October 9th, 2008
The Battle of the Fifteen Pounds

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a young woman locked herself in her office for about three months to write her first book. She almost failed that particular semester at college, went to sleep with pens and books tangled in the sheets around her, and only ate pre-prepared fatty foods because cooking took too much time.

Instead of the Freshman Fifteen, I gained the First Book Fifteen. I’ve been fighting with that same fifteen pounds ever since. I’ll lose it and keep it off for a while, but eventually it will spring back and stick to my hips and thighs once more.

Luckily I never seem to gain more back than my fifteen wittle friends, but they’re enough in my opinion. Maybe one I’ll stop fighting with them and just say “Okay! This is my body. I accept it.” I respect women who do that more than I can say. I’m weak and I just keep fighting.

So, Weight Watchers here I come. I start today. Again.

11 comments to “The Battle of the Fifteen Pounds”

  1. Good luck, wish that I only had 15 lbs to lose, I need to lose closer to 120 lbs.

  2. I need to lose weight too. I’m taking medications that make me gain and I don’t exercise. I’ve thought of joining WW as a friend of mine told me you can still eat dessert. 😀

  3. Best of luck… I need to lose a lot more than that…

  4. Yea I have started WW 3 different times… don’t get me wrong, it works (if you stick with it) but life happens and you miss a meeting, then two and the three, so on and so on, till it’s like “Oh I can do this myself”
    :p pffft :p
    Anyway, Good luck and I hope your wittle friends take a nice long vacation… to the bermuda triangle 🙂

  5. Good luck, Anya! I hate trying to lose weight – just never seems to work.

  6. Thanks, all. Doesn’t it suck how it’s so easy (and fun!) to gain, but totally hard to take off?

    Candice — As I may one day take a vaycay in Bermuda, can we send them to the mountains of Tibet instead? 🙂

  7. I say just love yourself for who you are. You only live once, and I for one am not eating salad the rest of my life. lol

  8. Well, I’m not giving up chocolate, that’s for sure! Oh, or PIE. 😉

  9. Good luck! I need to lost more than 15 pounds.

  10. Good luck, Anya! I don’t even have that book excuse for my weight gain. ROFL I really need to start eating better and exercising…

  11. If you really want to know what works, try eating clean, or clean eating. Google it, and you will be amazed on who actually does this!