December 7th, 2007
Fury & Tranquility

I get a lot of hits from people looking for my free story, Fury. It’s a spicy werewolf romance I wrote for the subscribers of The Sultry Pen a couple years back and there are still links around directing people here for it.

This is just to let you know that Fury is completed and I’m now sending it out in sections to my Writerspace newsletter subscribers. However I am writing another free story now for Sultry Pen members. That one is called Tranquility (also werewolf) and it’s a spin off of Fury.

These are just little short stories I do to show appreciation to my readership. They’re about the length of an EC Quickie and they’re largely unedited. I wanted to place an updated note somewhere on my site in case someone followed one of those broken links and did a search.

So, there you have it. That’s the low down on Fury.

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