February 27th, 2008
Book Blogging and a Contest! (because I’m all about the contests lately)

I’m peeking my head up from Deadline Hell to talk a little bit about some recent books I’ve had in my TBR pile. I feel like I’ve been talking about Witch Blood non-stop. Oy. It’s time to talk about other people’s books for a change.

Meet Sirantha Jax, a woman with the rare ability to “jump” ships through Grimspace. Unfortunately this little skill just might get her killed. This is a gritty story, laced with action, adventure and a little bit of romance. It’s one of those books that make you stay up waaaaaay too late so you can finish it. Jax is complicated and layered, emotional and snarky as all hell.

I loved this book and Jax too!

Isn’t that a fantastic cover? Christine Clavel is just an astounding cover artist. *sigh*

Okay, now for something completely different. This is A Spell for Susannah, a fantasy romance from Samhain Publishing. I pronounce it SOW-WAYNE, how do you pronounce it? Now, make no mistake, the author is a friend of mine. In fact, I critiqued this book a long time ago when it had a different title. I also love this author’s writing regardless of our friendship. Jody Wallace is a skilled, polished and very talented writer.

Meet Susannah in this twist on the tale of the twelve dancing princesses. She’s discovered a secret castle filled to the brim with dancing princes. In a kingdom where the nobles have been cursed to only bear female children, this is quite a surprise. She and her sisters enjoy this delicious secret to the fullest up until Susannah’s parents hire Jon Tom, a detective, to unravel Susannah’s wily ways and discover what their offspring have been up to.

I’m liking this new Nocture line. One of the books I’ve picked up is Scions Resurrection, by Patrice Michelle. I know Patrice’s books from Ellora’s Cave. They’re hot and have a lot of heart. They’re action-packed and written in a way that allows you to clearly see the plot unfold in your mind’s eye–kind of like a movie in your head. Scions Resurrection is no exception.

Ariel, the heroine, is an author of vampire fiction. Too bad vampires are real and it’s caused their eye to be drawn to her…. I found this to be a wonderful and engaging book that let me slip into its world for a time.

And another about face. This one’s horroresque. I’ve been a fan of Adrienne Jones for a while. The Hoax was awesome. Gyspies is irreverent and humorous, the story of Joe, an aging punk rocker, who has a time demon living in a calendar on his wall. The demon is pressing him to honor a suicide pact he made with his former bandmates. They’re all supposed to kill themselves on their fortieth birthday. In order to save his life, Joe is going to have to face something even more horrifying than the demon in the calendar…himself.

I read this book in one afternoon. Joe caught me up from page one and didn’t let me go. Definitely a great way to spend some reading time.

Here, have some genre whiplash.

At least this cover is better than the one on my version, which is really, reeeeaaaaallllly clinchly. The title too. Oy. Lord of Scoundrels. But I’m telling you that this is one of the best romances I’ve ever read. It’s a classic of the genre and I’d heard of it so often and in such glowing terms that I finally bought it, even though I’m not a big reader of non-paranormal fiction.

Oh. My. God. All the praise? Totally warranted.

This book is a twist on the tale of the beauty and the beast. The characters just fly off the page and I completely want the heroine to be my best friend. She rocks like crazy. If you love romance, (I don’t care what your preferred sub-genre may be), read this book.

Okay, here’s the contest (one of a couple I’ll be running here within the week). What have you read lately or what are you planning to read? Just talk about your current reading/TRB list a bit and you’ll be entered in a contest to win your choice of one of the above novels. This contest/blog will be posted a couple different places and all entrants will be compiled for the drawing. Contest ends on Wednesday, March 5th.

Sound cool? Fire away.

24 comments to “Book Blogging and a Contest! (because I’m all about the contests lately)”

  1. Samhain Publishing. I pronounce it SOW-WAYNE

    My son is a Pagan and would shoot me if I pronounced it any other way than Sow-Wayne 😀
    As to my reading, in my TBR pile I have Jacq’s Warlord & Pleasure Bot by Delilah Devlin, Romancing The Alien by Shelley Munro, The Man In The Maze by Robert Silverberg and numerous library books. I am half way through reading The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester

  2. I am in the middle of Night Season by Eileen Wilks. Love, love this paranormal series. Next up is Witch Blood, of course, though it hasn’t arrived yet, Unleashing the Storm by Sydney Croft, Predatory Games by Christine Feehan and Lora Leigh’s new book, Killer Secrets. There have been some totally awesome books out so far this year, and that’s not counting all the ebooks I have waiting for me.

  3. hmmm… my TBR mountain has something like… ugh, 150+ books *wince* Life gets in the way of my reading *sigh*

    I just finished Strangers in Death–loved it, but then, I love how the growth and depth of the relationships in that series.

    I’m also reading a couple of old single titles by Justine Davis (God bless my neighborhood UBS), and catching up on Marjorie M Liu’s and Robyn Carr’s series.

