March 23rd, 2008
What Happens in Vegas….

Peeking my head from Deadline Hell to say Happy Bunny Day! if you celebrate it.

I got TEN MILLION copies of What Happens in Vegas… (May, 2008, Harlequin Spice) yesterday. Okay, not ten million, but a whole bunch! I’ll be doing some giveaways soon, so be sure to keep checking back. If you’re not familiar with Vegas, it’s a waaaaaay hot anthology including novellas from me, Lauren Dane, Jodi Lynn Copeland and Kit Tunstall. It’s Harlequin Spice’s first ever anthology.

If you have an established book or review blog that tends to get a good amount of traffic and would like a copy of What Happens in Vegas… please email me via the contact form on this site and send me your URL and contact info. Depending on how many requests I get, I may have to do a lottery or use some other selection process. I only have a limited number of books I can give away. The only requirement to get a free book is that you blog about the book during the week of its release (first week of May). Your opinion is your own, of course, good or bad.

In other news, for the second week of Witch Blood’s release it placed 22# on Borders bestseller list and 18# on Barnes & Noble’s list! It actually climbed up on the B&N list. Last week it was 24#. It’s also still placing high on Bookscan. This makes me pretty darn happy, I have to say!

Okay, you all, I have to go!! Deadlines are calling. Eeek!

One comment to “What Happens in Vegas….”

  1. Happy bunny day to you as well!

    May deadline hell end really soon.