September 10th, 2008
The Chosen Sin Celebration


Four big prizes and a chance to win free books throughout the month leading up to the release of THE CHOSEN SIN.*


Grand prize: $100 gift card to Borders
First runner up: $50 GC
Second runner up: $25 GC to Barnes & Noble
Third runner up: $25 GC to Barnes & Noble
Plus – a chance to win a book a day every day (except Sundays) from September 11th to October 7th!


  1. Copy the code (click on ‘share’) of the graphic above and post it to your blog. Add a link to my blog from your blog, saying something like, “Click here to enter The Chosen Sin Celebration contest”.
  2. Publish your blog.
  3. Come back here and reply to this post with a link to your blog entry and your answer to the following question: If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

If for whatever reason you’re technically challenged and can’t post the graphic, that’s okay. Just blog about my contest and provide a link to it. That’s a totally fine alternative. The graphic is pretty cool, though, don’t you think?

What if you don’t have a blog?

Tell at least one other people about the contest who you think might want to enter. Post about it in a forum, on a loop, a friend via email, on MySpace, Facebook ect. Obviously, I can’t verify if you did it or not, so this is on the honor system. Once you’ve done that, reply to this post and tell me about it. Oh, and don’t forget to answer the question: If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

The other part of the contest – more chances to win!

Be sure and check in during the course of the month. I’ll be giving a book away every single day from the time the contest starts to the time THE CHOSEN SIN releases, excluding Sundays. That’s from September 10th to October 7th. Check back every morning and enter for a chance to win that day’s book. I’ll be giving away books from Lauren Dane, Cynthia Eden, Lora Leigh, Megan Hart and many other authors. I’ll also be giving away books from my own backlist, as well as an ARC for WITCH HEART at some point.

Check in sometime during the day and answer the question posed for your chance to win. Drawings will be done randomly out of a bowl, so blame my husband or my daughter if you don’t win. Check in the next day for the winner of the previous day’s book.


Does this contest look a bit familiar? That’s because I’m partially modeling it after Ann Aguirre’s contest for Grimspace. 😉 I’ll be giving away Ann’s newest – WANDERLUST – during the course of the month, by the way. I had to buy two copies because I can’t wait to read it.

Rules, Regulations, Flotsam & Jetsam *

The biggie: You must be at least 18 to enter! By entering this contest you’re saying that you are at least 18 years of age. I’m doing this because even though not all the books I’m giving away are erotic, THE CHOSEN SIN is (very) erotic. Oh, la, la!

Grand prize/runner up winners can negotiate book retailer of their choice if they’re not happy with my selection. I’m afraid I cannot purchase GCs for book retailers outside of the U.S., however. It just gets too complicated. Feel free to enter for the grand/runner up prizes if you live outside the U.S., just know the GC will have to come from a U.S. retailer if you win. Work that out as you may.

As far as the book-a-day winners go, I will pay for international postage, so if you win a book during the course of the month and live outside of the U.S., no worries on that score.

All postage within the U.S. will be media mail, so you’ll have to be patient for your book to arrive, in the event you win one.

You can win more than one book. This is all by random drawing, so I have no control over who wins what. Some people just luckier than others.

You must answer the posed question in your reply to be entered. This is supposed to be fun!
Other authors are totally eligible to enter. Authors are readers too, after all.

182 comments to “The Chosen Sin Celebration”

  1. I told my mother in law about it.
    and I would want my companion to be my hubby.

  2. Hi Anya,
    I liked to both my blogs.

    If I needed a vampire companion I think I would choose my youngest daughter. She’s tons of fun and just like I was when I was 22.

  3. Hi Anya,
    I posted to both my blogs.

    If I had to have a companion it would be my youngest daughter. She is tons of fun and just like I was at 22.

  4. I posted!

    if I were to choose someone to turn with me, it’d be… *blinks* um… nobody? dude, I get tired if my friends WITHOUT them living forever, and family should never live forever, and don’t even get me started on a ‘significant other.’ I think I’d turn my dog. lol.


  5. I posted to my LJ. http:// ellaanabeth . livejournal . com/ 5304 .html

    If I were turned, I’d turn my dog. Seriously, friends drive me crazy without living forever. Family too. And a significant ‘other’ I do not have.



    As for who I’d choose to be my companion–I wouldn’t. Unless becoming a vampire completely wiped out my own personality, I’d be trying to figure out how to change back or get rid of myself. Because vampirism isn’t the kind of immortality I want.

  7. Son of a gun, I did not post the blog link that I actually posted it on…I hope that doesn’t void my previous submission!
    Also, I emailed 3 friends about the contest.
    Thank you for your generosity!


    I wouldn’t turn anyone 🙂 I know I’d just get bored of them after a century or so, or they’d get bored of me. Instead, I’d just toy with different humans and move on when I was done 😀

    Thanks for the great contest!

  9. I don’t have my own blog, but I posted the contest news on Night Owl Romance’s message board, left a comment on Yankee Romance Reviewers, and emailed 3 friends.

    As for who I would choose to be my eternal companion, it would be my husband. But…if we are talking fantasies, it would be Hugh Jackman or Patrick Dempsey or Gerard Butler! 😉

  10. Hi,

    I don’t have a blog, but I did email my friend Phyllis and will certainly email a few more friends and send them the link to your website for the contest.

    Now, if I were a vampire with a very long life, I would certainly be Gerard Butler who I would turn, and of course my husband. Gotta have some variety, right? Hehe!!


