May 6th, 2008
Four Fab Authors!

Erin McCarthy, Tate Hallaway, Michele Bardsley and I have joined in a blogathon of contesty goodness! Travel to each of our blogs and read the questions posed to each other and our answers. Leave a comment and be entered in a contest to win four different prizes (check each blog to see what the particular prize is).

Michele Bardsley
Tate Hallaway
Erin McCarthy

Here’s my question and all the answers:

You have a couple weeks and unlimited funds and can take one of your characters anywhere in the world on vacation. Which character do you take, where, and why?

Erin — Corbin Atelier from BLED DRY to Paris. He is a French vampire stuck in Vegas and if he could get back to France, he would be a fantastique tour guide, ma cherie.

Michele — Um. Hmm. Oh, what the hell! I’d take the triplets with me, the lycanthrope princes Damian, Darrius, and Drake. Then I would have hot men waiting on me hand and foot … and you know, other places. I’m not sure it would matter where we went because who needs scenery when you have them? Heh. No, really. Someplace tropical. Then they could wander around mostly naked.

Tate — I would take William to Tibet to see the Dali Lama. For people unfamiliar with my books, William works with Garnet (my witch heroine) in an occult bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin. At least once — sometimes twice — every novel, he changes his religious persuasion. I think he’d love seeing the Dali Lama, plus he seems like the kind of guy who would be fun to travel with as long as you were willing to go off on tangents and not be very rigid about scheduling, you know?

Anya — I would take Thomas Monahan from Witch Blood to tour Europe with me. He would enjoy visiting all the museums and would love to try all the different foods and wines of each country. We’d wander the Cinque Terre in Italy, visit the chateaux in France’s Loire Valley, and round out the trip with a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Thomas would be an interesting companion and the guy needs a vacation in the worst way. I probably wouldn’t be able to get him to loosen up until we got around to visiting the South of France, though (the wine would do it).

So, dear readers, if you had couple weeks and unlimited funds and could take any characters from any books anywhere in the world on vacation. Which character would you take, where, and why?

My prize is a $10 GC to Borders Books & Music plus a signed copy of Magical Seduction or What Happens in Vegas, winner’s choice. Worth playing for? (I don’t EVER watch Survivor, swear!) Then leave a comment today or tomorrow for a chance to win. Don’t forget to visit Erin, Tate and Michele’s blogs for more shots at great prizes.

47 comments to “Four Fab Authors!”

  1. I’m not sure i’d be able to choose. They’re all so yummy. It’d have to be a huge, deserted island so I could take them all lol.


  2. I would take Hannibal Lecter (from “Silence of the Lambs”) to Europe. He’s extremely intelligent and probably knows how to speak several languages. He’d also know where the most beautiful places are and sites to see.
    He has good taste in food and drink. 😆 And I wouldn’t have to worry about my safety.

  3. I would definitely take Thomas Monahan from Witch Blood with me to Ireland. We would both enjoy the magic that sizzles in the air and would be able to enjoy many activities under a full moon in an Irish meadow. Not to mention that it would be easy to trap him in the bedroom of an Irish cottage in the middle of nowhere.

  4. I would take Gabriel Allon from Daniel Silva’s wonderful series. This amazing artist, survivor, and unique human being would be fascinating to travel with, learn from and experience his depth of knowledge about art, his facility with languages and his familarity with every country. My travels would take place throughout Italy since this country has a pull that I cannot ignore. The history, culture and beauty attract me and I would love this chance. His education and interests would provide me with stimulation and he would be my guide.

  5. Seriously – I live vicariously through Adam of Witch Blood/Fire. He’s got the hottness factor to get through the dull plane trip(s) to Europe and Australia (why limit yourself to one continent?!). Besides the man needs to settle down with one woman and what better way to get that ring by having his undivided attention for months on end?

  6. Loved all your answers! Oh my – it wasn’t very hard to think of this – I’d rake [Lo]ren[zo] Gage from Breathing Room by Susan Elizabeth Phillips with me, and tour Europe – with a focus on Italy/Tuscany – after all, he has a villa there. And he’s an international movie star. Fabulous 😀 :mrgreen:

  7. I have to go with Cabal from Lora Leigh’s Breed series. I’d travel anywhere with him just to give him the sense of freedom and love that he needs.

  8. I want to take a dragon from Pern.

  9. Edward from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight and I have no idea where I would take him. He is just a character that really stayed with me after reading her books. So intense.

  10. I think I would take ANY of the guys in Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series. Well maybe not Jaques, He’s very needy. But I could handle any of the others. I agree, why limit yourself? Take them all! Not sure on a single location, they all know so many interesting places.

  11. Let’s see, there’s B. Andre’s Travis, Italy of course, S. Walker’s Kye & Cameron, anywhere with a bed, L. Leigh’s breeds…I could go on and on.

  12. Patrick from Michele’s Broken Heart series. Why? Because he can take us ANYWHERE! Would I need to waste precious time in a plane? NOPE! I’d go all over the freakin world and to as many places as possible in the short time that I have.

    Paris tonight? Sure… then let’s go to Hawaii tomorrow.

  13. I would take Micah from LK Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. He would let me drag him all over Europe (and I do mean all over) and he wouldn’t care that we would be going to Greece, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, France, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, etc.

  14. I would snag Roarke, the richest and sexiest man in the known universe, lol, for an amazing trip anywhere on the planet or off.

  15. I agree with Cathy M… Roarke from the In Death series is my choice… Oooh yummy, think of all the adventures one could have with that man!!! Money is no problem and he sure could add spice to any plan we would make!!! 😉

  16. There are so many to choose from. If we could pick from TV, it would be Angel, hands down. David Boreanaz and i would take a nice long trip somewhere tropical where I could admire him sans clothing for as long as I wanted. Alas, books, it is harder to pick. I will have to say Ruadan from Michele’s Broken Heart series becasue he is the original hot vamp and at least he isn’t married, lol.

