December 3rd, 2007
The Book That Ate My Brain

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At some point in every novel, it consumes me. I start living in my character’s heads and the world I’ve created for them. While I’m making coffee, I’m thinking about how to write a certain scene. When I’m taking a shower, I’m thinking about how my character would react if this or that happened.

Conversations with my husband go like this:

DH: Hey did you see that some of our little pine trees are going brown. They might even be dying.

Me: Nahuh.

DH: I think it might be a tree disease. Maybe we should call in a specialist.

Me: Nahuh.

DH: And then aliens landed in the front yard, took off their pants and did a dance!

Me: Nahah.

I start dazing into space and wandering around the house putting the milk in the cabinet and the coffee in the fridge. I go to bed with sheafs of paper and my (special) ball point pen. In the morning I find I fell asleep on it all and now have ink marks on the sheets, my legs and my arms. (Sadly, all these things really have happened.)

That’s where I am with Witch Heart right now, the third book in my Elemental Witches series. I’ve hit my stride. I’ve got a firm handle on my characters and the plot is progressing nicely. I’m at that point where I’m consumed.

Christmas, what’s that? Good thing I’ve almost got all my shopping done. Housework? Pbbbtbwhahaha.

My hero is particularly fun to write. He’s a secondary in Witch Blood, so I already had a pretty good grip on his personality and backstory. Adam is fun to write because his personality isn’t a whole lot different from mine. When I’m in his head it feels sort of comfortable. Odd, since he’s a guy (and a guy’s guy, too), but there you have it. There’s no logic to this stuff.

So, anyway, Witch Heart is officially eating my brain (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

What are some activities in your life that consume you? Something that makes you forget to eat and sleep and drives you to distraction?

3 comments to “The Book That Ate My Brain”

  1. For me, it’s definitely losing myself in a good book. Time flies and I get so into the story, that I would rather read than eat.

  2. Anya, what you said… it’s the same for me. I’ve actually scared myself before while driving, going on automatic pilot because a scene is playing out in my head, missing turns, until I suddenly snap to and realize I’m not where I’m supposed to be.

    You know, when I think about it, I don’t see how our spouses and other family put up with us as well as they do. Not counting sleep time, I’m sure I probably stay zoned out and move around this house on auto pilot about 70% of the time. I’ve actually told myself before that no one should live this way. It’s not normal and can’t be healthy. Life is passing by and I don’t even notice. But… I don’t know how I would do it any other way because this has been the norm for me for most of my life.

  3. Hi Cathy — Oh, me too!! By far my favorite thing to do. Well, except write. 🙂

    Devon — I’ve done that scary driving thing too. Yipes. The writer brain can be dangerous.