September 10th, 2008
The Chosen Sin Celebration


Four big prizes and a chance to win free books throughout the month leading up to the release of THE CHOSEN SIN.*


Grand prize: $100 gift card to Borders
First runner up: $50 GC
Second runner up: $25 GC to Barnes & Noble
Third runner up: $25 GC to Barnes & Noble
Plus – a chance to win a book a day every day (except Sundays) from September 11th to October 7th!


  1. Copy the code (click on ‘share’) of the graphic above and post it to your blog. Add a link to my blog from your blog, saying something like, “Click here to enter The Chosen Sin Celebration contest”.
  2. Publish your blog.
  3. Come back here and reply to this post with a link to your blog entry and your answer to the following question: If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

If for whatever reason you’re technically challenged and can’t post the graphic, that’s okay. Just blog about my contest and provide a link to it. That’s a totally fine alternative. The graphic is pretty cool, though, don’t you think?

What if you don’t have a blog?

Tell at least one other people about the contest who you think might want to enter. Post about it in a forum, on a loop, a friend via email, on MySpace, Facebook ect. Obviously, I can’t verify if you did it or not, so this is on the honor system. Once you’ve done that, reply to this post and tell me about it. Oh, and don’t forget to answer the question: If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

The other part of the contest – more chances to win!

Be sure and check in during the course of the month. I’ll be giving a book away every single day from the time the contest starts to the time THE CHOSEN SIN releases, excluding Sundays. That’s from September 10th to October 7th. Check back every morning and enter for a chance to win that day’s book. I’ll be giving away books from Lauren Dane, Cynthia Eden, Lora Leigh, Megan Hart and many other authors. I’ll also be giving away books from my own backlist, as well as an ARC for WITCH HEART at some point.

Check in sometime during the day and answer the question posed for your chance to win. Drawings will be done randomly out of a bowl, so blame my husband or my daughter if you don’t win. Check in the next day for the winner of the previous day’s book.


Does this contest look a bit familiar? That’s because I’m partially modeling it after Ann Aguirre’s contest for Grimspace. ;) I’ll be giving away Ann’s newest – WANDERLUST – during the course of the month, by the way. I had to buy two copies because I can’t wait to read it.

Rules, Regulations, Flotsam & Jetsam *

The biggie: You must be at least 18 to enter! By entering this contest you’re saying that you are at least 18 years of age. I’m doing this because even though not all the books I’m giving away are erotic, THE CHOSEN SIN is (very) erotic. Oh, la, la!

Grand prize/runner up winners can negotiate book retailer of their choice if they’re not happy with my selection. I’m afraid I cannot purchase GCs for book retailers outside of the U.S., however. It just gets too complicated. Feel free to enter for the grand/runner up prizes if you live outside the U.S., just know the GC will have to come from a U.S. retailer if you win. Work that out as you may.

As far as the book-a-day winners go, I will pay for international postage, so if you win a book during the course of the month and live outside of the U.S., no worries on that score.

All postage within the U.S. will be media mail, so you’ll have to be patient for your book to arrive, in the event you win one.

You can win more than one book. This is all by random drawing, so I have no control over who wins what. Some people just luckier than others.

You must answer the posed question in your reply to be entered. This is supposed to be fun!
Other authors are totally eligible to enter. Authors are readers too, after all.

189 comments to “The Chosen Sin Celebration”

  1. I posted on my blog.

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  3. the blog I posted it to was here

    If I had to pick one person to be my companion, I think it would be my significant other.

  4. I posted a link to my blog here.

    I would wait to see if I could find another Vampire to be my companion. Someone who was already old, but romantic. Someone I could make a difference in their undead life. lol Someone who would love me. I may have to wait a while before fiding this vampire or I may just find a Werewolf that wanted to be both Vamp and were and change him to be my companion. Then I might have a wolf to keep me company during the day. ;)

  5. Well I’m one of those who doesn’t have a blog or myspace or facebook, etc. so I sent and email to three of my friends who LOVE to read attaching the link here.

    Thanks for taking the time for having this fun contest, Anya…i’m very excited to see the outcome!!!

    All the best

  6. I am without a blog so I emailed my 2 bff’s and I’m hoping they come along and play too!

    As for someone to hang out with as a vampire, I would have to choose my daughter. She is such a positive person with a super sense of humor and I can barely go ten minutes without laughing when I’m with her. She’d make that long, long, long life worth living.

  7. No Blog but I did tell my sister as we both read constantly and are always looking for new books (Like Yours)

    As for my vampire companion – I would have to say my sister (Even though we don’t always get along) at least eternity wouldn’t be boring.

  8. dang it…i didn’t answer your question! My companion for immortality would be my husband. I couldn’t imagine a life, immortal or mortal without him. :)


  9. I am without a blog so I e-mailed many of my gal pals plus friends in my readers group so they could enter if they were interested also.

    I would choose my husband as my companion as he has put up with my crazy ways for many years now without too many complaints or loud and long sighs, so since he is already used to me and my ways why change now.

  10. I don’t have a blog, but I did e-mail three of my friends.

    I would choose my husband for my companion for immortality ~ he has been my confidant, father to my 4 children, lover and best friend for 30 years now.

