September 10th, 2008
About scrolling down

I know that’s a scintillating topic to be posting about.

The big contest post is scheduled to go up about two hours from now. I’ve already had one overachiever ask about it. *cough* Jackie *cough*

The book giveaways will start on September 11th (that would be tomorrow). The big contest post will be sticky and will stay at the top of my blog all the time for the next month. You’ll have to scroll down to get to the book giveaway posts every day (except Sundays).

Also, I’m going to schedule my book giveaway posts to go up early every morning, for you night owls. (Although I suppose depending on time zone, you may not be a night owl, you may just be living your life.)

Anyway, if I’m not commenting or seem to not be around, it could be because my satellite Internet is down. It was down almost all of yesterday because of the weather. If that happens, I’ll post winners/comments just as soon as I’m able to get on.

That’s just some preliminary housekeeping stuff.

Have fun!!

Oh, and I finished the final draft of Witch Fury yesterday and sent it to my editor. *does butt wiggle dance of happiness* I also finished and sent my short story for the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance. Wheee! I’m taking exactly eight hours to breathe a little before I dive into my next two projects.

4 comments to “About scrolling down”

  1. Great news for Witch Fury, Anya. Thanks for putting together such a fun contest.

  2. Am looking forward to Witch Fury!

  3. Anya,
    Congrats on the finishing that final draft on Witch Fury. Keeping my fingers crossed for you for BIG success.

  4. Congrats on completing another super project!