June 24th, 2008

Why does my husband not understand that books are not a luxury? They are a necessity, like prescribed medicines and bread. I must have my books. I must! Therefore, when he gets the credit card bill and sees what I’ve spent on books he should not read it as a charge for inconsequentials, but for my life’s blood. He should be happy I’m not off buying shoes or purses. That would be a much more expensive past time. Why does he not understand?

*screams and has dramatic breakdown*

No seriously, though, it’s damn hard to live with someone who is not A Reader. I’m doing all I can to ensure my daughter is A Reader. Then he’ll be outnumbered. *laugh of evilness*

In a bit of good news…I surpassed the halfway point on Witch Fury yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to write yet today (what a crazy day!), but my characters are about to come against a huge challenge. My fingers are literally itching to get at the keyboard. I can’t do that until I have a quiet house, however.

In yet other news, we picked the first first organic tomato off the vine two days ago and savored it sliced with a bit of salt. Yuuuum. So good. Summer is officially here.

6 comments to “Argh!”

  1. Living with someone who is not a reader? 😮

    Good luck, woman!

  2. I feel the same way towards books Anya… they’re like a life force!!! Maybe that’s why I’m still single… I gotta find someone that can put up with my obsession. Ha ha!!!

  3. Oooh books… I sure can not live without them!!!! It is funny though… I hated reading as a kid, but when I turned 15 books slowly became my fav pastime!

  4. I’m A Reader, too. I must read everyday.

  5. I know what you mean, Anya. Haha, living on a student budget (oxymoron?) I think “I could either eat a meal… or buy a book.” Choices, choices :P. Luckily, as a student, I feel that a bag of microwave popcorn makes an excellent dinner 😉

  6. 👿 Totally understand! My husband is not a reader either an we battle it out on occasion when i download or buy a couple of books.
    By the way I am soooo loving the Witch series!!! 😛