  11. OK, well I didn’t post the graphic thing, because I’m not that great with ye old technology, but I did put up a post about it.

    As for who I’d turn, I honestly don’t know. I don’t have a significant other, I think I’d go insane if I turned my brother…maybe one of my favorite authors? As their master I could command them to continue writing for me and that way I’d never be bored!

  12. I have no blog, so I emailed 5 friends with the link. I would choose my hubby, as it seems we have been married an eternity already ( in a good way).

  13. Posted here

    I’d turn my husband, but i suppose i might have to wait until our kids were a little older, so we could have someone to watch them during the day!

  14. I just sent an email to a friend telling her about this contest and now to answer your question. If I was turned into a vampire and was looking at a very very long immortal life, I wouldn’t turn anyone into my companion because I would want to turn a person into a lifemate, not just a companion, and I don’t have one of those at the present. So I guess I would just keep looking for a soul mate and enjoy my immortality until circumstances change and then I would reconsider my decision.

  15. I posted the graphic . I hope that works.
    Hm… if I were a vampire… who would I turn? :X no idea – so I’ll go for someone completely unrealistic, and claim Cillian Murphy ;)

  16. Haha – well that didn’t turn out as planned, but hey – the main thing is the link works!

  17. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Chosen Sin!
    I don’t have a blog, but I did post the banner on both my myspace and my facebook. I also posted about it on

    If I could turn someone I would say my best friend. Then we coulds spend eternity picking out hotties to turn and use for our amusement.

  18. Oooh, I sent out an e-mail to a few of my e-mail buds… Who would I want to be my ever after… I have not found him yet, but I believe he would be Tall, dark, handsome, with a “Lively” personality!!! :wink:

  19. I don’t have a blog but I posted it to myspace. :razz:

    If I were to turn someone it would be my guy.

  20. my blog entry:
    Q: If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?
    A: If you mean romantic companion, then I would choose either my friend Neil, my friend Garrett or my boyfriend Kyle. I’d like to give them the choice and figure at least 1 out of the 3 of them would say ‘yes’! If you mean just a companion, someone to spend eternity with but not necessarily romantically, it would be my younger sister Tegan. I’d await till she was at least graduated from college first (she’s 15 now), but the thought of living eternity without her isn’t something I can bare to think about.

  21. This contest sounds pretty awesome. I went ahead and made a post at my website:

    As for the question, if I was turned into a vampire, who would I choose to turn so I could spend all eternity with them? Romantically, I’d want to choose my husband. He’s a great guy and we always have so much fun together. We could travel the world and enjoy each other’s company. Non-romantically, I’d have to say my younger sister. I’d wait another year or two since she’s only 16 (17 in a few months). I couldn’t imagine living forever without her.

  22. My blog entry:

    To the question: I would more then likely take my husband with me, I know its pathetic, but he is my soul mate. Its also great to know that when he goes to war that he would never die.

  23. Posted here
    And here

    And as to who I would turn to stay with me for an eternity? That’s a hard one. I haven’t met my S.O. yet and I know I would want that person to be special to me be it romantically or as a companion forever, some I know I could truly trust no matter what fate had in store for us.

  24. :twisted:

    This is where I posted the link:

    And the answer to your question, it would have to be my sister. Even though I’m married and love my husband he tends to tick me off. My sister is my best friend and we go almost everywhere together.

  25. Posted it on myspace bulletin board, my myspace name is Angelwolfphotography
    I would choose my hubby to be my companion as he is my soul mate!

  26. I don’t have a blog or myspace but I did e-mail 3 friends about this contest.
    I would choose to be with my husband since he knows and understands me so well and is supportive and fun.

  27. Hi Anya!
    This is such a generous giveaway…. and really fun way to celebrate the upcoming release of The Chosen Sin.

    I posted word of your awesome celebration on my blog HERE. Thank you! :grin:

    If I were a newly turned vampire facing immortality, I would choose my husband to be my companion. Even after 15 years of marriage, it still all feels so new, so yeah… eternity sounds nice. But … can he be an immortal werewolf please? Kthanx.

  28. I do have a blog in MySpace and I’ll post the graphic tomorrow. However, I have sent this information to 5 people.
    I would choose my cat to be my companion.

  29. I don’t have a blog, but I emailed my friend about this contest.

    If I were turned into a vampire, I would have my significant other as my companion.

  30. I posted it to my myspace account, and sent an email to my two sisters.

    If my companion could be a fictional character then it would be Roarke. Otherwise would snag my hubby, too.

  31. I have no Blog, so I emailed 2 friends with the link. I would choose my hubby,he is the Love of my Life :grin:

    thanx bunches!

  32. Blog Post
    Who would I choose? I would have to say my hubby, although, really, an eternity with him? Oi! lol Yeah, it would be him. I was thinking a celebrity, but, that would be hard to explain a) to Angelina why Brad was with me, and b) to the rest of the world why Brad wasn’t ageing.

  33. I posted the graphic I didnt think i could but I did.
    I would chose my hubby It would be so fun the both of us truly forever.

