September 24th, 2008
Book of the Day: Mine to Possess, by Nalini Singh

But that’s not all. Today the prize is an autographed copy of Mine to Possess, a copy of Visions of Heat, a collector’s item excerpt booklet of Angel Blood (collector’s item because that’s not the final version of the cover art), and a RAW tote bag with all the signatures of the attending authors (thanks to Renee).

Want a chance to win it? Comment and answer the question below. I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please.

If you had ten thousand dollars to take the trip of a lifetime — where would you go?

My answer: China. There’s so many places in China I want to see.

Oh, and here are a couple pictures left over from RAW!

Author Julie Bennett.

Anya Bast and Jacquelyn Frank


64 comments to “Book of the Day: Mine to Possess, by Nalini Singh”

  1. I would go to New Zeland and Austrailia. To proberly explore you need to spend at least a month (nevemind the jetlag recovery) and there are mountains and deserts and the ocean. I love Nalini’s writing and all of her books are wonderful.

  2. hummm..well i wanna go to Maine, for the leaves turning–beautiful, i’d use the rest of the 10,000 to buy lots of souvenirs, and eat wonderful Maine dishes…..anything left????–i would make a stop at Barnes and Nobel.

  3. I would travel to Ireland, Scotland and Wales to research my ancestors. I think it would be cool to visit the places where they lived and learn more about the culture and citizens of these beautiful countries.

  4. I would travel to Ireland and Australia. If I had any money left over I would add Greece and Egypt onto my traveling spree.

  5. I’d blow it all on a trip to Alaska, with a combo of flying, taking a train, and cruising for as long as the money holds out.

  6. To Europe. So much history there. I’d love to just go from site to site and just steep myself in it.

  7. Instead of going somewhere exotic, I would rent out a bunch of oceanfront cottages and invite my entire family for a week of fun!

  8. Definately Scotland. I would love to see the castles up close fore myself, maybe with a hot scottish hunk as my tourguide. ;) oh wait I’m married…ok, no hunk but still scotland and castles.

  9. I have always wanted to go on a cruise to the bahamas with my husband…I think thats what I woud do

  10. I have always wanted to travel the Silk Road although it is no longer used. There are many legends and stories about the Silk Road as it winds through so many different countries, languages and cultures. Probably a tough trip but I think definitely worth it!

  11. Would love to one day go to Hawaii, it’s my dream vacation. With that much money I would be able to spend alot of time on the beaches and plenty of fun in the sun. My favorite show Lost is shot there maybe I would spot some of my favorite Losties!

  12. Australia…I have always wanted to take the time to travel through Australia and visit the wonderful cities and outback, travel to the different territories and explore the areas.

  13. I would go to Africa. It is the only place I never have a chance to visit.

  14. So many places I’d like to go, but I think I’d start with Scotland, and since I love going to RI every summer, use some to rent a place on the beach for a couple of months.

    Nalini’s Pys series is a top favorite for me.

  15. I would want to see all of Europe if its possible.

  16. Italy and Greece please. Havent been there but I would like to see Rome.

  17. I would like to see China too. Mostly the Shanghai and Beijing.

  18. My dream trip is to London, Scotland and Greece, so that’s where I would go.

  19. I would take my dad on an african safari. He has always talked about it with me and it is our thing. Runner up would be a trip with my dad to Alaska – Denali park to be more specific.

  20. With $10,000 to spend on a trip. I would take my 16 yr old daughter to Europe and we would travel all over til we ran out of money, having first made sure to purchase round trip plane tickets so that we wouldnt get stuck somewhere and were able to come back to the US. I love history and Europe has so much of it that it would be totally cool to be able to see as much of it as possible.

  21. Definitely England and Scotland to tour the castles, Stonehenge, Bath, etc. to get a feel for the Romance novels I read.

  22. Good morning Anya,

    I would fly to Italy & Greece to see the ancient ruins, then take a cruise in the Mediterranean (for the Hubby), & then on to Australia to tour.

    Thank you,
    Susan B.

  23. Since my best friends and I are located at different ends of the US, I would use the money to buy tickets, places and anything else we’d need so we could finally all meet at RT or RWA and get to know all you fabulous writers and spend the rest on books :mrgreen:

  24. Massive road trip to visit several friends in different states. First I’ll go to Mass, then New Jersey, Tenn, Georgia, Alabama, and last Texas to spend a wild day night combo with the friend I have there.

  25. I’d probably go to Italy. I’ve always wanted to take a vacation there. It looks so pretty and I definitely know I would enjoy it.

  26. I would go to Barbados and Turks & Caicos. If there is still money left then I would continue with other trips around the Islands: Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, etc.

  27. oh, this one is easy – I’ve always wanted to take an extended holiday in Ireland!

  28. I would go to Scotland! All those men in kilts!! :grin:

  29. Ten thousand dollars and the trip of the lifetime? HELLO WORLD TOUR!!! Well, I’d want to go to Europe – which should take maybe half… and the rest I’d want to go to Asia – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan… (not necessarily in that order) – possibly swing by Australia and New Zealand on my way home…
    Haha I can’t choose. If I had to pick one place, I’d say Europe -specially Italy, because I’d probably be able to go to Asia some other time.

