January 18th, 2008
The Reviews, they are coming in.

For Witch Blood already.

*insert shameless promotion here* Witch releases on March 4th, 2008, but is available for pre-order on Amazon.com and B&N right now.

Witch Blood is a recommended read at Night Owl Romance Reviews.

Tammie says… “Witch Blood is the second in this series, but it can easily standalone. If you read this one first you will automatically want to rush to the store and get the first one, Witch Fire. The characters and world building were phenomenal and any paranormal fan will be guaranteed a Top Pick read. Anya has provided it all in this hot new paranormal series. You get great suspense, vivid characters and a world that just pops off the pages. This book is not too be missed. I’m anxiously awaiting the next book by Anya Bast.”

And Witch Blood recently received five blue ribbons at Romance Junkies (the review has not gone live yet):

Ann says… “WITCH BLOOD is the follow-up to WITCH FIRE and follows Isabelle and Thomas. Isabelle is a real spitfire who is full of anger and energy. As a water witch, she has several unique talents but it is her survival skills that make a difference between life and death. She has a real serious issue with love and trust because the people that should have taken care of her have let her down. With Thomas, she is afraid of taking that next step towards a relationship because she doesn’t think she can stick it through to the end. When things get tough, she has hidden reserves that she is unaware of. It has her rethinking her position on love.

Thomas is fully committed to his people and the Coven. He knows that he must stop the demon before it kills more witches but without knowing its true agenda, the entire Coven is helpless. He is used to being in total control but with Isabelle, he is at a total loss. He can’t make heads or tails of her but knows that the chemistry between them is real. As Thomas, Isabelle and their friends delve deeper into the mystery, they find surprising information and unusual characters that not only shocks them but will certainly ripple into future books. I’ll be curious to see what the future will hold for this Coven and its people.”

One comment to “The Reviews, they are coming in.”

  1. Yay! Totally well deserved kudos, it’s a fabulous book.