  34. Hi Anya! I posted it on my blog.

  35. I sent an email to my Best Friend to see if she might be interested in entering.

    I think I would have to look for my companion after I was turned. As much as I love my friends and family and present companion, I dont think they would be able to handle the long existence without becoming evil in the process… hmmmm :twisted:

  36. I posted it on myspace page.
    If I become immortal I would want my bff Angie to be my companion. No matter the days/months or even years we may have apart we will always be together like no separation happened. Plus she knows me like no other :)

  37. Keanu Reeves

  38. Posted about contest on my blog.

  39. I don’t have a blog that anyone reads ( because I don’t updated it) but i do Twitter and I put your link there and emailed my friends.

    If I was made a vampire today and I had to choose a companion for eternity… I wouldn’t hesitate with my choice… my sister – she is my best friend and my comrade in all that is paranormal – I wouldn’t be able to live eternity without having her share its weirdness with me.

  40. Hi Anya,

    I posted the widget on the side panel on my blog here

    I think I would choose my mom. She’s my book shopper companion!

  41. I linked in my blog! :)

    As to who I would convert, I would ask my best friend first, even before my husband. Because best friends are forever. Not that I don’t love my husband, but my best friend’s been there for me for 20 years– he has seniority over the hubby– and I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that he’ll be there for 20 more, and then some. But I wouldn’t turn him without his consent, and if he said no… then I’d go to the hub. :D

  42. My post is up on my blog.

    I would choose to turn my husband to spend eternity with.

  43. Trying again to post.
    I have posted on my blog .
    I would choose to turn my husband to spend forever with.

  44. I emailed my daughters and best friend.
    My choice is my husband.

  45. No blog or site to post to, but I do think the graphic is cool, and forwarded the link by email to two (closeted) vampire lovers.

    Now…tough question: If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    Answer: Man, that’s tough! I have one friend I can think of who challenges me, comforts me, and who I find endlessly interesting, but would she agree to change with me? If so, I think she’d be the perfect companion. If not? I would still be grateful for her friendship and would continue to cherish it as long as she lived.

  46. I don’t have any blogs, so I posted it on two of my profiles. Yuku and MySpace.

  47. I’m in! I’m in! Here’s a link to my post.

    As for the question, I answered it in my post, but I’ll say it here to. Simply put, I honestly don’t know. Of course, I would ask my husband, but I would leave it up to him. If he didn’t want to follow me, then I don’t think I would pick a companion until he wasn’t with me any longer. Even then, my son would still be around and I know I wouldn’t turn him, but I would definitely try and stay a part of his life. So I probably wouldn’t chose a companion for a long time.

  48. Hi Anya,

    I posted about your contest on Myspace .

    As for the question: If I got turned into a vamp, I would turn my sister (sorry Minx! :wink:) because we share a lot of the same interests. If you have to get stuck living forever, why not be with someone who you already know will love you no matter what?

    Michelle Lauren
    American Title V Finalist

  49. Post is up at my <a href=””blog!

    As for the question, I’d need more than just a hot bod, so in strictest fantasy terms, I’m going to say actor Paul Blackthorne. I loved him as Harry Dresden, and his website posts never fail to enthrall.

  50. Oh bugger, I didn’t do the linky thing right. Sorry about that. :blush:

    Also, Witch Heart — squeeeee! :mrgreen:

  51. :grin: Hello, here is a link to myspace:

    And I would want my sister to be with me for eternity…

  52. I posted about your contest on my blog at

    To answer the question, I can’t think of anyone besides my fiance that I would want to spend eternity with. So without a doubt, I would turn him.

    Awesome contest by the way!!!

  53. I emailed 2 of my friends. To be quite honest, I don’t know if I would turn someone. The only person I can think to change is my sister and she hates the concept of forever.

  54. I posted your info on my blog so at least a few people will see it. I’d like to spend those long, long years with my daughter, although we’d probably drive each other nuts!

  55. Is anyone else having a problem keeping the graphic showing on their page?

  56. I don’t have a blog but I did email some of my friends regarding the contest so they could play too since they enjoy vampire series.

    If I was turned into a vampire today and was looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, I would–after first making sure she would be okay with it–turn my mom so she could become my companion because she’s my rock and a gift from God. I know a significant other probably should have been the appropriate choice, but when I imagine such a long life, I would want my mother there.

  57. Post is here

    Would I choose another? I think, having survived raising teens, I would like some time all of my very own. Why rush? I am surely going to change, being a vampire, from the person I am now (hopefully weight loss will be involved!) so I shall wait and see.

  58. I do not have a regular blog, but this is what i posted on my blog on my MYSPACE…

    Hey there friends and family :)

    If you know me at all you know how i LOVE my parnormal romance books. Well one of my fab authors Ayan Bast is have this wonderful contest. There are so many awesome prizes like a $100 gift card to borders wich is something that i want horribly hehe!!!! Also she is giving away frree books. The contest runs from the 11th of Sept. to the 7th of Oct. Go to and go to her BLOG for the details. There is a part to the contest and it is to answer this question : If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    To answer that question i don’t think i would forcfully turn anyone, but i may pick a few people to share my life with. I do need my own space at times, but i would wait until my daughter was a little older and offer her the gift. I can’t really say for sure who i would want as a companion as men go because some men are not what they seem. So i would definately have to be careful on my choosing especially if i had to spend the rest of eternity with them LOL!! I really want a man like you find in the vamp romance books where you know that you are destined to be together forever. Like you are drawn to one another and have a tight neverending bond. Someone that you could share your deepest desires and your darkest secrets with. A man who would protect you at all costs even if it means his own life. Someone heroic, passionate, sensitive, strong, and has a sence of humor. I think that there is that right person out there for everyone the problem is that you just have to find them. Let me tell you i have made some mistakes on my quest to find that special somebody, but who hasn’t? LOL!!!

