September 29th, 2008
Book of the Day: Noah, by Jacquelyn Frank

Noah, by Jacquelyn Frank

The Nightwalkers have lived in the shadows of our world for centuries, gifted with abilities few humans can comprehend. For Noah, duty is all — until he meets the woman who is his destiny… She Will Take Him Beyond His Wildest Dreams. As Demon King, Noah is dedicated to protecting his kind from their human and Nightwalker enemies. Yet for six months he has struggled with vivid dreams that threaten his very sanity. Every night he’s tormented by images of a woman both achingly real and tantalizingly beyond his grasp. And his bone-deep need leaves him no choice but to force her to leave the life she’s known and enter a world beyond her imagining… Every day, Kestra risks her life in perilous missions that veer just shy of the law, but she instinctively knows that the imposingly sensual figure before her is a danger unlike any she’s ever faced. Kestra has sworn never to trust or need another man, but Noah’s lightest touch scorches her with fevered desire, branding her as his mate, blinding them both to the terrifying truth. For within the ranks of their own people lies an adversary growing in number and power. And nothing and no one will be safe again…Desire awakens at night…

Want a chance to win it? Comment and answer the question below. I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please.

If you could pick one world from a favorite author to visit for a day, what world would you choose to tour and why?

My answer: I’m not my own favorite author, obviously. Someone else occupies that place (couple someone elses). But if I could make the Coven in Chicago really and truly real, I’d take a tour in a heartbeat.

48 comments to “Book of the Day: Noah, by Jacquelyn Frank”

  1. i really, really wanna come with you….i am a great cook, and can run errands ….just let me go too.

  2. I would love to visit Hogwarts for a few days, LOL! JK Rowling does an amazing job of world building; there’s a reason she has sold a gazillion books!

  3. I’d want to visit Harry Dresden’s world because he just sounds so cute! Maybe we’d date and next thing you know, someone is trying to kill me!

    He should come with a warning: Dating Harry May Be Hazardous to Your Health. :mrgreen:

  4. There are a lot of worlds I would like to visit. I would like to visit the shire from lord of the rings and hoggwoarts from harry potter and I would like to meet the vampires from the embraced series.

  5. I’d like to visit the world of Nalini Singh’s Changelings. The DarkRivers are so hot!

  6. I would love to be a guest at the Woo Woo Inn that Nina Bangs created…it sounds like an unbelievable time with Sparkle and Mede and their unusual (to say the least) guests.

    Please do not enter me in this drawing as I am fortunate enough to already have this great book. I love the Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank.

  7. Good morning Anya,

    The headquarters for the breeds in Lora Leigh’s series!!!

    Thank you,

  8. Right now I’m reading Sydney Croft’s series and I’d love to meet any of the ACRO team

  9. hands down would have to be Judy Mays Celestial Seasons world. Those darn aliens sound very intriguing. And please don’t enter me in the contest. I already have Noah and he rocked my socks lol or should I say singed my eyelashes

  10. Tara Janzen’s Steel Street. I love those boys and really want to see thier tattoo in person.

  11. I would love to visit the fairy realm in Laurell K. Hamiltons Merry Gentry series. With the way the fairy realm is coming alive and changes everyday. I would be awesome to see.

  12. I would enjoy visiting the Compound in L. A. Banks’ Vampire Hunter Lengends Series to see Damali and Carlos, Marlene and Shabazz, and the rest of the family at work fighting against the demonic forces of darkness.

    As an alternative I also would not mind visiting the headquarters for the breeds in Lora Leigh’s series!!!

    Either way, I would be a happy camper–as long as I remain unharmed, and can enjoy the scenery 😉

  13. I would love to go to the Carpathian Mountains from Christine Feehan’s Dark series books, and visit with some of those Yummy males.

  14. Hmmmm – I’d love to visit Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books!

  15. There are many options, but the winner is the In Death universe. I’d love to meet Roarke (duh!) but also Eve, Peabody, Dr. Mira and Mr Mira, and Charles and… well, all of them. I only would probably ask that Mavis refrained from singing… 😉

  16. I love the paranormal Dirk and Steele world. Regular joes with crazy wild powers. Marjorie Liu is awesome.

  17. Oohh. The vampire world in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward rocks!

  18. if i had to pick, I would pick the Dark Hunter world. They are so exciting and cool!

  19. Hm… blanking on worlds, but I think I’d like to visit the Immortals After Dark Kresley Cole writes about – lots going on, but not too dark.

  20. First I would have picked the vampire world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward, but since it is already taken, I’ll go with the world of the Warriors of Poseidon in the Atlantis series by Alyssa Day.

