September 5th, 2008
It’s almost here!

There’s a huge contest coming up to celebrate the release of The Chosen Sin! On September 10th be sure and stop by so you can enter. There will be really big prizes and chances to win a free book every day for a month (except Sundays).

Ugh. I feel like I sound like one of those hyper local furniture store commercials. It’s the Christmas in July sale! Come on down for great deals! I don’t want to sound that way.

But I hope the contest will be a lot of fun. I’m definitely aiming in the direction of fun and I hope you’ll all play along.

Wanna see the prizes?

Grand prize: $100 gift card to Borders

First runner up: $50 GC

Second runner up: $25 GC to Barnes & Noble

Third runner up: $25 GC to Barnes & Noble

Plus – a chance to win a book a day every day (except Sundays) from September 11th to October 7th!

Not bad, huh?

In writing news, I’m just about done with the third draft of Witch Fury. I also recently finished up a short story for the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance as well. Now it’s on to the first book in the fae series I’m doing for Berkley Sensation and the novella for the Christmas/Holiday anthology I’m doing with Angela Knight, Lora Leigh and Allyson James. Deadlines starting to loom once again.

Daughter is sick and I’m feeling kind of, well…just YUCKY. Tired and listless. But it’s raining today and a bit cold, so maybe that’s why. The weather is making me want to bake cookies. My daughter would probably like that and my tastebuds would probably like that…but my ass definitely doesn’t need that.


Chocolate chip? Mmmm.

20 comments to “It’s almost here!”

  1. Very excited about Witch Fury…Loved WB And WF.

    Hope your daughter feels better….and for what its worth…go ahead w/ the cookies as I just bought a cheesecake!!

    Knowing someone else is splurging..well I won’t feel so guilty then!


    I do hope your daughter feels better soon.

    ~ v ~

  2. Any chance of giving away copies of The Chosen Sin? 😉 (Can’t hurt to ask…)

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  3. Thanks Dana!

    Tez — Yes, I’ll be giving away a copy of TCS at some point.

  4. Break your cookies up, according to my mom. She says there are no calories if the cookies are broken. I find that very comforting when i’m craving chocolate chip cookies. 😆 Besides according to studies chocolate has an enzyme in it that causes a feeling of general well being. It is nature’s prozac.

  5. I hope you and your daughter feel better soon!

  6. I can’t wait. Will the books you give away be yours or by other authors? I love reading your books.
    Hope you and daughter feel better. There’s a kind of flu going on here.

  7. Hi Kimmy — I’ll be giving away Witch Fire, Witch Blood, What Happens in Vegas, Magical Seduction, Strands of Sunlight, The Chosen Sin and an ARC of Witch Heart.

    *takes breath* Whew.

    The rest will be books from other authors. 🙂

  8. Whee – almost here! And – almost done with Witch Fury?? I am LOVING the Elemental Witch series!

  9. Hi Anya,
    love your books! How about visitors from overseas….

  10. Hope you and your daughter are feeling better soon. Cookies could help with that…especially chocolate chip cookies.


  11. 😛I’m recovering from surgery so I understand feeling “yucky” hope you feel better…chocolate chip would probably help out (LOL)!!! What a great selection of Authors for an anthology…

  12. Great prizes, Anya!

  13. Someone lied to you. Our asses ALWAYS need chocolate!!!

  14. sorry about uir daughter, with kids, it miserable not knowing how to help much, it just to have to wear off or over.

    not sure, but seems to be something going around, nobody is actauly sick sick , buit more of BLAH, got bad headaches , little nauesa and dont wont to move or blink or think weak blah

    u managed to eat the whole choc chip cookie dough in one night LOL never got to cookies,. needless to say, kids was peed off at me 👿

  15. and that I ME manage to eat ,, my 11 yr old sleeps in my room , and i cant turn on light so really cant see keyboard and not paying atttn , all kinds of words come out bungle

  16. sounds good cant wait 😎

  17. First and most important,I hope your daughter is feeling better.
    Second, CONGRATS!!
    Have a great and wonderful day for your new release,can’t wait till I read it.
    The contest is just the icing on the cake

  18. hey girl—it’s the 10th—i’m here-where are you?….ok i know it’s really early, sorry—i just really neeeed ta win gift certs–tee hee my book stash is practically non existant…hope you baked and enjoyed yer cookies–guess what i always say–chocolate just enhances our asses!!!!!-i’ll check back later ta see if yer awake

  19. Eva — Overseas peeps are totally welcome to enter for the book giveaways. I don’t mind paying for overseas shipping. If you’re international, you can enter for the big prizes, too, but the GCs will be for U.S. bookstores, so you’ll have to work that out if you win. It gets complicated when there are a bunch of countries involved, unfortunately!

    Jackie — Stop overachieving and go back to sleep. ;0) LOL

  20. Hope your daughter is feeling better by now and that you didn’t catch it . My daughter just got over a bad cold also. Regards to Chosen Sin the cover is really awesome and can’t wait to read it.