    Amanda :)

  59. Posted on my MySpace here:

    I’d have to turn my son as I can’t imagine him dying before me.

  60. :mrgreen: Read my blog-I posted it as soon as I got home from work :grin: as for who I would turn IF I became a vampire-hmmm well I’m going to do this two ways-someone famous and someone not famous— the famous person would be Hugh Laurie just because I love him as House and I think he is super sexy…I have seen him in interviews and I know he would be mine forever ;)…the not famous person would be my best friend ,Chris because we have been through thick and thin together and I know we always will be and thats who I want to watch my back forever :D

  61. My blog is posted on ….i didnt see the link come up -sorry…..

  62. Posted contest link here:

    My dog. Okay, joking, definitely my husband.

  63. My companion would have to my close friend. We have a lot in common and always have fun. I told her about this giveaway, maybe she’ll stop by :mrgreen:!

  64. […] get Anya’s graphic of her new contest to post here but all is not lost! You can go to her website and see the celebration she has going on for her upcoming book, THE CHOSEN SIN. Hot cover, […]

  65. I don’t have a blog etc but I did email my 2 bbf’s about your contest. They would be mad at me if I didn’t let them know about your contest.

    To answer your question, I would want my immortal companion to be someone I could talk to about anything, be comfortable in their company and know that they would be there for me just as I would be there for them.

    So it is an easy choice; I would turn Evan, my fiancé. I don’t think I would survive as a vampire without him!! He is always there for me, we can talk together for hours, and he helps out with all those mundane everyday tasks I either forget about (such as eating regular meals) or don’t have the time to do. He is my soul mate and I know I would be very lonely and unhappy without him.

    ~ Lilly

  66. HI Anya I blogged here:

    I would turn Johnny Depp, he seems like so much fun, he’s cute, and I mean… why not? LOL!!
    Crystal Adkins

  67. The information is posted here, but you can also get the purty full effect here (scroll down a bit and check the right hand column) :grin:

    If I’m going to live for centuries, I’m definitely taking my s.o. with me–and enjoying the prospect of the hundreds of books we would get to read together :wink:

  68. I would love to take Edward Cullen from Twilight with me in you’re given to restrictions. Oh! and my lovely book collection. Realistically probably a really close friend for more than 9 years and counting!

    I’ve also e-mailed my friends! I swear! :mrgreen:!

  69. Opps, if you’re given no restrictions is what I meant.

  70. I posted about this on my new blog at
    I am going to try and post about books I’ve read and maybe if I can do it some of the scrapbook pages I work on.
    I would probably make my hubby a vamp. Since we been together for over 25 yrs I might be able to stand him for a few more years without staking him lol

  71. I don’t see my comment. Did it not work or something?

  72. Here are mine.

  73. Posted it on my Myspace Blog at .

    If i was a vampire i’d want to bring along my twin sister. “Men come and go, but womb mates are forever.” has been our motto since we were kids.

  74. sorry the myspace blog is at

  75. I posted it HERE

    My MySpace…can just pick one?? Well, it would have to be my mom…after she left this life, I realized I want her around for eternity…


  76. Oh my companion would for sure be my hubby! What a great question!!!

    I have put your sign/widget up on my BLOGSPOT on left side at top and MYSPACE right near top of page.

    Cathie tbranxiety @ yahoo . com

  77. Mmm, I posted and it didn’t work, this is weird. Let me do it in two parts…

    First, for sure, as my companion, its my hubby of 25 years now thats coming with me!! What a great question Anya!

  78. Hi Anya, awesome contest I would love to be entered thank you.

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    I would turn my fiance to become my companion :)

    I posted about your contest on my blog and linked you. Here is the link

    Thank you.


  79. I posted the ad up there on my MYSPACE and BLOGSPOT. Links are below. I tried to use the part to just use the word ‘here’ but didn’t work.



    Cathie tbranxiety @ yahoo . com

  80. I don’t have a blog but I do belong to three yahoo groups and I did post on all three:

    Here are the address:

    If I were turned into a vampire today, I would have to turn I’m gonna say Adrian Paul who was Duncan McCloud of the clan McCloud to be my companion. He is just yummy.

  81. Hmm….this is a tough one, but I’d have to say that it would be my best friend. At least I’d have someone to go on road trips with. :)

  82. I posted it here

  83. wow, what a great contest. I don’t have a blog so I emailed two of my friends who love to read and let them know about the contest. Hope they stop by.

