May 27th, 2008
A New Book Video!

I finally finished the book video for The Chosen Sin (October, 2008). What do you think?


I love creating these, picking out the music, the images, and planning out how to tell the “story”. For that reason alone, I’d probably never turn them over to a professional book video creation service. Hee!

In other news, I’m about 15k into Witch Fury and it’s clipping along very well. (My writer’s block of a week or so ago has passed, luckily.) I have so much story to tell! I absolutely adore writing this hero, who is the darkest, most tortured of all the men in this series. He doesn’t work and play well with others at all. He’s a loner and can barely force himself to have a conversation with anyone.

Soooo… you know what I did, right? I mean, I had to! She’s exactly who he needs–a bubbly extrovert who talks all the time. *Is evil* She’ll give a proper adjustment to his perspective on life. In the meantime she’s aggravating him like crazy. It’s so much fun.

Let’s see, I also recently finished another erotic menage a trois paranormal romance. This one is a stand alone and not connected to any series. I also agreed to write a short story for next year’s Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance. I’m excited about that.

Okay, so I talked about the things that are currently making me happy. What’s making you happy these days?

3 comments to “A New Book Video!”

  1. LOVE the book video!! First off, that cover model for The Chosen Sin is totally scrumptious. Not just his body… I love his clothing style. Tres sexy. Secondly, the music and images you chose are stunning. You know, all your writer friends are going to start asking you to make them trailers. 😉

    Awesome news on all your writing productivity. Witch Fury sounds really fun… I love that H/H personality combo! On a side note, I find it rather amusing that I have that Mammoth Paranormal Romance book (isn’t it Vampires only? OR is this a different one?) on my wish list already, even though the stories aren’t even written! And maybe all the authors aren’t even contracted yet either! 😆

    Anyway, these days my kids are making me happy. Well, they do just about every day, but both my daughters have their dance recitals this coming weekend and they have had so much fun working so hard all year long, that its such a joy to see the excitement and pride they have for themselves. 😀

    Oh! And my oldest daughter had this really awesome opportunity to spend the day on Sunday dancing with world renowned tap dancer Savion Glover!! So we’re still on a big high over that. 😀 Sorry… I’m rambling… excited… 😆

  2. I loved your book video for choosen sin, and I can’t wait for it to be released in October. I love reading you books. I especially love the seasons of pleasure series. The characters are so unique and I love the avait’s. Wouldn’t it be wicked to be able to fly!

    I actually want to be an author myself, however I have not even finished any of the books I have started… lol. I actually have a start on a really good book, but I haven’t managed to write past chapter 5, writing blocks really suck. Maybe you can give me some ideas.

    The book I am writing is about a girl who is a vampire slayer. However, her father is the head vampire, and he is a hybrid vampire. Being made of his blood and her mothers witch blood, Peyton(Main Character) is the key to the destruction of the world as we know it. But I am not sure where to go with it from where I am.

    And I also have a start on another book, it’s about a girl who is basically like the character from X-men called Kitty. She can walk through walls and become invisible. She gets trapped by a group of hybrid vampires who want to disect her to figure out her secrets, but one of the vampires resuces her… he is not as evil as the rest of his clan, which makes him a rogue.

    I guess that is what makes me happy, writing books that i hope to someday have published and talking to one of my favorite authors.

  3. Eeeeeee I love the elemental witch books!
    Hm… what I find exciting? Birthdays – so many of my friend’s (and mine) coming up up this month!
    Also… not for me – but kiddies graduating. Today was my last day of teaching street law – and the 5th graders had their graduation ceremony – and I only taught the 4th graders today, and it was just oodles of craziness and fun.