September 20th, 2008
Book of the Day: The Chosen Sin, by Anya Bast

The Chosen Sin, by Anya Bast.

This book comes out officially on October 7th, but it’s already available to ship at B&N online.

In this sensuous and lust-filled otherworld, the Chosen are vampires fighting for their very existence.

It is Daria’s destiny to become one of them…

Daria Morris is a special forces agent with one obsession: to wreak vengeance on the brutal vampire who nearly destroyed her. Now she’s finally about to get her chance, on one condition. She must become something she detests: a vampire.

Her fate rests upon one man’s lethal bite. His name is Alejandro Martinez, and he can help her infiltrate a highly guarded group of the Chosen. But Alejandro is also a distraction for Daria. Because thirteen years ago, they shared a scorching night of passion neither has forgotten.

Now, while Daria struggles against her newfound bloodlust, the two must slip into the shadows to bring a monster to justice—even as their desire threatens to consume them. But under the cover of night, they’ll discover that it’s the darkness within that may stand in the way of their hunger for retribution…

“Vivid details and imaginative settings make the Chosen world intriguing… High-voltage action keeps things moving while the in-depth characters have you rooting for their success.” — Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Anya Bast pulled another winner out of her pocket. If you are looking for a paranormal story that is just out of this world pick up THE CHOSEN SIN. You will get more than just the generic vampire story.” — Night Owl Romance Reviews

“This futuristic vampire tale is brilliant, unique and extremely erotic. Definitely a must-read.” — Fresh Fiction

Want a chance to win it? Comment and answer the question below. I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please.

If you didn’t have to work, what would you do?

My answer: Ha. I’d write!


60 comments to “Book of the Day: The Chosen Sin, by Anya Bast”

  1. I am retired, so I garden, read , crossstitch,
    blog on the computer and go window shopping whenever I want.

  2. Easy organize my life into neat little boxes when I wasn’t reading all the wonderful books from both print and ebook publishers.

  3. Assuming I had the money too, I’d love to travel and when not doing that, work with rescue animals and of course read more.

  4. If I didn’t have to work .. then I must have enough money to take care of my family… so with my free time I would travel to every continent, take pics, read and read some more. I would also write that story I have brewing in my head.

  5. Actually I don’t work. I am a stay at home wife. I sell a few items on ebay for some pocket change. I take care of the house and our new puppy. (that is a full time job)!

  6. I would read and go for walks in a forest with my dog

  7. oh, if I didn’t have to work, I’d definitely alternate between reading and computer gaming. I might write some, and probably geocache a bit, I’m pretty sure I could fill my time, I have lots of hobbies!

  8. I would do more volunteer work.

  9. Hi Anya, great giveaway I would love to be entered thank you.

    If I didn’t have to work I would read lots more 🙂 travel, do more arts & craft and did I mention read more *g*


  10. If I didn’t have to work and had enough money, I would have a Hamster and Rat rescue. but All the animals I took in I would keep and love them myself, until the end of their lives.