    Who I would spend eternity with is my best friend and husband of 24 years. I couldn’t imagine a day without him! :grin:

  84. i would choose tom cruise as the vampite lestat

  85. Hiya…ohhh I posted on my blog

    And If I could have a vampire suck on my neck I would want it to be Henry Cavill…yum

  86. Hi Anya,

    I don’t have a blog yet either so I e-mailed 2 friends that read also my beautician, as I just found out she reads & didn’t know about all the cool internet info.

    I would definitely turn my hubby–we’ve been together since I was 15 so working on 23 years. He’s my best friend & buddy as well as Dad to our 7 year old. He keeps me grounded.

    Thanks a bunch & looking forward to the next month here,
    Susan B.

  87. f you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?
    It makes perfect sense to me to turn my 3 children into vampires. Right now, my youngest son (who is 4) is in his end stage of cancer, so giving him immortality seems like a gift to both of us. There is no love like that a mother feels for her children, and I feel that if I chose a man or a woman as a love interest for all of eternity, he or she and I would end up trying to destroy each other. If my children moved on to other lands, we would still be able to meet to “catch up”. However, if my love interest and I were to part ways for the rest of eternity, it would rip out my non-beating heart. Any good left inside of me would die with the parting of my loved one. A mother and her children have an unequivocated eternal love. I would be so afraid of the one I chose not loving me for the rest of eternity, which would leave me, quite literally an empty shell, existing only to feed.

  88. Anya, I posted it at MYSPACE and BLOGSPOT.

  89. Anya, I tried three times to post the links where I posted the ad for your book and all. But it won’t post with the link addresses, nor when I put them in a link. Other people are IM’ing and emailing me that they can’t either, so thought I’d thought I’d let you know. Will email you the info.

  90. I am trying to post with my links but it won’t let me here I go again trying *g*

    Hi Anya, awesome contest I would love to be entered thank you.

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    I would turn my fiance to become my companion

    I posted about your contest on my blog and linked you. Here is the link

    Thank you.


  91. No blog, but shared with two of my reader groups and one other, I know some of those girls have blogs.

    I’d like to turn Sawyer on Lost to spend eternity with me, sexy and he’s got experience dealing with the unknown.

  92. I will try again. :grin:

  93. Ladies & Gents,

    several of the posts with links got caught by WordPress due to the security/anti-spam settings for Anya’s blog. So please, don’t worry. These posts get approved as soon as possible. They are just in moderation, but not lost. I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you don’t see your post right away.

    Croco aka Anya’s webmistress

  94. I’d keep my husband for my compain. I’ve e-mailed some friends about the goings on.
    Thank you.

  95. I would wait and search for a hot guy that would be great company in mind and body. I shared with thre of my friends and Sister. My Sister said she would tell her friend too.

  96. i don’t have a blog—so i told my sister, linda…….and i think if i needed to take a companion along on that very looong life journey—i’d take my mate…er my hubby.

  97. I’ve posted the link onto my site. Please stop by when you get a chance.

    If I were to be turned into a Vamp like today, I would want to be with Rhage from J.R. Wards series The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Rhage is so dreamy. And he’d be fun to be with. Or my second choice is Edward Cullen from The Twilight series.

  98. I posted about this on my blog:

    As for the question, that is a tough one. I have to be honest and say that it would not be my husband. I would probably look for an older vampire.


  99. I posted on my Live Journal:

    And if I became a vampire and need an eternal buddy? Why my sister of course. We would reak havoc where ever we went!

  100. Hey Anya,

    I so posted* what a great contest! i’m way excited!

    Here’s my link ,
    I love reading and contests.

    Here’s an answer for your question:
    If I were turned into a vampire today and immortal, who would I turn to become my companion? Not really sure, it’s a long time to be alive, wars, poverty etc. i wouldn’t choose my hubby, he would would drive my to stake myself. I guess i wouldn’t turn anyone, just keep other vamps. for friends. it’s hard to see a loved one die, so having to see humans die that i loved would kill me, and seeing a loved one turned to live years and decades and suffering the loss of his/her family and friends would make me feel guilty and selfish. Nope i’d just hang around other vamps.


  101. well the link didn’t show, but the text, the whole body of the texts are linked right into it, so sorry,

  102. A little late to the party but I have encouraged my readers to visit here on the strength of the fact your writing is good plus you like meankitties :)

    I would turn my hubby to be my eternal companion. Then if he got to pick somebody, too, I’d have him turn one of the girls and then she could turn the other and I’m sure that second one would pick Aunt Carrie, who’d pick Grandma (and the line would end there because Grandma hates everybody) so I’d be set!

  103. Hi, Anya! I love your contest. :-) I’ve got it up on my site and myspace. And I can’t wait for The Chosen Sin–that looks like a fabulous read!

  104. Hi, Anya!!

    Here is the link to my blog post

  105. Dang it!! I forgot to answer the question…

    I would turn my dad – he and I are best friends – we can talk about anything – and we have so much in common.

  106. I posted. Thanks so much for doing this! What a great giveaway!

  107. Wow, it would help if I could follow directions. :blush: :blush:

    I would turn an ex-boyfriend of mine. Personal reasons :-)

  108. Sorry, the link renamed itself (??):

  109. sorry no blog, so i made some copies and handed them out to my coworkers who are always looking for something new to read. thanks for the contest.
    I would have to choose the love of my life and my cat, (she’s our bodyguard)

  110. Congrats on the upcoming release!

    I posted at

    I’d have to choose one of my daughters to live forever with,I’d always have someone to remind me of my life before the afterdeath.

