November 2nd, 2008
A Shout Out!

Patrice Michelle’s Nocture Bite, Scions: Perception, released yesterday over on Like a little bite of dark chocolate! Mmmmm.

Abby had barely survived the treacherous drive to Kaitlyn’s house through an ice storm. Then, forced to break in when she couldn’t find the key, she was immediately grabbed by someone in the dark. She gave her assailant the fight of his life…until his accusation that she was a
burglar told her a mistake had been made. Now, facing her opponent, she was overwhelmed by an electric attraction more intense than any she’d ever felt.

Gabriel was impressed by this fascinating spitfire. He also felt the most intense desire of his life–a relentless need so powerful it tore him apart. He understood immediately that Abby was the one–the female destined as his mate for life. But Abby wasn’t like the other females he’d been with. For one thing, she was human. Gabriel didn’t trust humans one bit. But the realization hit him–if he was to win Abby, he would have to win her trust…and Abby wasn’t going to make it easy.

2 comments to “A Shout Out!”

  1. Spooky cover!

  2. Woo Hoo….will be grabbing it up! Loved “Scions-Resurection”