September 11th, 2008
Book of the Day: Mercury’s War, by Lora Leigh

Nothing matches Lora Leigh’s latest entry in the series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA—and the humans who awaken their desire.

Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary’s secure information to a pharmaceutical company. Now it’s up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak. Yet she has no idea of the danger she’s about to encounter—or the passion she’s about to ignite in one of the greatest Breeds ever created.

Want a chance to win this book? Comment and answer the question below.** I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please. FYI — This book doesn’t release until October 7th, so I’ll get it to you once I have it.

You have just been visited by Seymour, the magical wish-giving chipmunk. (I couldn’t find a good picture of a chipmunk, so just imagine one. Work with me, people.) What three things do you wish for?

No wishing for more wishes! Oh, and Christian Bale is mine, so back off!


* I reserve the right to delete any answers I deem creepy. My blog is a no creepy zone.

68 comments to “Book of the Day: Mercury’s War, by Lora Leigh”

  1. hummmm…..ok i want…..a knockout face and body(without surgery-lol)…….a new car-with gas fer life!!!!……and….hummmm……lets see…a big ole fat gift certificate!!!!!

  2. My three wishes
    1) To be in shape (and I am willing to work for it so the granting of the wish could be a personal trainer)
    2) To be happy with my life (this doesn’t have to mean making a lot of money, or the best house, or if/when I have kids, to make them perfect. I just want everything to be good.)
    3) Yeah, I have to say MONEY! ( I can’t say Rich cause, I already have a husband named Rich :grin:)

  3. Ohh. I would love to enter in the contest.

  4. Please enter me into the contest too.

  5. Oops forgot to answer the question. If I had three wishes they would be
    a) Pay off all of my college tuition
    b) Pay off all of the textbook money I owe.
    c) A little cash couldn’t hurt.

  6. Sorry I forgot to answer the question too.
    1)Unlimited supply of romance novels.
    2) Better blind dates.
    3) A new handbag.

  7. If I had three wishes:
    1)Get into a college of my choice.
    2) Get into the NBA!
    3) Help my parents pay off the morgage.

  8. My first wish would be to have a unlimited shopping spree at Bloomingdales. Second would be a all paid spa/vacation. Third would be world peace.

  9. My three wishes would be:

    1. That my son grows up to be the best that he can with a secure and happy life.
    2. Then I would wish for my very own bookstore! Of course it would be mostly romance books!
    3. Hmm, my third wish, I think I would pass on to my husband if I could and let him wish for whatever he wanted.

  10. Hi Anya,

    My son & husband:
    1)to stay healthy
    2) to stay safe
    3) a never ending supply of cash in US dollars


    Thank you,
    Susan B.

    sbussey At

  11. Geez, such hard questions you ask!

    1. That I can be the best mom that I can possibly be, so my kids can grow up healthier than I did.
    2. To lose all this weight, without surgery.
    3. To be financially able to not only do what I want, but to help my family as well.


  12. Ok almighty Seymore the wish-giving Chipmunk, I wish for…Enough money to pay off our house and a few other bills (having too much money causes problems a lot of times so just enough to cover everything I owe should do it :) )
    A long and happy life for my son.
    A copy of Lora Leigh’s book Mercury’s War that isn’t released yet( lol had to try)

    Thanks Seymore, here’s a peanut for all your troubles!

  13. The three things I wish for are:
    1) continued good health for myself and my family.
    2) for my family, friends and everyone I know to be happy and enjoy each day we are given.
    3) to never run out of my wonderful books to read…Mercury’s War has definitely been on my list to read as I definitely enjoy the Breeds series.

  14. Hi Anya!

    I would wish for:
    1. great tasting, zero calorie chocolate
    2. my two girls to get the best university education availalable ~so they can support me in my old age…
    3.My hubby and I to have many happy,loving years together ( with a great sex life of course!!!!)

  15. 1. To be able to have a baby
    2. Good health for me, my husband, and my family
    3. To have enough money to not have any financial worries.

  16. 1. To be healthy and my family and friends healthy
    2. To win the lottery
    3. Peace

    Mercury’s War sounds great!

  17. :grin:
    1. I want to wish the Texan Gulf Coast well in the face of Hurricane Ike.

    2. More space for my Anya Bast books.

    3. This one is just for me: Financial security.

    Take the time today to be reminded of your good fortune and help someone who needs it.

  18. 1) fluency in reading/writing/speaking all asian languages

    2) for my dad to win enough money to retire and get his master’s in Ancient Roman history like he has always wanted

    3) Time Travel ability–anywhere I want, anywhen I want without a blink of my eyes.

  19. 1) I wish . . . my daughter in Florida could move to NJ, where I live, so I could see my granddaughter more often,

    2) continued success on my diet,

    3) and our soldiers could come home soon.

  20. 1. Of course to have my perfect body as I see perfection in my eye.