    Hugs, Danette

  111. I don’t have a blog so posted your link on my bio at Bookmooch,

    I’d want to have my husband turned to share eternity.

  112. I’ve pimped you on my blog:
    The Vampirary

    Since my hubby is my best friend, I would want to share the rest of eternity with him. Lame, I know, but after 25 years, I still love the guy!

  113. Melissa K sent me! :)

    I would alos pick my two cats and if I could only have one of them, it would be Max. He is such a sweetie!

  114. I let the ladies at TwoLips Reviews know about your book. I’d want a very kinky doctor who deals in wholistic medicine to be my human companion.


    I would turn my hubby after all at least would have true love for eternity!

  116. Hi, Anya

    I put you on MySpace page!

    Don’t really have anyone in mind I’d turn, so maybe I’ll stick with one of the many hunky heroes I’m always reading about. I definitely love spending eternity with one of them!

  117. I posted on my blog.

    I’m not sure who I’d turn. If Gerard Butler’s sense of humor matches his voice, I’ll take him. :cool:

  118. I would turn my best friend! :grin:

    Here’s my pimpage and I posted the widget on my sidebar as well.

  119. I would turn my hubby for sure and probably a friend of mine who has always said she’d love to be a vamp :wink:

    I’ve added your widget to the sidebar of my blog which can be found HERE!

  120. Hi Anya
    I told one of my favorite customers at work about your coming books and she can’t wait to try them.

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?
    My husband, he lets me read as much as I like even when he’s talking to me.

  121. I told my book buds on my Yahoo groups about your contest!

    Hummmmmmmm eternity is a very long time.
    Given the opportunity I would turn George Clooney!!!

  122. I don’t have a blog so I emailed the link to everyone in my address book I know would love this one!
    now for the question:
    I’d probably turn my best friend cause who else would I want to spend eternity getting into trouble with haha


    And I’d pick my husband. Sounds corny, but he’s my best friend and life is more fun with him around.

  124. Gonna try again…

  125. I sent emails to my book buddies Nancy and Kim.

    And my answer is George Clooney.

    Pat L.

  126. […] Check it out over here — […]

  127. Hi-
    I posted the link and the question to my facebook page. LOL, mostly my facebook “friends” are my much younger nieces and nephews, so I don’t know what kind of response I’ll get.
    My answer would be that I’d like to spend eternity with my husband. We match together so well, and enjoy sharing and doing things together, but allow each other the option of doing things separatly. I think that would be a key ingredient in living together for eternity!

  128. I posted about your contest here- The board doesn’t allow embedded objects, so I linked to this giveaway page instead of including the link graphic. (A very cool graphic it is/was though.)

    Would love to enter your draw.

    Many thanks!

    littleminx at cox dot net

    P.S. If I was to have to choose one person to spend eternity with I’d definitely choose the love of my life, my husband. We’ve a great relationship that I know we could carry on forever.

  129. No blog :confused: husband had a stroke :sad: kids are faaaar away :mad: Want my sister as my companion!

  130. No blog :confused: husband had a stroke :sad: kids are faaaar away :mad: Want my sister as my companion! :razz:

  131. johnny depp

    man thinkion about spend 100’s of yrs with him :grin:

  132. I don’t have a blog but I have sent the link to this contest to my sister so far and will be sending to a friend later.
    I would like to spend eternity with Viggo Mortensen. He seems so interesting and talented.

  133. dont have a website . Sent the email to my friend.
    I would want to spend eternity with my boyfriend.

  134. Link:

    If I were looking at immortality, I’d have to take my high school crush with me. He’s the one man that’s remained untarnished because I never actually dated him and gave him the chance to change my opinion… :D

    Love your stories and can’t wait for more!

  135. I blogged about it.

    I’d probably choose my husband. We just fit.

  136. This is the link to my blog. It is in Thai since I kept my blog in Thai.

    If I am to spend eternity, I would like to have my mother at my side. The chance to be with her forever would be the best ever happened to me.

  137. it would be wentworth miller,

  138. Congratulations on your upcoming release! Cannot wait to read this one. In the meantime I definitely blogged about your contest at:
    Hmmm, who to pick to spend eternity with. Well, I’d definitely have to pick my boyfriend. We just are too right for one another. But if you opened those options up a bit more, I could name a few others I’d like to take with me as well.

  139. Hi Anya,

    I blogged here:

    and myspace:
    or direct blog link:

    And I would love to turn Gerard Butler into a companion. But, kh, Wentworth is also a great pick. ;)

  140. I don’t have a blog but shared the contest with my Sat. night chat gf’s. We all love reading paranormal erotic romance. If i had to chose my eternal partner it would be my best friend.

  141. Dont have a blog. I would turn my favorite writers, Mercedes Lackey or Patricia Briggs. Imagine always being able to look forward to a new book from them. On a personal level, my husband.

  142. Dont have a blog. I would turn my favorite writers, Mercedes Lackey or Patricia Briggs. Imagine always being able to look forward to a new book from them. On a personal level, my husband. I also sent this link to two of my friends.

