September 22nd, 2008
Book of the Day: Scions: Resurrection, by Patrice Michelle

Scions: Resurrection, by Patrice Michelle

Everyone believed vampires were extinct.

Everyone was wrong.

When Ariel Swanson wrote a novel about vampires, she hoped it would exorcise her fear of the creatures that had, not so long ago, terrorized the human population.

Instead, it brought her to their attention.

And to the attention of Jachin Black-a man banished from the Sanguinas, a vampire clan, and forced to hunt among the despised humans. For he clung to the prophecy given years ago, of a better way for his kind to live. a prophecy Ariel unknowingly used as the basis of her novel.

Ariel hates and fears vampires. Jachin despises humanity. But the prophesy-and passion-bind them in ways they could never have imagined. Ways that may heal the past, and change the future.

Want a chance to win it? Comment and answer the question below. I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please.

You are allowed to place three items from your lifetime into a box that will be opened in fifty years. What do you put in, and why?


32 comments to “Book of the Day: Scions: Resurrection, by Patrice Michelle”

  1. Three items. Hmm. Well, one would be an album of photos, to show how life was and who I was. The next would be a journal that would have things or thoughts I wrote, cut outs from magazines, a dollar bill of the time etc. Sort of like an all around scrap book of sorts. To preserve memories. The third item would be something of value so maybe a ring or jewelry item. Something I treasured and want to pass on hoping the next person will treasure it as well. Atleast thats what I would put in a box for my future family. If the box was going to be opened by just anybody, I would have to rethink all of that.

  2. A group family photo to indicate who I was and where I came from. A sprinkling of stock certificates in the hope that they would be valuable. My DNA (preserved) in the hopes that they could resurrect me.

  3. since, in 50 years, even my children probably won’t be around (my youngest will be 82)…i think i would leave something that would tell my great -and great, great grandchildren who their ‘granny young’ was… favorite pictures in an album(both old pics of my ancestors-and pics of me with my hubby, children, grandchildren, and our farm & animals)….and-my rings, my wedding rings, and my mothers ring—and finally…..a collection of my favorite books.

  4. I would also leave a family photo album, to look back and remember my loved ones, I’d leave a MP3 player loaded with my favorite songs so I could see how much my taste in music has changed, and I’d leave my favorite outfit, so that my grandkids could laugh at how their grandma used to dress; just like I laugh at how mine used to dress!

  5. The three things that I would pack away for the future would be:
    The scrapbooks I created for my family. Maybe if they are put away for 50 years they will appreciate them when its time to take them out again (kids will be in their 60’s)
    My all time favorite books/series. Of course!!
    And thinking long and hard about the last thing would be …… pics of those studly men we so like ie Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, etc. Cause’ you know no one will believe how hot they were “back then” 🙂

  6. Good morning Anya,

    I would put today’s newspaper, a memory stick with tons of data, books, & pictures on it (you always have an IT genius that can retrieve info), & a bottle of wine from this year.

    Thank you,
    Susan B.

  7. stocks and bonds
    a video camera showing my family and friends
    a cd of ebooks and music

  8. First I would put in a DVD loaded with pictures of my life, my parents, my sister and my dogs – which would also have a video of everyone talking to the camera.

    Second I would add some of my favorite books just in case everything is digital in the future. ( Choosing would be hard though!)

    Third I would have a strand of my hair ( or whateve is needed- for DNA purposes.) I plan to be around but just in case they need to reproduce something of mine I want some of my healthier DNA available

  9. HI Anya 🙂 Ok my 3 things would be:
    1: A Sunday Newspaper (that way they could see all of the extra ads and everything)
    2: A Photo Album with a note from me explaining who these people were.
    3: A dollar bill, and some coins… just incase the currency was to change again.

  10. MMMMM, three things? I guess I’d have to leave:

    1) family pictures (labeled, of course)
    2) my recipe book (it has my grandmother’s recipes in it! yummmmm!)
    3) some sheet music of my favorite songs (you never know what the media will be, but you can always play it!)

  11. My 3 things would be
    1: my kid’s baby books and photos (they need to see what things were like when they were born)
    2: my grandmothers ring ( it is very special to me and needs to be handed down)
    3: my recipes (so everybody can remember all my home cooked meals)

  12. crochet hook cause I am a designer. pictures of my family because I love them pictures of my pets cause they are my babies!