    2. To finally meet the man of my dreams and be happy

    3. And for things to just be a little bit more peaceful, a little bit more easy, basically things to be a little more perfect in the world

  21. 1) I would would wish for the ability to pick up and speak any language I hear; it’d be amazing to be fluent in everything.
    2) Since you have laid claim to Christian Bale (no fair!), I would wish for Karl Urban.
    3) I would wish for a little more humanity in each of us.

  22. 1) excellent health and long life for me and my family (including no more food allergies, no more illness, great physical shape)
    2) The powerball will roll to 300 mil, and then we will have the only winning ticket.
    3) McCain to loose the election :)

  23. I play this game with myself from time to time and then compare my wishes to past wishes…helps me get perspective. My wishes as of today (could change tomorrow):
    1. That my friend John, who is suffering from stage 4 aids-related lymphoma, has an easy and peaceful path through his end days.
    2. That my niece and nephew have fulfilling and happy lives.
    3. That I receive a financial windfall that will make life easier for me and my family…wouldn’t have to be much, just something to help while I’m unemployed and taking care of John (#1).

  24. lol I would have to wish for the will power to eat right and stick with my exercise routine…. then I would wish that anytime I want a book *poof* it would appear…. my last wish, which I would actually ask for first, is that my family would live happily and never have to want for anything.

  25. 1) Bookcases as needed, along with the room to put them in.
    2) Unlimited book buying budget
    3) Ability to read faster–or someone to take care of the pesky every day details so I can devote all my time to reading :grin:

  26. Hey I have 4 chipmunks that live in my backyard, and they do not grant my wishes! :wink:
    Wish1) A book a day to read
    Wish2) A chance to speak with my grandmother again…
    Wish3) No money problems for my family…
    Oh great chipmunk Seymour!!!

  27. Wishes:
    1) Health
    2) Wealth
    3) Safety for my family

  28. 1. Health for me and my family
    2. A new job
    3. A little more money….

  29. I would wish for:
    1. Financial security for me and my family, including future generations (I don’t want the whole money forest, just the tree :mrgreen:)
    2. That my children have all that they could want in life.
    3. That I could live a healthy life and die before my children.

  30. 1) A New York Jet Super bowl victory!
    2) everything my kids need throughout their life to have it provided.
    3) Retirement on a beach in Costa Rica!

  31. One wish would be obvious – an endless supply of money so I can feed my book addiction. Another wish would be for the body I had in high school, or maybe a better one. Either way, just losing the weight I want to. And I don’t know what I would ask for the third question. The endless supply of money and the weight issues are my biggest concerns at the moment. Maybe immortality without all the hangups that most mortals have (i.e. sunlight, stakes, silver, etc).

  32. Having found Seymour ( I made my 3 wishes. Now to hope that they come true (especially #3)
    1. World Peace (so no more people have to die fruitlessly)
    2. Good Health for my family (extended to teh rest of the world if Seymour is strong enough)
    3. Enough book funds money to keep me able to buy all books on my wishlists for life.

    Somehow I think there is no chance of that but I can dream LOL

  33. My three wishes:

    1. Enough money to pay off my boy’s student loans and give us all financial security

    2. keep my son, the Navy dude safe, and bring him home to me soon

    3. good health and happiness to all of my family

  34. 1. Wealth – *sigh* To go on a shopping trip without looking at the tags, I wonder what that would be like?
    2. Meet and marry the man of my dreams – who is incredibly gorgeous and has no flaws, naturally. :wink:

  35. Love your contest & all the prizes!
    1. End of all wars.
    2. Clean, healthy environment for all humanity and wildlife.
    3. A cure for cancer.

  36. great question my three wishes would be
    1. a healthy family including me which means I would loose some more weight lol
    2. to be comfortably well off for the rest of my life
    3. For my children and future generations to have long, healthy, happy lives.

    Fantastic prize by the way. Love it.

  37. My three wishes:

    1. To have a happy marriage.
    2. To have children.
    3. To make a difference in someone’s life.

  38. I wish for,

    A more peaceful compassionate world for my lovely niece and everyone to live in.
    Endless supply of books and maybe my own bookstore.
    Someone to spend the rest of my life with

    Anya this is a super cool idea thank you :)

  39. I would want everyone to be healthy, a house for my family and be able to travel the world.

  40. My wishes are:
    1 To pay off my mortgage

    2 Continued good health

    3 An unlimited supply of fiction books to read

  41. 1) The ability to regenerate from any bodily injury ( like Claire on Heroes – which would mean immortality of sorts)
    2) To give my family the afore – mentioned ability.
    3) To have the means financially to take care of my family the way I want.

  42. :cool:
    1) Health for me & my family
    2) The ability to be a shapeshifter…leopard or a tiger
    3) To be a successful writer

  43. 1) no serious illnesses for myself and family.
    2) To have enough money in the bank to travel the world to meet people and share their cultures.
    3) Eternal happiness for myself and family.