  143. Hey I’m single. I’d advertise the position of Companion and interview the candidates.

    Posted contest on my blog here.

  144. I added it to my Myspace page:

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?
    I would turn my younger brother to a vampire because he and I get along so well that I wouldn’t be lonely besides he thinks it would be pretty cool to hang out and scare people, play pranks and we probably would never be bored, because eternity is well….. long lol.

  145. I put the widget in the side bar of my blog at

    As for who’d I turn. At this point there isn’t a person in my life who’d I’d want as a lifelong companion. Although the thought of picking some piece of eye-candy to gaze on for all eternity does hold a certain appeal. :grin:

  146. Well, I would turn two people. First my husban since I married him till death due us part and want to keep it that way. Second my little brother since I don’t think I could handle him dying on me, I would force him to be with me for ever.

  147. […] I suppose I ought to tell you where to go. Well DUH! Anya Bast’s Blog where she has The Chosin Sin Celebration posted. I mean a chance for free books? Even ARCs (Advance Reading Copies to those who are […]

  148. Hi Anya!

    Great contest and congrats on the upcoming release!

    As above, I put it in my blog Lyda’s Poison Pen.

    Now to answer your question, I’d change my husband, because I don’t know what I’d do without him.

  149. I finally figured it out and posted the contest on my blog at

    If I was turned into a vampire, I’d turn my husband, no question. There’s no one else I’d rather spend eternity with.

  150. I f I were to turn into a vampire today , I’d go to LA and try to find Angel. Hook up and join the team ,that would be fun. I would also bring my wonderful man to keep me grounded.
    Great contest ,can’t wait till I read the book!! :wink:

  151. I posted to my Facebook page.
    I would turn my hubby . Been with him for 25 years so it would be hard to leave him behind.
    I am looking forward to your new book.

  152. Linked my direct blog post! If I were a vampire, I’d make my hubby a vampire too so he can be my companion forever! :))

  153. Well, I don’t have a hubby, nor a boyfriend or even anyone around me that doesn’t grate my nerves sometimes, so I went completely fantasy and blogged about it right here.

  154. Hiya! :) Just go to my site — and click on the link for Blog/What’s New. Right there. And I’m so proud the picture is showing! ;)

    Who would I want. . . well, no signficant other here, so I would have to go with my kitty. :)


  155. I told my mother in law about it.
    and I would want my companion to be my hubby.

  156. Hi Anya,
    I liked to both my blogs.

    If I needed a vampire companion I think I would choose my youngest daughter. She’s tons of fun and just like I was when I was 22.

  157. Hi Anya,
    I posted to both my blogs.

    If I had to have a companion it would be my youngest daughter. She is tons of fun and just like I was at 22.

  158. I posted!

    if I were to choose someone to turn with me, it’d be… *blinks* um… nobody? dude, I get tired if my friends WITHOUT them living forever, and family should never live forever, and don’t even get me started on a ‘significant other.’ I think I’d turn my dog. lol.


  159. I posted to my LJ. http:// ellaanabeth . livejournal . com/ 5304 .html

    If I were turned, I’d turn my dog. Seriously, friends drive me crazy without living forever. Family too. And a significant ‘other’ I do not have.



    As for who I’d choose to be my companion–I wouldn’t. Unless becoming a vampire completely wiped out my own personality, I’d be trying to figure out how to change back or get rid of myself. Because vampirism isn’t the kind of immortality I want.

  161. Son of a gun, I did not post the blog link that I actually posted it on…I hope that doesn’t void my previous submission!
    Also, I emailed 3 friends about the contest.
    Thank you for your generosity!


    I wouldn’t turn anyone :) I know I’d just get bored of them after a century or so, or they’d get bored of me. Instead, I’d just toy with different humans and move on when I was done :D

    Thanks for the great contest!

  163. […] Bast, bestselling romance novelist, is giving away exciting prizes on her website. Check out the Chosen Sin Celebration Contest for your chance to win free books and maybe even a $100 gift card to […]

  164. I don’t have my own blog, but I posted the contest news on Night Owl Romance’s message board, left a comment on Yankee Romance Reviewers, and emailed 3 friends.

    As for who I would choose to be my eternal companion, it would be my husband. But…if we are talking fantasies, it would be Hugh Jackman or Patrick Dempsey or Gerard Butler! :wink:

  165. Hi,

    I don’t have a blog, but I did email my friend Phyllis and will certainly email a few more friends and send them the link to your website for the contest.

    Now, if I were a vampire with a very long life, I would certainly be Gerard Butler who I would turn, and of course my husband. Gotta have some variety, right? Hehe!!


  166. Hi Anya!
    Great Contest and I did indeed post a blog on myspace! I also told my best friend and reading buddy back home!
    Not very computer savy So I hope you can find me and I am on your friends list on myspace.
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    I love the cover and can not wait for it to come out!
    Have a Great Week!

  167. ooops, blonde moment….the question!!

    If I were to become a Vampire today I would pick my hubby! He is awesome and can cook, so he could make the blood taste gourmet!

