May 21st, 2008
Sichuan Province and Myanmar Again

They’re sort of falling out of the news at this point, (especially Myanmar, thanks to the government). Everyone’s on to the next thing, but there are still many people in dire circumstances in both places. I read yesterday that 5 million people in China are now homeless.

Half the Sky has reported that in Sichuan Province, Mianyang (close to the earthquake’s epicenter) has become a major place for refugees. According to what they’ve been told, the whole center area of their stadium has been reserved for just toddlers and infants.

Half the Sky says that of the 24 surviving children who were brought to the Mianyang Zitong SWI social welfare institute (an orphanage) from the collapse of Xiao Ba Primary School, only 13 were reunited with their parents. Apparently this is a good thing, though, because they were all thought to be orphaned when they took them there. (ack)

There are some pictures here. And here’s the HTS daily journal. Again, you can give to their Earthquake Fund here.

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