  11. Hi Anya!
    Great Contest and I did indeed post a blog on myspace! I also told my best friend and reading buddy back home!
    Not very computer savy So I hope you can find me and I am on your friends list on myspace.
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    I love the cover and can not wait for it to come out!
    Have a Great Week!

  12. ooops, blonde moment….the question!!

    If I were to become a Vampire today I would pick my hubby! He is awesome and can cook, so he could make the blood taste gourmet!

  13. If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    As long as I didn’t have to turn that person into a vampire, I would say I would go for someone who doesn’t bore me and makes me laugh. An open mind is required. If I had to turn that person into a vampire, I would probably stay alone because it doesn’t seem like an easy decision and what if that person turned sociopathic or something? Yes, I worry over things like that cause I am weird and don’t want to enable the evil guys with “power”.

    Posted this on myspace

    and my livejournal at

  14. Link is up!

    As for the contest question, well, hmmmm. I’m sure I should say “my husband.” But as long as we’re in the realm of fiction, I think I’m going to go with Cadeon Woede, a Kresley Cole character.

  15. I blogged it here:

    Does IMing a friend about the contest work? I have two friends who asked me to IM or email them any contests I’ve run across. (Lillie and Samhain/Deb)

    As for the question.. If I were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, the person I would turn to become my eternal companion would be one of my on-line friends. They are a source of stability for me. Guess I would let the option be open to them, whomever would actually wanna be stuck with me for eternality.

  16. I posted the contest here

    For all eternity…I have to choose my husband, trite I know.

    And Raonaid did IM friends. I’m one! LOL

  17. Hi Anya,
    I posted a link on my MySpace blog at .

    Rhonda 😉

  18. I don’t have a blog, but I sent e-mails to a few friends about the contest.

    The answer to the question is I would turn my husband .


  19. My blog link is listed as my website. I would turn my fiance, who is the love of my life, the man of my dreams, and the only man that I think that I could live with forever. He keeps me young, and keeps me sane, in a world gone crazy. He’s who I’d take with me. 😀

  20. Hi Anya,

    Great contest. I don’t have a blog but I did email my bff Amy. Hope she will stop by and say HI.

    I think I would choose my favorite hottie, Alex O’Loughlin as my vampire companion…since he already played an uber-sexy vampire on ‘Moonlight’.

  21. I posted it on my blog –

    I have to say if I could convert one person and one person only – it would have to be my husband.

  22. I don’t have a blog. I thought I would be the exception, but apparently I’m not. There are lots of us who don’t. LOL So, I emailed my daughter in law, who also likes to read. For my companion, I would probably choose my husband, we’ve managed to get along for over 35 years so it shouldn’t be too hard for eternity. 😆 If not him then my daughter in law. We have a fantastic relationship and enjoy spending time together.

  23. I posted it on my blog

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion? I am not sure there is anyone in my life at this point that I would want to turn to become my companion, I am single and have been for quite a few years. I would say my daughter but I think I would rather she grew up some more and wasn’t stuck looking like a kid for the rest of time.

  24. I posted on MySpace
    I hope that I have done this correctly.

    I also told a few of my friends about it.

    I would turn my husband.

  25. If was turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, I would turn to the one and only fantasy dream man for me Johnny Depp. I have been fasinated ny him since he was in 21 Jump street, such charisma.

  26. I emailed a few friends that share similar tastes in books with me 🙂 They all agreed that your upcoming book sounds amazing!

    If you were turned into a vampire today and were looking at immortality and a very, very, very long life, who would you turn to become your companion?

    If you mean romantically…I would choose a boy I go to school with named Kyle who I’ve become very close friends with. We share a sarcastic sense of humor and a love of photography, and he’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. I wish it could be more than friendship, but he currently has a girlfriend. Once I become immortal, I could totally pull a bitch-move and make him mine forever 😉

    If you mean unromantically…I would choose my best friend Kaitlyn. She’s been with me through some of the toughest times of my life, and she’s just generally the funniest, craziest, most interesting person I know. There’s no way eternity could be boring with her around to keep me company.

  27. Well, I don’t know if its to late to enter (I really hope not) – but here is my submission.

    How I spread book & contest love: I just got back from visiting my sorority during alumni weekend. Anyways, during the weekend I submitted “The Chosen Sin” for the next book club book. Then, I made sure that in our next chapter’s newsletter (in the book recommendation section), this contest was mentioned so hopefully all of my Sisters will enter!


    I can not WAIT for this book to come out!

  28. I posted this on my page.

    If I could choose anyone to be immortal with me it would be my husband. I cant imagine life without him he is my best friend and soul mate.

  29. oh an the answer to your question is my best friend!

  30. I love your books….I have added you to my blog. I just recently started it – so I hope the links work out.

    If I became immortal, who would I want to spend my eternity with? That is a hard one..3 months ago I would have said my husband, my soulmate of 28 years. But I found out that my soulmate had a girlfriend on the side…We are trying to save our marriage – but eternity right now no way.
    I would problably have to go with the best friend – you know the one who would have your back thru fat and thin days, pms and elation.

    Here is the link to my blog(cross your fingers that this works!)

  31. Put in on MySpace page – that okay? Don’t have a blog. As to who I’d want to turn as a companion for a long, long, long, time – wow! – that’s a tuffie. Guess I’d have to find me a big cat feline shapeshifter cuz it would have to be a guy that can purrrrrr!


  32. Ok, I posted this to my blog