  168. If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    As long as I didn’t have to turn that person into a vampire, I would say I would go for someone who doesn’t bore me and makes me laugh. An open mind is required. If I had to turn that person into a vampire, I would probably stay alone because it doesn’t seem like an easy decision and what if that person turned sociopathic or something? Yes, I worry over things like that cause I am weird and don’t want to enable the evil guys with “power”.

    Posted this on myspace

    and my livejournal at

  169. Link is up!

    As for the contest question, well, hmmmm. I’m sure I should say “my husband.” But as long as we’re in the realm of fiction, I think I’m going to go with Cadeon Woede, a Kresley Cole character.

  170. I blogged it here:

    Does IMing a friend about the contest work? I have two friends who asked me to IM or email them any contests I’ve run across. (Lillie and Samhain/Deb)

    As for the question.. If I were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, the person I would turn to become my eternal companion would be one of my on-line friends. They are a source of stability for me. Guess I would let the option be open to them, whomever would actually wanna be stuck with me for eternality.

  171. I posted the contest here

    For all eternity…I have to choose my husband, trite I know.

    And Raonaid did IM friends. I’m one! LOL

  172. Hi Anya,
    I posted a link on my MySpace blog at .

    Rhonda :wink:

  173. I don’t have a blog, but I sent e-mails to a few friends about the contest.

    The answer to the question is I would turn my husband .


  174. My blog link is listed as my website. I would turn my fiance, who is the love of my life, the man of my dreams, and the only man that I think that I could live with forever. He keeps me young, and keeps me sane, in a world gone crazy. He’s who I’d take with me. :D

  175. Hi Anya,

    Great contest. I don’t have a blog but I did email my bff Amy. Hope she will stop by and say HI.

    I think I would choose my favorite hottie, Alex O’Loughlin as my vampire companion…since he already played an uber-sexy vampire on ‘Moonlight’.

  176. I posted it on my blog –

    I have to say if I could convert one person and one person only – it would have to be my husband.

  177. I don’t have a blog. I thought I would be the exception, but apparently I’m not. There are lots of us who don’t. LOL So, I emailed my daughter in law, who also likes to read. For my companion, I would probably choose my husband, we’ve managed to get along for over 35 years so it shouldn’t be too hard for eternity. :lol: If not him then my daughter in law. We have a fantastic relationship and enjoy spending time together.

  178. I posted it on my blog

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion? I am not sure there is anyone in my life at this point that I would want to turn to become my companion, I am single and have been for quite a few years. I would say my daughter but I think I would rather she grew up some more and wasn’t stuck looking like a kid for the rest of time.

  179. I posted on MySpace
    I hope that I have done this correctly.

    I also told a few of my friends about it.

    I would turn my husband.

  180. […] September 29, 2008 Posted by Greta in Authors. Tags: Anya Bast trackback Anya Bast’s The Chose Sin Celebration continues through October 7, […]

  181. If was turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, I would turn to the one and only fantasy dream man for me Johnny Depp. I have been fasinated ny him since he was in 21 Jump street, such charisma.

  182. I emailed a few friends that share similar tastes in books with me :) They all agreed that your upcoming book sounds amazing!

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    If you mean romantically…I would choose a boy I go to school with named Kyle who I’ve become very close friends with. We share a sarcastic sense of humor and a love of photography, and he’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. I wish it could be more than friendship, but he currently has a girlfriend. Once I become immortal, I could totally pull a bitch-move and make him mine forever ;)

    If you mean unromantically…I would choose my best friend Kaitlyn. She’s been with me through some of the toughest times of my life, and she’s just generally the funniest, craziest, most interesting person I know. There’s no way eternity could be boring with her around to keep me company.

  183. Well, I don’t know if its to late to enter (I really hope not) – but here is my submission.

    How I spread book & contest love: I just got back from visiting my sorority during alumni weekend. Anyways, during the weekend I submitted “The Chosen Sin” for the next book club book. Then, I made sure that in our next chapter’s newsletter (in the book recommendation section), this contest was mentioned so hopefully all of my Sisters will enter!


    I can not WAIT for this book to come out!

  184. I posted this on my page.

    If I could choose anyone to be immortal with me it would be my husband. I cant imagine life without him he is my best friend and soul mate.

  185. oh an the answer to your question is my best friend!

  186. I love your books….I have added you to my blog. I just recently started it – so I hope the links work out.

    If I became immortal, who would I want to spend my eternity with? That is a hard one..3 months ago I would have said my husband, my soulmate of 28 years. But I found out that my soulmate had a girlfriend on the side…We are trying to save our marriage – but eternity right now no way.
    I would problably have to go with the best friend – you know the one who would have your back thru fat and thin days, pms and elation.

    Here is the link to my blog(cross your fingers that this works!)

  187. Put in on MySpace page – that okay? Don’t have a blog. As to who I’d want to turn as a companion for a long, long, long, time – wow! – that’s a tuffie. Guess I’d have to find me a big cat feline shapeshifter cuz it would have to be a guy that can purrrrrr!


  188. Ok, I posted this to my blog

  189. […] up an online book launch for her book, Freezing Point. I think that’s a great idea! Anya Bast gave away “lots of prizes” for the month leading up to the release day of her book, Witch Blood. Karin Tabke has a Street Team […]