  30. Would go to Scotland. I would love to see that beautiful country side and all of the ruins.

  31. I would take my family on a Disney Adventures vacation-they actually have trips to places like Italy, Australia, China, an African safari, Ireland, etc. The difficulty would be in choosing which one to actually go on! I suppose we’d have to have a family meeting and take a vote once the cash was in hand…

  32. Europe. I would aim for the cheapest hotels and transportation once actually *there* so that I could stay longer and visit as many cities, museums, ruins, and natural wonders as possible.

    Since I’m the kind who can spend a full eight hours in a small museum and come back the next day, you can imagine what the Louvre would do to me, just to name one.

  33. I would go to Scotland and Ireland. The small villages and gorgeous landscapes are something I’d love to experience.

  34. 10K… I would go to Ireland and see the beautiful green and It’s culture!

  35. I’d backpack (in style of course with my 10K) throughout Europe.

  36. Hi Anya, great prize I would love to be entered thank you.

    If I had ten thousand dollars and could take a trip of a lifetime I would want to go to Egypt. I would want to climb the pyramids and sit at the top. I think it would be different and very interesting.


  37. If I could go anywhere, I would go dive the WWII wrecks off of Truk Island in the South Pacific. The 10K would be to play my bills at home while I am gone for as long as the money would hold out.

  38. I would go to Italy and enjoy all the sites and countrysides with husband. I would love to experience all that love and romance that they have to offer.

  39. Alaska would be the dream right now. I’d take a boat, ride planes, anything to see the raw beauty of Alaska.

  40. Israel, Italy, Greece and Turkey

  41. Australia & New Zealand. Couldn’t live there because of the deadly animals but I have always wanted to see them first hand :D

  42. I would love to visit our country and see all the places I have never visited but would love to. Like the redwood forest, Niagara Falls, new england in the fall. Etc. Would take a few fantastic vacations.

  43. I would take a Mediterranean cruise with stops in Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Spain.

  44. Ireland! Definitely – and not just because there’s cute guys with Irish accents (*swoon!*) there. :wink:

    I’ve always thought that it’s a beautiful country and I’ve love to see its history and such, hopefully I’ll be able to visit in a few years.

  45. I would love to see Scotland. With the history of the country I think it would be a lot of fun.

  46. I agree with China. At least a month-long trip.

  47. I would tour Canada and learn more of our history. One trip would be a train trip out to the West coast through the Rocky Mountains. Another would be to the East coast to see the Maritimes and the vast fishing villages along with the light houses.

  48. I would go to Central and South America. I have always wanted to see the ruins of the Incas.

  49. I would love to see Ireland and Scotland. I read so many books set in these places that I would really like to see them in person.

  50. I would go to Ireland and visit my forefathers(and mothers)LOL I feel so much connection to Ireland and I want to roam about the country and eat the food, visit the people , especially some relatives I have met over the net. I would also take a side trip to England to meet my da’s family. I want to take my son to know his family so thats where my $10,000 would go! :cool:

  51. I would love a cruise, anywhere; just the chance to see a different place with lots of different people and meet and talk

  52. It would be a tour of either Europe or Asia. But I have a feeling that 10 grand doesn’t go far. So maybe I’d concentrate on one country like Japan which is a great mix of the traditional and modern. Japan also provides a futuristic view of where we’re going in terms of technology which I find inteeresting.

  53. I would love to go to Ireland to check out the Blarney Stone.

  54. I would love to go and see Australia & New Zealand there are so many fascinating animals & landscapes to see there.

  55. I would use my $10,000 to go see Egypt, all the temples, ruins, pyramids, etc. I’ve always been enamored of them (even have an anthropology degree that I’m not using! I blame Indiana Jones).

    Thanks for the contest!

  56. I’d go on a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands for a week and then relax in Maui for another.

  57. I wouldtravel to all fifty states

  58. Trip of a lifetime? Hmmm. So many places. I’d take a month and just cruise the seas, hit HI, cruise around to the Carribean, hit the Islands and just find lots of beaches

  59. I would go to England, Scotland and Wales to see the places that my ancestors came from. Also I would love to see all of the castles.

    Then if I had any money left, I would love to visit Hawaii.

  60. I’m going on the world tour with Limecello (although it might cost more than $10K to hit everything–I’m not sure!)–I’ve seen parts of Asia, but China itself is HUGE, so there are tons of places to visit there. I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand and definitely want to see those places. And there’s the grand tour of Europe, and I would love to tour Israel and the Middle East–there’s such rich history there (although I would love for it not to be so dangerous–praying for peace there!)

    BTW, thanks for sharing your photos from RAW! It looks like it was loads of fun!

  61. Anywhere with hot cabana boys!!! LOL!

  62. Back to Russia! I had so much fun studying in St. Petersburg, it would be great to take my hubby to see it!

  63. With ten thousand dollars I would take a trip of many destinations. I’d go back to Alaska and pan for gold and go watch the orcas. I’d visit Ireland and Italy to see where some of my ancestors lived. I would travel to scenic destinations all over until I had spent pretty much every cent. A trip of a lifetime and memories for forever.

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