July 1st, 2008
The Chosen Sin

The Chosen Sin is out in October, but it’s already been reviewed by Tammie at Night Owl Romance Reviews (thanks, Tammie!). This was a surprise, since I don’t even have my ARCs yet!

“Anya Bast pulled another winner out of her pocket. The Chosen Sin was a thrilling ride through space and an interesting look at what if situations. What if we found out Vampires existed? What if a form of slavery came back into our society? What would you do if your best friend was murdered? These questions all drive this paranormal story that will have you thinking how humanity acts. If you are looking for a paranormal story that is just out of this world pick up The Chosen Sin. You will get more than just the generic vampire story.”

Here’s the whole review.

The book video….



7 comments to “The Chosen Sin”

  1. Congratulations on the great review, Anya! I can’t wait to read this book. 😀

  2. Oooh nice review… congrats on your novel… can not wait til October!!! 😀

  3. Oh my gosh – yay new book! I can’t wait to read it either. Congratulations – and – what a cover.

  4. Love the cover.
    Congrats Anya, on the wonderful review.

  5. Congrats on the great review, and awesome cover. 😀

  6. Thanks, all! I absolutely love this cover. 🙂

  7. Is it October yet?!?! This series is going to rock, awesome review Anya, and I love the trailer! I’m petting that cover through the screen 😆