  13. I would have to assume that these are things you place in, and would not have access to for 50 years, so I would not put things like home movies or family pictures in, as I would want to have them to view. Also, I am interpreting the question that I will be opening the box, and it would not be left as like a time capsule for future generations, although I would certainly share what is in the box with them. Ok, with all of that said, Here is what I would do. I would put in stories I had written when I was a teenager, my favorite perfume because scents are able to completely transport you to a particular place or moment in time, and I would put in (oh, ultimate sacrifice!!!) my “hanky”, the blanket I have had since birth, and have slept with every night. I have had it with my son, Owen, as he sleeps here toward the end, and to have something with his scent on it to bring me back to this moment when I still have him would be heaven!

  14. 1. Picture Album and family & friends home movies/dvd combo for memories
    2. DVD player to be able to play the family & friends home movies
    3. A detailed letter that is really more of a story describing my life, my family, friends, and why I decided to put this items in a box 🙂

  15. 1. Photo album – to know me and my family
    2. An iPod with all the trendy songs of today
    and videos with todays news.
    3. a letter of what it is like to live right now

  16. Hmmm, three things…

    1. a copy of “the wolves of willoughby chase,” because it’s one of my favorite kids’ books and it represents my lifelong reading habit.
    2. a family tree, to represent how important both my own nuclear family, my kids, and our extended family is.
    3. a computer mouse, because the internet is so much a part of my life now. I use the computer and the ‘net to connect with all kinds of people — other parents, other readers, old friends, professional contacts. I really think it’s amazing.

  17. 1. a copy of our family tree, my mom made a scrap book of the family history going back like 200 yrs.
    2. my laptop, so the future can see how much faster their technology is compaired to ours. and I practically live on my laptop.
    3. a book by my favorite author, so the future can read something that i loved.

  18. Scrapbook filled with pictures of my sons, family, and friends who’ve made my life so worth living.

    External harddrive filled with mp3’s, pictures, my crappy drawings and writings, just to show my children and their children how I waste my time.


  19. Hmmm my own time capsule, I guess I would place in a picture of me and my grandmother, a list of all the books I have owned and read, and last some of my drawings!!! All of the above represent me and the things I loved most!!!

  20. I think 3 differents lists: my favorite books, movies, and music that hopefully could be found 50 years later.

  21. ummmmm . . .

    my ipod, an ebook reader full of books, and a journal with pictures in the front so I can write about what I find

  22. Good question, I would save my favorite pictures, clothes (probally wont fit anymore), and my favorite perfum..

  23. I would put my mom’s jewelry, family photos and some of my favorite books.

  24. 3 items?

    1) A bottle of my favorite scent from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs called ‘Pink Moon’. Its a beautiful subtle scent that calms me immensely and ages very well (so far. My oldest bottle is almost 4 years old).
    2) My ‘brag book’ of copies of the photo booth pictures my sister and I get every time we go to a midnight movie premeire (along with the ticket stubs and brief description of the night and movie).
    3) A copy of the tanka book ‘Salad Anniversary’. Its a simple book by a Japanese lady who wrote tanka poems about everyday things that all weave together to make one beautiful tale of life.

  25. Hm – I’d put in 1) photos, 2) some sort of toy and 3) a book. Dunno which kind – either a fun one or a text book, to see if any laws have changed.
    What an interesting question I don’t think I’ve ever really made a time capsule.

  26. One of my vacation scrapbooks and ebook reader completely filled with lots of yummy books and a can of spam just to see if it would last that long lol

  27. Family photo album, jewelry box, ebook reader

  28. 1. My scrapbook made when I was a teenager.
    2. My journal from the first year of marriage.
    3. My family photo album

  29. Oh, and the why. I’d like for whoever finds it to see what it was like in these times and then see the photos of those spoken about.

  30. I think the three items I would put into the box would be my journal, my MP3 player that holds many of my favorite songs old & new and finally a newspaper. Whoever opens it will have some insight as to who I am/was through the journal and MP3 player and the newspaper will document the date and a verify a day in history.

  31. Hmmmmmm…decisions, decisions.

    1 – A family scrapbook that my sister made that has our family tree in it

    2 – I know it’s cheating but it would be my keepsake chest, which is about the size of a book with all sorts of things that I thought were cool when I was a kid (rocks, seashells, etc)

    3 – And probably a CD of some of my favorite songs.

  32. I would put a photo album, my journal, and my ruby ring.