January 12th, 2008
A contest and a chat!

I’m always struck at how on some days I am only able to write 500 words and some days I can write 5k. Yesterday was a good day, I wrote about 3k. Since I have deadlines looming, that’s a positive thing. I am well over halfway done with Witch Heart and I’m in that place where things are zipping along because I’m gathering momentum toward the climax. It’s a good place to be.

We just had some renovations done to our living room. In the process, we had to move the BAJILLION books I own. I’m actually not much of a pack rat, so I’ve decided to get rid of over half my books to make the house a bit lighter. I’m giving most of them away to the local women’s shelter, but I definitely have some to spare for a contest or two. I have everything from Linda Howard to Kresley Cole to Jacquelyn Carey. SO…I can’t guarantee what books you’ll get, but if you leave a comment you’ll be entered to win a mail sack full of used paperbacks. Kind of like a readerly grab bag. You can comment about anything you want, from what you’re doing this weekend, to what you’re reading right now, to whether or not YOU’RE a pack rat. 😉

I just sent out a bunch of stuff, btw, so if you’re waiting on a prize from me it’ll probably be there within the next couple days.

Lastly, Jacquelyn Frank is holding a day-long party today to celebrate the release of Elijah and I’m hosting from 12-1pm (eastern). If you can, stop on by and say hi! I’ll be doing some contests for prizes and stuff. The chat room is HERE.

3 comments to “A contest and a chat!”

  1. love your new site and i am reading Lauren’s new wolfie

  2. That’s so funny about the pack rat thing. My kids got so tired of looking at all my (neatly) stacked piles of books in my room, that they bought me a book case for Christmas. It still wasn’t big enough to hold them all, which gave me a good excuse to weed some of them to my giveaway pile. It’s so hard to get ride of some of my old favorites, but the local women’s shelter is going to be in for such a treat. And it’s nice to think that they will go someplace where they will be appreciated.

  3. Tonight I was looking through all of our books. I entered into a livejournal group called 50BookChallenge. Its a community to see how many books you read and to help inspire ohters to read also. So I was like so how many do I have I haven’t read; before I went scouring for more books. Well out of all of my books only 5 of my fantasy sci fi I had not read yet. But our other books I found several I had not completely read through. So I wrote down our books because I found a few duplicates. So yes the love to read and pack rat I think is in all of us. 🙂