October 2nd, 2008
Book of the Day: Embraced by Darkness, by Keri Arthur

Embraced by Darkness, by Keri Arthur

She’s hunting a killer—
and shattering every boundary—
she’s ever known.…

Part vamp, part werewolf, Riley Jenson plays by her own rules, whether it’s her stormy love life or her job as a guardian. But when her family’s alpha male demands that she solve the mystery of a vanished girl, Riley can feel a trap closing in around her. Because the job comes with a catch: if Riley fails, her own mother will die.

Now the stakes are raised, the hunt is on…and when more women vanish, Riley is caught between a lover who demands that she give up her work, a serial killer who knows no boundaries, and a club where humans and supernaturals mix—at their own peril. Thrust into a realm of seduction and violence unlike any she could have imagined, Riley has to battle to save everything she holds dear. But the ultimate hunt has only just begun….

Want a chance to win it? Comment and answer the question below. I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please.

One superpower, what would it be?

My answer: Healing would be pretty cool.


37 comments to “Book of the Day: Embraced by Darkness, by Keri Arthur”

  1. flying….but not just flying—flying at supersonic speeds.

  2. I would love to be able to teleport. I would love to be able to get to the other side of the world at a blink of an eye.

  3. I would want to control the weather.

  4. I would love to be able to be a shape-shifter, like being able to be the fly on the wall. I also wouldn’t mind being able to jump from one place to the next. This is hard there are so many good ones.

  5. Good morning Anya,

    I have this a book already so don’t choose me. I’d want to be Superwoman!

    Thank you,

  6. Timetravel – so much in history I’d like to experience and people I’d like to meet. Hey, I could visit the future too, but that’s not quite as appealing.

  7. The power to absorb other powers.

  8. To be able to materialize anywhere I wanted 🙂

  9. This is a difficult choice. I would either like to travel from place to place by just thinking of where I want to be as I would never be late for anything and also could travel the world or the power of invisibility so I could be any place I wanted.

  10. FLYING! 😀

  11. I would love the power to freeze items, it would be nice to slow down time and actually have enough time to get everything done that i need to do some days.

  12. Invisibility. I would love to walk through walls.

  13. Time travel to any time period I want. :mrgreen:

  14. Hi, I already own this book, so please don’t enter me in this drawing.

    If I had one superpower, I believe I would enjoy being able to time travel using teleporting powers (like the way I combined the two into one? 😉 ) If I can get to places faster maybe I can help prevent disasters or tragedies.

    Healing would be a great power too, but I would be concerned that I would be either taken advantage of or kidnapped by bad folks and forced to heal them after any injuries sustained during bad dealings.

  15. my one superpower would be to talk to the dead.

  16. teleporation would be great if I couldn’t be a witch or sorceress.

  17. I would love to time travel both into the future and the past. I don’t want to change history because that might have too many repercussions, just visit for a while. But I would like to see what the future holds.

  18. I think being a witch would be cool – you’d have small powers but also the ability to perform spells and work with potions that would enhance and add to what you could do with your natural powers.

  19. The ability to do magic. With that one power, I could do lots of different things. *g*

  20. I’d love to be able to fly!

  21. My super power wish is to have super intution skills (like knowing ahead of time what is going to happen or what someone is going to say or do).
    darbyscloset (at) yahoo (dot) com

  22. That’s a rather difficult question… Though I’d like to have arcane powers, kinda like mages in D&D or powers that elfs possess. Guess showing a bit of geekiness there

  23. Ooo. Teleportation would be GREAT. An afternoon on the beach in Cancun, dinner in Paris, and sleeping in my own bed at home.

  24. I agree with Anya 100%…Healing would be my power of choice

  25. Invincibility

  26. I would like to be able to teleport.

  27. Would love to be able to teleport to any place or time!

  28. To talk to animals and understand them! 😀

  29. Being able to shapeshift would be my choice.

  30. I would like to time travel, both forwards into the future and backwards into the past.

  31. I love the Riley Jensen books…one super power huh……how about teleportation!!!

  32. healing sounds like a good one but I think I would like to either see the future or talk to ghosts. :mrgreen:

  33. I would love to be able to see the future and know what will happen the next day or week or month. It would be great to be able to know what will be and better if I could use that knowledge to prevent disasters.

  34. I would choose telekinesis.

  35. mind reader… I guess telepathic is the correct term. That way I won’t ever have to wonder if “fine” is really “fine” lol

  36. Instant comprehension, read something once and be able to use the knowledge.

  37. I don’t know what it’s called but I would like the power to posess other peoples bodies and have them do things. Maybe it’s called posession.