October 28th, 2008
We’re being taken over by…gnomes?

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I love Halloween. It rivals the Fourth for me on my list of favs (I adore fireworks). Once upon a time we lived in a neighborhood with lots of houses and little kids. Every year I would decorate the yard elaborately, dress up and hand out candy. For the last several years, however, we’ve lived out in the country on a street with acre+ lots of land that prevent effective trick-or-treating. I miss the decorating and the handing out of sweets.

When I was a kid, growing up in Minnesota, it used to be so cold that sometimes my mom would make me wear a snowsuit over my costume. That was always a bummer. I can remember praying for abnormally warm weather every October. 😉 No matter the outside temp, I always ended up with a big sack full of candy at the end of the evening.

Do you enjoy Halloween? Got any good childhood memories?

Meanwhile, in the news of the weird…we’re being taken over by…gnomes?

From the Halloween files. I happened upon this footage of “gnome attacks” in Argentina this morning. Apparently there have been several sightings of an oddly moving small person terrorizing the inhabitants of a small town. The videos have been doctored to get that weird moving effect, no doubt, but it’s creepy nonetheless.

I find it amusing that they’ve chosen gnomes as the creature to terrorize.

He’s kinda cute, you know? Not very threatening at all.

Of course, I guess gnomes are related to goblins, so maybe it’s not as far off base as I might imagine. Maybe the cuteness is simply a built in weapon, allowing them to lure their victims close enough to strike. I know my friend, author Jody Wallace, has always believed gnomes to be blood thirsty. Just check out her Gnome hunting essay. Maybe she knows something we don’t. *raises eyebrow*

Further evidence — that gnome on the Travelocity commercials always gives me the heebies, man.

This rash of gnome sightings is not unlike the chubacabra urban legend or the Loch Ness monster or Big Foot.

The thing is, I think most of us want to believe that these supernatural creatures exist. We want to believe that our world contains undiscovered creatures, mysteries not yet solved. I’m too skeptical to believe, personally, but, oh, I want to.


Okay, maybe not the gnome thing. That’s too creepy.

What are some of your favorite unsolved mysteries or urban legends? What do you want believe in? Or what are some things you believe in already?

Tell me some ghost stories, peeps! I love them.

4 comments to “We’re being taken over by…gnomes?”

  1. Well, my relatives are all Scottish, so of course I grew up hearing lots of ghost stories, and stories about hearing banshees and fairy changelings, brownies and so forth. The only story that ever really creeped me out though is the one about family members seeing “forerunners”~ in our family it usually takes the form of a black dog and is seen right before someone dies. My grandmother, uncle and several cousins have all seen one over the years.
    A couple years ago, my husband came home with a surprise for me, a black Labrador Retriever puppy; I almost passed out and then spent a week waiting by the phone, waiting for a horrible phone call. it didn’t come , thank goodness, but I’m still a little creeped out when I see a strange black dog around the neighbourhood, lol.

  2. Yes! I’ve heard of the black dog. Yes, indeedy.

    Have you ever seen the movie Practical Magic? There’s a black dog on the street right before the main character’s husband is killed.

  3. I haven’t seen that movie, maybe I’ll run out to Blockbuster tonight after trick or treating : – ) Thanks!

  4. You really should see it! It’s a great movie.