September 27th, 2008
Book of the Day: Forbidden Pleasure, by Lora Leigh

Forbidden Pleasure, by Lora Leigh

People have heard fleeting rumors about The Club located just outside of Washington, D.C. Only its members know where men go when they want to indulge their desire to share their women with a carefully selected male partner. John “Mac” McCoy resigned his membership from The Club when he married Keiley Hardin. Tempting and innocent, sweet and sexy, Mac knows that she would never accept his desire to share her with another man. However, Mac’s fantasies of sharing his wife haunt his dreams. Then Jethro Riggs, Mac’s best friend, arrives at her their home in Wyoming. Of all the men, it was Riggs whom Mac shared his women with. They shared the same views on pleasing women and a hunger to push the same boundaries. Slowly Mac and Riggs introduce Keiley to a pleasure she has never known.

Want a chance to win it? Comment and answer the question below. I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please.

Name one of your “guilty” pleasures.

My answer: I watch Survivor and I LOVE it. I’ve never missed a season.

38 comments to “Book of the Day: Forbidden Pleasure, by Lora Leigh”

  1. I’m definitely with you! I have never missed an episode of Survivor yet. One of my favorite series on TV.
    As for my own guilty pleasure, I like ice cream. I have to have a small bit every week. It’s something to look forward to on the weekend.

  2. Survivor, Big Brother, Americas Next Top Model, Americas Toughest Jobs, American Idol, Amazing Race……if its reality–i watch it, usually with a bit of ‘CHOCOLATE’!!!!!

  3. Good Morning Anya,

    I watch “The Shield”, every season since the beginning. Hot Coffee in the AM is another!!!

    Have a great day,
    Susan B.

  4. I’ll eat a whole 6oz bag of Herr’s Hot, Hot Potato Chips in one sitting – with a hot, hot book and a cold glass of Coor’s Light, of course!

    PS – Don’t enter me in this one (I’ve already enjoyed it), but keep the great prizes coming! 😀

  5. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Army Wives, I try not to miss any episode. But the ironic thing is I am a army wife, but I am a sucker for this show.

  6. My guilty pleasure would have to be watching Grey’s Anatomy I havent missed an episode and I even schedule things around this show.

  7. Mine would be Amazing Race and chocolate!

  8. Russell Stover’s candy (or any chocolate really) when I was a kid, we’d ration it out, so 1 piece a day of the Russell Stovers, because it wasn’t something we had all the time, just special occasions, times of year. So now that I live on my own, if I have some, I’ll just stand there at the box and keep eating it sometimes! LMAO! And Starbucks… I’ve been hitting Starbucks a lot lately to deal with my job (going there now, on the way to work!) Grande soy caramel white mocha with whip cream please!

  9. Being a teacher, it seems that people expect you to have a certain amount of “class” (no pun intended), and that you would not read/watch/do certain things, as they are not “appropriate”…However, I do read erotic books, have loads of sex toys (including a whip), watch reality television (Amazing Race starts Sunday!! I already have the DVR set to record the entire season!), Lifetime movies, and goofy shows like the 4400, but I would have to say that my ultimate “guilty” pleasure would have to be Family Guy. That show makes me giggle uncontrollably!

  10. I love the show Supernatural! Have friends over every Thursday night watching the new episodes (The Winchester boys are so Yummy)!

  11. Ben & Jerry’s AMERICONE DREAM!
    😀 I eat way too much but it’s delicious.

  12. A bag of Oreos and a good book!

  13. My “guilty” pleasures are Peanut M&Ms, Reeses cups or pieces, 100 Grand bars, & cartoons (mostly anime). 😎

  14. Oreo double stuff cookies. I can’t resist them.

  15. I’m a night owl and while making my husband’s lunch around 2 AM I eat – worse time to be doing that I know lol.

  16. I love Buffy the Vampire slayer. I have all of the seasons and am always watching them. I also collect Buffy action figures and have about 16 of them. I even have tins, a purse, a journal and some of the teenager books in my collection.

  17. Chocolate Truffles. OMG they are about the most decadent thing I’ve ever tasted.

  18. My guilty pleasures include Rock of Love and The Readl World/Road Rules Challenge.

  19. Books, books, books!—my guilty pleasure.

  20. cookie dough. Right out of the roll.

  21. I would have to say chocolate . Or maybe itis brownies but that is chocolate to.

  22. My “guilty pleasure” has got to be purchasing books and movies. I spend way too much money on both. I have over 300 books and over 200 dvd’s and that does not include all of the books and dvd’s that I have had stolen from me, or that I have given away. If I had all of them then I would have probably close to a 1000 books. Yes I have a serious reading problem. Laughing.

  23. chocolate chip cookies lol. i can eat a dozen in one go lol

  24. purchasing books . . . i spent WAY to much of my paycheck this month on books because i love them SOOOOOOO much!


  25. Chocolate Mousse cake in bed.

  26. Watching Grey’s Anatomy and chocolate. So addicting!

  27. Buying lots of sneakers. I have a really bad addiction to them.

  28. I love reality television…I watch just about everything.

    Books are definitely my biggest guilty pleasure…they are just something that I have to have. Even though I way too many…I cannot stop myself from buying more.

  29. My biggest guilty pleasure is books. We recently moved. I had books in a 32 gallon tote, another nearly as large, and ten to twelve more boxes.
    They hubs looked at them all and asked “Ya think you don’t have too many books?”

    I looked at him and said “Hey I don’t say a word about your obsession.”

    he retorts – Yeah but my obsession didn’t fill fifteen boxes, two max.

  30. I like to follow in Julia Child’s footsteps regarding this question:

    Whenever she was asked what her guilty pleasures were, she responded, ”I don’t have any guilt.”

  31. I love Survivor, too! I also love to watch American Idol. I’ve only seen two seasons and can’t wait for the next.

  32. Chocolate.

  33. Forbidden Pleasure was great! I have the book already so don’t enter me for it. My guilty pleasure is reading. :mrgreen:

  34. Ice-cream!!

  35. Homemade ice cream is a guilty pleasure during the hot months. I’ve now put away my electric cream maker due to the cooler weather (at least until the next craving has me digging it out).

  36. I love Lora Leigh’s books – need to get this one too…
    My guilty pleasure? Watching “Girls Next Door” if it happens to be one while I’m watching tv. I can’t help it. Just can’t look away 😛

  37. I love Lora Leigh’s books, too, but don’t have this one.

    Guilty pleasures—hmmm. I can’t think of much. Maybe watching Ghost Hunters, especially since I don’t even believe in ghosts. I know, doesn’t make sense. I don’t think of my books as a guilty pleasure, more of a pleasure I’m proud of! LOL

  38. games shows, love them