  44. Okay, since you have dibs on Christian Bale, I guess I’ll have to come up with something else.

    1. Enough money to pay off my (and my parents, siblings) bills.

    2. My own houseboy (who amazingly looks just like Jensen Ackles–Dean from Supernatural).

    3. A brand new handicapped accessible minivan (since my current van, Gertie we call her, is 27 years old).

  45. MY 3 WISHES …
    good health always
    to win a book from you
    more stamina

  46. I’d wish I didn’t have arthritis so I could exercise again ( and hence lose all the extra weight I’ve put on ) ; That I wasn’t so shy that I could socialise with people ; and that I could afford all the books I wanted and the time to read them.

  47. I read this one I am such a fan of the breed series i LOVE THEM they are the best!! and Mercury is the best yet!

  48. Hi everybody, ok my three wishes would be as follows:
    1. I wish my husband and me would be debt free, with a little extra
    2. Cure the world of all deadly diseases
    3. Be able to eat what I want and never gain an ounce

  49. OK, Seymour, I’d wish for:

    1. A self-cleaning/organizing house–I would love it to stay magically dust and clutter free, and that I can locate what I need when I need it (not after I desperately search through all the piles and boxes in the guest room and basement and back of the pantry…)

    2. In this lovely spacious house, I’d love a library, with loads of gorgeous floor-to-ceiling shelves (for my obedient, self-organizing, ever-increasing book collection), and a comfy window seat and a few nice reading chairs.

    3. I’d love to make sure that my kids grow up to be wise, loving, self-sufficient, generous members of their communities.

    All right, get to it, Seymour! ;)

  50. 1. Good health and happiness for a lifetime for my family
    2. All my debts to be paid off
    3. For the updating of my house to be finished and any necessary repairs/maintenance to be done.

  51. My three wishes would be (if I was also being selfish):

    1.) All the yarn I could want
    2.) All the books I could want
    3.) The space/means to store them

  52. 1) Have a fantastic and chic wardrobe, this includes a huge selection of jewelry
    2) A hott, sexy, masculine man with an accent that is extremely in love with me and is my dream guy!
    3) I wish that all of my family, friends, and pets have a happy and healthy and long ass life – I hope they are all around me for a long time to come to I can continue to irritate them for several years to come.

    Yay for contests, woo hoo!

  53. 1) To guest star on an episode of Supernatural 2) To have lunch with Sherrilyn Kenyon 3) Have a never ending Gift Certificate to I person can wish!

  54. 1. Find my dream job.
    2. Have all my debts paid off
    3. Be in perfect health and shape

  55. 1. All the books on my wishlist.
    2. Good health for my family and friends.
    3. Some more books.

  56. well I would wish for an awesome house, enough money to put my son in college and FOREVER MONEY TO KEEP ME IN BOOKS!!!!!!!!! :razz: I mean, seriously, I put out close to $450 a month in books so I need to stay in my books :lol: and I want my son to get a good education :cool:

  57. 1. Continual good health for me and my family.
    2. Continual jobs for me and my family so we can pay the bills and enjoy life.
    3. Elimination of family squabbles.

  58. My three wishes would be:

    1) To payoff my student loans
    2) To payoff my credit cards
    3) To met my significant other whoever that might be

  59. My three wishes are as followed:

    1. Good health for my family and myself
    2. Financial security in that I have so much money my family and I can cover all debts, achieve our dreams that require fundings, and still have a whole lot of money left over to support our churches, charities, and to make investments
    3. Long Prosperous Lives for my family and myself.

  60. I would wish for:
    1. enough money to live on for the rest of my life
    2. good health for me (and my family)
    3. a house in the country

  61. I wish for
    1) inner peace
    2) financial security
    3) continued good health for myself and my family

  62. Oh, this is easy:
    1. For no one on the planet to go to bed hungry.
    2. Quality healthcare for everyone on the planet.
    3. World peace.

    How about it, Seymore? :grin:

  63. Yeah! Almost time for MERCURY’S WAR!!!

    ok, here goes!
    1. I wish to have my health and strength back
    2. I wish to pay off medical bills
    3. I wish to save and finally take a family vacation

  64. Great contest I would love to be entered for this one Anya thank you. Only three things hmm LoL

    1. More Money :)
    2. Be able to go to RT next year.
    3. My dream home.


  65. Hmmm.

    happiness for our families
    money-to help our families (and so I can quit my job)

  66. I wish for:
    1. more time in the day (to read!)
    2. happiness and health for each of my family
    3. jason statham (if I weren’t already happily married!)

  67. Ooh, I would wish for:

    1. a new mansion with a huge library filled with never ending romance novels.

    2. Daniel Hennesy

    3. Sage Brocklebank

    Umm, I need both guys to keep me company in my new mansion, lol

  68. Suddenly Seymour is granting me wishes…
    My obvious first wish would be for my 4 year old son to be cured from cancer, and be able to live a normal life.
    Second, I would wish for all hatred and abusive treatment of everyone to stop.
    Lastly, I would wish that I didn’t have to work, have a clean, organized, beautiful house of my dreams, someone to cook, clean and do my laundry, take lavish vacations with my family and friends, and have all of us be happy and healthy. (that counts as one, right??) :)
    Darn-I should have asked for three more wishes—if I had, one of those wishes would be an endless supply of excellent, entertaining books to read, and time to read them!!!