May 15th, 2008

No. No. No. NO!

Kay, I’m all about ‘to each their own,’ but the injection or insertion of any foreign element or object into my person squicks me hard. This includes boob implants (sorry). It’s not about the boob implants, themselves, it’s about having a foreign thing placed inside your body. (Pacemakers squick me too.) Everyone has their ick buttons and this is one of mine. So having collagen voluntarily injected into your *erp* hoo hoo…gah…into your g-spot, no less, just about makes me hurl up my cereal and soy milk. Blaaaarg. Here’s Margaret Cho’s very amusing recount of her experience with something called “G-Shot”. It made me simultaneously giggle and erp. Now that takes talent.

I had no idea that there were surgical procedures to enhance a woman’s sensitivity. I understand that some women have a harder time than others in this area, so I can see where there might a market for this. But…wow, maybe try sex toys first?

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