  21. It’s sooo hard to pick just one!

    Well I guess I’ll go with the book I’m currently reading…

    The mermaid world in MJD’s Fred series.

  22. I would have to pick Colleen Gleason’s Gardella Chronicles, because Victoria knows how to kick some butt!

  23. Denise Rossetti’s world in Gift of the Goddess and Tailspin. I’d love to immerse myself in that culture!!!

  24. I would love to visit the St Louis that is in Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. It would be so kewl to get to meet all the vamps and were’s that are apart of that world

  25. I think it would be hysterical to live in the world of Stephanie Plum. So much laughter there, plus two hot guys to check out personally.

  26. I would like to visit either Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld or Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters. :mrgreen:

  27. So many choices, but I think I would like to visit the mystical world of Virginia Kantra’s selkies. To be able to see the underwater world and visit land anytime, would be an experience. 😀

  28. I would choose the futuristic world of JD Robb. Maybe I could hook up and ride for a day with Eve and then tour the mansion with Roarke and her in the evening!

  29. I’d want to visit the fantasy world of THE CATSWOLD PORTAL by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. I would become a kitty for a while and hang out with other kitties. 😀

    I’d love to win NOAH! I’ve heard this series is excellent.

  30. i would choose santuary in the breeds book by lora leigh… would love to meet one of her breeds and being trapped in thier home sounds yummy!

  31. I would like to visit the 18th Century world in Jude Deveraux’s Return to Summerhouse. Chivalry, hard-working hot men, a kitchen garden, air and earth completely unspoiled by our modern “conveniences”-what more could a girl ask for??

  32. karen marie moning’s highlander scotland


    jr ward’s caldwell

  33. I would have to pick my favorite author sherrilyn kenyon’s dark hunter world :mrgreen:

  34. As strange as it seems I would like to visit a world of Dr Seuss. I have read so many of the books to my kids over the years because they love the rhythm of the words the worlds are so familiar to me.

  35. I would love to visit the world of J D Robb’s Death series. I would love to see what color Mavis’s hair is today.

  36. I would love to visit Steele Street, the headquarters of the Special Defense Forces from Tara Janzen’s books.

  37. I think I’d like to visit the Hollows from Kim Harrison’s world….and maybe a stop at the Dark Hunter World and then a stop at JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Can I make three stops 😆

  38. There were some great answers! Especially Middle Earth and Hogwarts.

    But there are two I would LOVE to visit…CL Wilson’s world and the world of the Black Jewels by Anne Bishop! I would love to ride the web and cross the Faaring Mist into the Fading Lands :).

  39. Man is it hard to choose just one…it is a tie between Madelaine Montague’s Wolfen, those super hot alpha males the bond in a group to their chosen mate…and Laurell K. Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry series with the magical fae & hot sidhe warriors.

  40. The Lord of the Rings — hobbit village of Hobbiton and the Elven Kingdom of Rivendell.

    The first because I would like experience the world from the viewpoint of someone of superior height. The second because it was just beautiful and magical.

  41. I’ve had to think on this all day. So many awesome choices to choose from.

    But I really have to go with Larissa Ione’s demonica series and her underground hospital for demons, shapeshifters & vampires.

  42. I would have to pick Jacquelyn Frank’s world. I just finished Jacob and am totally in love, lust and any other name you would like to give it.

  43. The Vampire Academy world by Richelle Mead. I think it would be fascinating to see the school that her imagination has created.

  44. I was also going to say The Vampire Academy world by Richelle Mead, but I see that was just mentioned.

    I would also like to visit the The House of Night world by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I t hink that it would be very interesting to spend some time there.

    I have been on a young adult kick lately.

  45. Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar world! I’d so love to be Chosen… Not to mention the Shin’i’in and the Hawkbrothers!!

    OOOR DnD’s Fearun (grr I can never spell that right!)

  46. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s New Orleans from her Hunter series or Christine Feehan’s Carpathian mountains from her Dark series. I am also recently madly in love with Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalker world which i was recently, as in last week, introduced to by by BFF’s sister. i haven’t read Noah’s story yet, but i hear it is great.

  47. that’s a tough one… I think I would probably choose Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar, I can’t imagine anything cooler than a telepathic horse like companion! Second up would be Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, duh, if I could have my own dragon, I AM THERE! 😉

    Thanks for another contest!

  48. Great question. I’m going to pick Robin D. Owens’ world of Celta. I really want a Fam (animal companion that you can communicate with) and would like to have some sort of magic. Of course having a Heart Mate would be a plus, too!