV show fandoms that they sound like they think it’s all real. Also, isn’t there more important things to get so worked up over?
  3. Homophobia. Gah! Such a frustrating mystery to me.
  4. How it is that Cute Overload has reached in and possessed a chunk of my soul.
  5. How they could have thought it was a good idea to cancel Dead Like Me or Firefly.
  6. Star fruit is always on sale in the produce section, but who actually buys and eats it?
  7. Pork rinds. Can we just not?
  8. How I can alternate between Zen Buddhist calm and all out anxiety with no middle ground.
  9. How in the middle of the night I manage to step on that one block I managed to miss during toy clean up.
  10. How some weeks I have tons of things to blog about and other weeks…nada.

What are some of your personal mysteries?

One comment to “Mysteries of my world.”

  1. two books that were sitting right there on my book shelf earlier this week and are now gone. vanished. tore the house apart looking for them and they are GONE! i’m traumatized.
    oh yeah – and socks. every winter i buy them because somehow over the course of the summer (when i’m not wearing them or keeping my eye on them) they walk themselves right out of the house.