May 19th, 2008
Conversation with my husband

Him: If you want to get me something for Father’s Day, get me 300 on DVD.

Me: *squeal* I want 300 on DVD!

Him: *thinks about the last movie we watched, Becoming Jane, and my normal taste in movies* Why do you want 300?

Me: ZOMG! Pretty, pretty men and muscles! *swoon*

Him: *sighs, rolls eyes* Fine, I’ll get you 300 as a belated Mother’s Day present.

Me: *beams*

Hey, I just saw that Joss Whedon has a series called The Dollhouse out with Fox this fall. Dude! I’m so there. I’m a Joss Whedon fangirl in a major way.

4 comments to “Conversation with my husband”

  1. I heard about “The Dollhouse.” I was excited, too. Elisha Dushku from “Buffy” and “Tru Calling” stars in it.

  2. LOL very exciting – I really liked 300 – and I took a lot of surveys about it, for advertising, and loved what they did.
    Also, your previous post with the Margaret Cho link really made my day. I sat there reading it in the law library trying to hold in my laughter. [Also it was a horrible day, so it was so nice to read something funny.]

  3. Jane — and I love me some Eliza Dushku too!

    Limecello– Oh, cool! Hee! I’m so glad.

  4. So was that a smooth way of making him buy his own gift? 🙂 In addition to enjoying the lovely men in the movie of course.