April 27th, 2008
Wait a minute and Anya will jump off a bridge…

…just because her friends did.

The other two Mavericks have been doing video blogs and I decided to try my hand at it too. Next time I’ll make sure I’m not sick, there’s less negative space above my head, and the lighting and acoustics are better. For now, here you go, my first attempt. I talk (a little) about RT and pimp two of my new releases.

Contests! I have one going on here at my blog, just scroll down for details. The Good, the Bad and the Unread is also running a contest for an autographed copy and they have excerpts up of The Deal (my story) and Stripped, by Lauren Dane.


5 comments to “Wait a minute and Anya will jump off a bridge…”

  1. Hi Anya!

    Cute vblog! :blush: I have to admit I “missed” some of it because I was doing other things while listening, so sometimes when you were gesturing, I didn’t quite get it. Whoops.
    I like vblogs, but I’m usually doing 10 things at once, or sitting in class while I’m checking blogs, so I have to save the video ones for later. I’ve read your elemental witches books and loved them! I’m going to have to hunt down your other ones – and I can’t wait for the 3rd EW book to come out!
    Sorry you’re sick – I hope you get better soon!

  2. Awww, KIKI!!! Nicely done and of course I’m all, awww, Anya! (cause I miss you).

  3. Wheeeee! I have INFECTED YOU ALLLLLLLL!!!!!!

  4. I really liked the v-blog, Anya. It was like you were sitting in my living room chatting about your books, and you come across as such a sweetie. I think I’ve read just about everything you’ve written, and I love your paranormal voice. I am a big fan of Lauren and Megan, too, and look forward to reading this new release.

  5. LMAO. Megan has indeed infected us all…and I love it.

    You did great. I loved watching it!

    It was great to meet you at RT, Anya, and I know Orlando will rock!