August 9th, 2008
Sharing a pretty picture

Of our dog. I snapped it this morning. I think she’s a gorgeous pooch, but I may be a bit biased. I have friends who are doing the 365 Project. You post a photo a day, every day…for a whole year. I can’t commit to that, but I am going to make a point to post more pictures on my blog.

I joined Second Life today. Oy. There’s a learning curve, methinks. It’s going to take me a while to get the hang of it.

6 comments to “Sharing a pretty picture”

  1. Your dog is gorgeous. I love it when authors share photo’s of their pets.
    What is Second Life?

  2. She’s beautiful! And she’s staying still for the picture — a trick I’d like mine to learn 🙄

  3. What a beauty!!! 😀

  4. Great pic, Anya – what a cutie! And Second Life sounds interesting. Likely addicting as well.

  5. love the pic! but would be scared of it!

  6. Aww! You might be biased but she’s a gorgeous dog and such a sweetie pie too.