October 6th, 2008
Book of the Day: Witch Blood, by Anya Bast

Witch Blood, by Anya Bast

A water witch, Isabelle Novak has always led a chaotic, nomadic existence. But her life spins out of control when her sister—her only friend and emotional anchor — is killed by a demon. Driven by grief and a desire for revenge, she turns her back on the Coven and the rede they hold sacred: Harm thee none…

When Isabelle first encounters Thomas Monahan, she’s running on pure rage and sorrow, channeling her pain into power — and trying to freeze the life out of a warlock she holds responsible for her sister’s death. Together, they form an uneasy alliance to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power. As head of the Coven, earth witch Thomas must thwart Isabelle’s dark impulses, but his very presence stirs deeper desires she never knew she had…

Want a chance to win it? Comment and answer the question below. I’ll draw a winner tomorrow morning. One entry per person, please.

If you were going to write a novel, what would it be about?

My answer: Ha. I’ll skip this one.


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  1. i think i could write a really interesting novel about a lady, with a very uneventful life, raising 3 children-living on a farm-helping her parents-knitting and reading all the time who………..wakes up one morning and the kids are grown, life has gone on–the farm is self sustaining, and she is………….HOLY CRAP–OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(where did her youth go? where did her trim body go? her energy and vitality?) is this a new chapter in her life—or is she just old as dirt? dammit !!!!!!

  2. LOL Jackie!
    I don’t think I have the imagination to be able to right. I am a very analytical person. I could probably right a how to manual or something like that 🙂

  3. And I have horrible grammatical/wrong use of the word problems 😀 lol Like above where I wrote right instead of write 😉

  4. I’m actually in the process of trying to write a vamp novel or novella with a shocking ending 🙂

  5. My novel would be about the privateer in my ancestry. 😀

  6. I would probably write a paranormal.

  7. superheroes haven’t seen many of those.

  8. When I finally decide to write, I have a plan to do one non-fiction–an autobiography detailing my life and my family history, and then some fiction stories–supernatural (wolf or vamp) romance series.

  9. I’d write about my dreams. They sure can be crazy enough. 🙂

  10. If I could write a book, which I can’t, I would have an immortal for the hero and a witch as the heroine. Since I don’t have the talent to be a writer, I became a great reader and enjoy my free hours with a book in my hands.

    Please do not enter me in this drawing as I am fortunate enough to have this book in my personal library already…terrific reading.

  11. I’d write what I read, which is romance. And since my imagination is not that good, paranormal is out of question. Maybe contemporary about an overwork auditor, which similar to my real life.

  12. Good morning Anya,

    I think I admire authors of Fiction & more specifically Romance b/c I have no strength here. No imagination, but I do love to immerse myself in an authors story.

    So, if I had to write something it would be a how to/what not to do on Customer Service more specifically for Small Businesses. It is a “bone of contention with me”.

    Have a great day,

  13. I dont think I could write a novel, but I think I would write an erotic paranormal romance, since those are my favorite to read. vampire and shapeshifters.

  14. eeeekkkkk…. 😮

    I wouldn’t–I know my limitations!

  15. I would write about my life and all the craziness I seem to attract! It would be a comedy!
    Thanks for asking and please enter me for this book!!!
    darbyscloset (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Writing a novel? O_O Wow – well I’m going with a cop out answer 😉 – a true historical event that not many people know about that’s interesting 😛
    Much like the story behind [The] Changeling. (Although that’s a movie…)

  17. I think if I was going to write it would have to be about cat shape shifters. :mrgreen:

  18. I will write books for kids one day, based on the stories my five year old tells me. She has a great one about the astronaut who went into space, got turned around and came back in the time of dinosaurs. Makes friends with a T Rex and they live happily ever after. I will, of course, pad it with extra schtuff..or it will be a very short book.

  19. I would write an erotic Regency loosely based on the old Hellfire Club where a Duke involved is actually a secret agent for the Prime Minister. I haven’t figured out who gets rescued yet. 😀

  20. oooo – this is a good question – I’d love to write a suspense series aimed at the teenage reader!

  21. If I could write, sinceI know I can’t, I’d write steaming hot erotic romance.

  22. My story would be a romance… the woman would have to choose between twin brothers and hopes she makes the correct choice. 🙂

  23. It would be a romance with a good grovel scene from the hero! I love those parts 🙂

  24. I’ve been working on various stories that never seem to get finished. But I’d like to write a story that’s in the country, about a young woman starting over. Something in her past that makes her move to this small country town. She finds love, etc. It’s still a work in progress, lol.

  25. Ok, DO’NT enter me in the contest since…SQUEEEEEEEEE…I already have this and *G* know hot darn HOT Thomas is!!

    Just had to post a note for anyone that hasn’t…..you’re in for a real treat with “Witch Blood” !!!!


    ~ v ~

  26. Love the sound of Witch Blood.

    As a non writer I wouldn’t actually write a novel, but if I could it would be about Alien romance (a la beauty and the beast LOL)

  27. If I wrote a book, it would have to be a comedy about my three ring circus life!

  28. something in the paranormal romance genre, about vampires or shapeshifters most likely.

  29. If I could write, I’d want to write a high fantasy novel. If for some reason I couldn’t write in that genre, paranormal romantic suspense would be my next choice.

  30. Something historical maybe – set in Sicily since that where my ancestors are from.

  31. If I was creative enough to be a writer, I would like to write paranormals.

  32. Oh, this one is easy! I would write romantic suspense with paranormal elements. I love the paranormal genre in all its various forms. *G*



  33. I would write an erotic Vampire tale. I seem to have a thing for Vampires and would probably enjoy writing about one.

  34. the twisted life associated with the carnival industry, the local girls that chase the carnival worker guys, the drama associated with the work. I have even thought of a title…. As the Big Wheel Spins.

  35. With my miserable 14 years of marriage it would have to do something with that. Worse than that The Diary of a Mad Housewife movie.

  36. I would most likely be about shifters probably feline in nature and would definitely involve 2…3…4 hot heroes and one very happy heroine…..

  37. a story that revolves around a quilt. possibly paranormal

  38. I’d write a tell all biography. I would need to be a ghost writer, because nothing worth writing about has happened in my own life. 😉

  39. Hmmm. I’d like to write a novel about a female backstage technician- perhaps the director of the house, with a heroine who is a performer coming through. Throw in a slight mystery plot, and see where things go.

  40. If I wrote a novel it would have to be on time travel with a hint of paranormal.

  41. I have a variety of book ideas-everything from erotica to adolescent fiction. I think if I were to attempt both, I would need to write under different names-so have like two personalities!!
    My erotica would include women with men and other women, maybe the joys of self discovery, as well.
    There are so many topics that could be covered under adolescent fiction. I have a vampire story I started when I was a teen myself, but it seems that is all that is put out for teens now, and it would look like I was band-wagoning! I think also just trials and tribulations of growing up as a teen in general, but would obviously provide some conflict, such as an alcoholic boyfriend, or a friend who cuts herself…Again, lots of ideas…
    Who Knows-maybe someday I will actually sit down and finish one!

  42. I honestly do not know what I would write that would not sound derivative. I am in awe at how different authors take the same elements (whitches/shifters/vampires)and create completely unique worlds.

  43. I honestly do not know what I would write that would not sound derivative. I am in awe at how different authors take the same elements (witches/shifters/vampires)and create completely unique worlds.