September 12th, 2008
The Grand Prizes

I never made it clear that the drawing for the grand prize and the runner up prizes (the gift certificates) will be on October 7th, the same day The Chosen Sin officially releases. So, if you haven’t entered for the grand prizes, you still have time.

I’ll be posting the book-a-day winners daily.

Just a little housekeeping! Good luck, everyone!

6 comments to “The Grand Prizes”

  1. ok—i really want to enter for the grand prize—is this where i enter??? please? thanks. and…if i enter fer the grand prize-can i still enter fer the book-a-day?

  2. sorry—i just had a lil brain fart—i already entered fer the grand prize–so never mind my last post, please…..(boy, i really need to let up on the early mornin coffee…!!!!!)

  3. Oh gosh – I’m somewhat in the same place as Jackie – it didn’t occur to me in all the craziness to scroll down, so I totally missed out on the chance for Mercury’s War. I could cry, other than I’ve been unlucky recently. 😛 Congratulations to Colleen though!

  4. I love your books, Anya, but the contest is too complicated 🙁

  5. Hey I would love to win the grand prize and I can’t believe I missed Lora Leigh’s book giveaway. 👿 Lol

  6. Please enter me for the grand prizes. It sounds so cool! Thank you for holding it. 🙂