  17. Tough call–I think if it was a gal pal kind of thing, I’d take the heroine from Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret? to somewhere tropical — she’s hilarious, and I think we’d have a lot of fun (plus, the poor girl had so many disasters in that story, I felt sorry for her! LOL)

  18. There are so many to choose from, this isn’t easy. I guess it would be Adam Black from Karen Moning’s books, he is a yummy Fae and we could go to several places with his fae power and have a lot of sexy fun where ever we went.

  19. I would take Luke Callahan from Geralyn Dawson’s Give Him the Slip on a tropical vacation.

  20. I would take Quinn from Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke and since he is a dragon shape shifter no plane required. :mrgreen:

    I would love to see the castles in Scotland.

  21. Congrats on your new release!

    I would take Drake Viero from Katie MacAlister’s guardian series to a villa in Italy. He’s a dragon who can show me Italy from high and low.

    Hugs, Danette

  22. How can one choose? There are so many fascinating men (and women, if thinking only of travel companions) and so many places to go, that it would be criminal to limit oneself to just one companion and one place!

  23. It would be Brynn McNair from ‘Wicked Pleasure’; he would definitely be able to fulfill all my fantasies plus act as my protector. A trip to Europe to tour many of the castles sound like the ideal place for Brynn and me to enjoy each others company…hmmm.

  24. I would take Joe, an ex-SEAL, from Marliss Melton’s “Next to Die.” We would go to Egypt and explore all the archaeological sites and then take a cruise down the Nile.

  25. It’s a hard choice. There’ve been so many wonderful characters already listed that I wholly agree with.

    I think I’d have to choose Vane Kattalakis from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s NIGHT PLAY. I’d love for him to show me around New Orleans.

  26. I would have to say Jonas from Lora Leigh’s breed series. I just love a bad boy he’s edgy and so sexy hmmm! The location I would take him would have to be Italy great food is a must. Lol

  27. Any character? Any book? Anywhere??

    Oh, I would steal Mr Darcy so fast! And whisk his snobby behind off somewhere warm and secluded.


    Because he could use some sense being shagged into him. 😀

  28. I would have to say I would take Lucern Argeneau to Scotland………. geeeeze that would be freaking awesome… Great question…


  29. I’d take one of the Austra vampires on a Grand Tour of Europe. They are great looking and very cultured. It would be like having my own yummy tour guide.

  30. I would take Hawke from Nalini Singh’s series to my bed….I will make it into a vacation 😀

  31. I agree – it would have to be somewhere deserted. And I’d want to take Ramirez from the High Heels Mysteries by Gemma Halliday. Because of his mysterious personality and because he’s a cop and would make me feel safe.

  32. I would take Roarke from J.D. Robb’s In Death series.

    It wouldn’t matter where we went. 😉

  33. I would definitely pick those lycanthrope triplets…OHHH BABY…I could think of ways to enjoy that scenery!!! 😀

  34. I would pick Eric (from Sookie books by Charlaine Harris) for a slow leisurely romp through Prague. Why, because he is such a puzzle and I can’t resist solving them; especially when the puzzle is so yummily wrapped.

  35. I’m on a Roarke kick right now. I’d love to step into the future and be pampered by Roarke and go to one of his island paradises.

  36. I would go on a European tour with Parker, From the Richard Stark series. He is inventive, intelligent, and totally out of the ordinary to have as company. Never a dull moment and plenty of excitement.

  37. Hey Michele,

    What book are those lycanthrope triplets in??

  38. I pick Vane Kattalakis from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Play. He would be a perfect companion for traveling to Europe where we would visit all the fabulous cities like Paris and Rome.

  39. I would have to pick Eric from MJD’s Betsy books. He is a man of mystery and so sexy!!!

  40. Oh I think I would pick Lucas (from Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling Series) and go to his ‘tree house’ or to a private resort with private beach….mmmm yeah 🙂


  41. Me too! I would take Roarke from J. D. Robb. Off planet, deffinately!!! But ’cause he looks(see above!!) like he might be a bit busy, I could be forced to take Jachin and Landon from Patrice Michelle’s Scions. To Aruba!! 😎 Why?? ‘Cause, oh baby, a were and a vamp, both alpha’s and fiiiiiinnnnneee! Need I say more???? 😀

  42. Since Roarke (JD Robb) has been picked (alot! lol), I think I’ll go with Quinn from Charlaine Harris’ Sookie series. Intelligent, HAWT and as someone mentioned about their pick, safety would not be an issue!

  43. Zarak from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s dark hunter and would go to australia to the great barrior reef. sun, sand, and my own personal god. whoohoo.

  44. I would take Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles because my love of vamps all started with him. We’d go to Ireland, Scottland, and Wales because I’ve always wanted to see the celtic countries. I think Lestat touring the castles would be great.

  45. Without a doubt, the first name that came to mind is Ranger from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series. I would take him home with me, tie him up and have awesome hot sex with him 24.7 And why you asked? Ummm cause he’s Ranger! He’s yummmmmmmy!!!

  46. This is a very hard question…there are so many great and gorgeous choices out there. I would take Malachi for Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series. I have loved that man from the first story that I read of hers.

    I, also, really really like Dante from Adrian Phoenix’s A Rush of Wings and I think that he would be a very interesting travel companion…not to mention how incredibly sexy he is.

  47. I’d take JD Robb’s Roarke as well. Being able to go anywhere on or off planet first class is secondary to being with the sexiest reformed bad boy around.