September 25th, 2008
Winner of the Singh books and other goodies…

….is Dianna F (who wants to take her daughter to Europe). Congrats! Can you please send me your snail mail via the contact form on my site?

The first batch of books went out yesterday, up until Master of Dragons. So if you won, you should be expecting your package in a few days to a week. There were two international packages that may take longer (you know who you are *g*).

6 comments to “Winner of the Singh books and other goodies…”

  1. 😀 Congrats Dianna!!!

  2. Lucky Dianna!

    *turning a nice, envy, green*


  3. Yahhhhhhhhhhh, I can hardly wait til it gets here! ! ! ! ! ! ! 😀

  4. Sooo jealous 😀 Congratulations, Dianna! Enjoy!!

  5. Wtg, Dianna!

  6. Congrats’ Dianna – Way To Go!