  4. Thanks for the nod, Anya! I am reading a comic fantasy novel called “Fate Worse Than Dragons” by John Moore right now. It’s a hoot! I just finished a category romance about a small town Wisconsin reporter and a superstar dude the other day. I was reading along, wondering why it felt “off” — the heroine finished an article and ripped a sheet of paper out of the typewriter, she put her kid in the car without a carseat (gasp!), and she kept making comments about how long distance phone calls must cost a fortune. Then I thought to check the copyright date…1985 *heh*.

  5. I just finished Morcai Battalion by Diana Palmer and let me tell you I was totally taken by surprise. Diana rocked the scifi genre. This lady does scifi like nobody’s business. Her cowboys and mercs have always been a comfort read something frm my past. Andl like lays chips you just can’t stop reading them. Not much of a love story but the potential is there. And Yay she has stated that they’ll be three books total in this series.

  6. I’ve been reading “The Dragonriders of Pern” series by Anne McCaffrey. A series I’ve been meaning to read since I was a kid but never got around 🙂

  7. Hey Anya! Many thinks for the kudos on Scions:Resurrection. I’m having so much fun writing the Scions series.

    I’m currently reading Marked by PC and Kristin Cast after just finishing up Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. Yeah I’m on a YA reading stint, then I’ll get back to adult books. I have Damien waiting for me…calling my name. 🙂

    I should be getting out to the bookstores this weekend so I’ll report back when and where I see Witch Blood.

    Patrice *who’s SO very envious of your covers. They ROCK, Anya. Witch Blood will be mine very soon!*

    PS I LOVE the title: The Chosen Sin…sounds decadent!

  8. Er…that was Many THANKS! Wish I had an edit key. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the book recommendations. I love finding new authors!

    Lord of Scoundrels is a awesome story! I read it years ago.

    Big congratulate you on your upcoming release! 🙂 Good luck with the deadline! ~Mel

  10. Last book I read was LAST WOLF STANDING by Rhyannon Byrd.
    Current book is UNDER THE SPELL by Karen Wiesner.
    On the list in order are:
    1) DEISRE AFTER DARK by Amanda Ashley
    2) LORD OF THE DEEP by Dawn Thompson
    3) ICE QUEEN by Joey W. Hill
    and on and on. Got a Field Trip to the BOOKSTORE planned this weekend. YEAH!

  11. Hi Anya!
    I’m going to have to go find some of those books… – and I love love love the cover of Witch Blood.
    Recently I finished Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna, Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh, Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh, and then a bunch of harlequin books/categories. Oh and also for genre whiplash, The Wicked Ways of A Duke by Laura Lee Guhrke. I’m currently reading Hard to Handle by Lori Foster and the Morcai Batallion by Diana Palmer.

  12. I just received Lora Leigh’s KILLER SECRETS in the mail today and I can hardly wait to get started reading it.

  13. I am reading Nicole Jordan’s To Pleasure A Lady. Really enjoying this book.

  14. I just started Strong and Sexy by Jill Shalvis. 😀

  15. I just finished an ARC News Blues by Marianne Mancusi this was a fun read that I enjoyed! I’m currently reading another ARC When He Was Bad by Cynthia Eden and Shelly Laurenston this is a sexy Hot Read.

  16. I just finished Mine to Possess, the latest in Nalini Singh’s fabulous Psy series. Next up to read is Servant The Awakening by Lori Foster.

    Lord of Scoundrels is one of my alltime favorites – agree with you about the cover.

  17. Hi Anya! I just finished reading the Dragon Knight series by Bianca D’Arc. On my TBR is Standoff by Lauren Dane and Golden Eyes, by Maya Banks, which come out on Tuesday. Can’t wait!

    I’ve ordered Witch Fire and Witch Blood and they’re next on the TBR list!

  18. 😀 i really REALLY love your book covers!

  19. o i just read the heart of a renegade , loreth anna white.. also 50 ways to hex your lover by linda wisdom

  20. Well I just finished Evelyn Rogers’ THE LONER and I am now starting Megan Hart’s DIRTY.

  21. right now reading Julie Garwood the promise.. I love going back and reading her works its like visiting a old friend I love re reading the books I love. also reading some lkh love her work!!!!!!

  22. I just got done reading The Undead Next Door, Dream Chaser, and Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss. I am currently reading Absolute Fear. :blush:

  23. Currently I am reading Webmage by Kelly McCullough, which I recommend for people who are looking for something new in urban fantasy (I wouldn’t call it paranormal romance, although there is romance in it). The hero is the great-grandson of one of the Fates, Lachesis, his laptop turns into a goblin, and he casts spells my writing code. On my TBR pile are Darklingby Yasmine Galenorn, and Colleen Gleason’s The Bleeding Dusk.

  24. I just finished “Thigh High” by Bonnie Edwards yesterday, and it had an excerpt of “Handyman” by Jodi Lynn Copeland, which I also want to read now!