November 3rd, 2008
The Magnificent Eight Blog Tour!

Eight authors have gotten together to form the Magnificent Eight Blog Tour and it starts TODAY.

We each posed a question to the group of author participants and have posted their answers on our blogs today. To win a shot at each of the prizes we’re offering, visit every author’s blog, read the Q/As and enter to win! You have until Friday November 7th to make the rounds.

I’m offering an autographed prize pack of The Chosen Sin and What Happens in Vegas… along with some assorted goodies (chocolate, a book light, ect…).

My question was:
You have two weeks and unlimited funds. What fictional character you have written would you take on vacation, where, and why?

Anya Bast – I would take Alejandro Martinez from The Chosen Sin to the Riviera Maya in Mexico because he would be lots of fun to spend a couple weeks with. I’d want to see all the women drool over him. We’d lie on the beach, drink margaritas and let the world fall away. Of course, since he’s a vampire, he’d have to have temporary reprieve from his sensitivity to the sun.

Jaci Burton — I’d take Diaz from Riding Temptation on a Harley trip cross country. The dude has mad bike skills and he’s also good with a gun, plus he’s just damn smokin hot sexy. Sitting on the back of his bike, my body pressed to his, on
a trip around the country? Oh yeah.

Mandy Roth — I would take Giovanni from the Daughter of Darkness series. I can’t think of anything better than spending two weeks in a Tuscan villa, sipping wine and rolling between the sheets with a five hundred year old master vampire.

Shiloh Walker — Ireland…and who? Hmm. Man, I have to take one of my characters? But once I’m done with them, I’m so tired of hearing their voices….I guess I’d take Cullen from THE MISSING. But I’d also take his lady, Taige, and those two could stay occupied at the hotel while I’m out seeing the sights.

Megan Hart – I’d take Alex Kennedy from Tempted because he’d definitely know how to have a good time. All the women would be into him, and so would all the men. It would be one big party!

Joey Hill — Anna, from A Mermaid’s Kiss. I’d let her choose whatever remote warm-water ocean locations she’d like to show me. I’d love to explore the tropics with a mermaid who could take me to all the places that humans don’t normally get to see. Of course, I’d be able to be underwater as long as she was holding my hand. When we tired, she’d find us secluded white sandy beaches for sleeping or sunning. Jonah would come — bringing some of the other delectable angels from the Dark Legion of course — to spend time with us and make sure we had whatever foods and comforts we needed.

Lauren Dane — I’d grab Dix from Taking Care of Business and I’d head off to someplace warm on a beach in a luxury villa. I’d choose Dix because he’s sexy and saucy, a contemporary man with a very good imagination and he knows how to please a woman and how to have a great time.

Patrice Michelle — I’d want to take Caine Grennard on vacation in the Shawangunk mountains because he knows the mountains like the back of his hand and he could show me all the beauty the Gunks offer. Not to mention, I’d get to spend TWO weeks alone with the sexy werewolf!

Okay, so now I’m turning the question to you: What fictional character would you like to take on vacation and where? One poster will win an autographed prize pack of The Chosen Sin and What Happens in Vegas, along with some surprise assorted goodies.

Don’t forget to do a little “trick-or-treating” and visiting the rest of the blog in the tour in order to read the other questions and answers and pick up some more chances to win prizes!

Good luck!

Back up for comments now. My blog inexplicably decided to be closed to them for a period of time this morning.

75 comments to “The Magnificent Eight Blog Tour!”

  1. I’d go with Roarke from Robb’s In Death series although I don’t think Eve shares.

  2. Well – I’d have to go with Mitch from Jaci’s novella Unraveled coming out from Samhain on December 23, 2008.

  3. I’d also choose JD Robb’s Roarke. I’d let him take me off planet. And Eve could come and entertain Roarke while I explore another world.

  4. I would want to tour Europe with Nathaniel from Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. With those lavender eyes and drop dead gorgeous body and long long hair he would be fun to go out on the town with.

  5. I would love to travel all over Great Britain
    and Europe with Harry Dresden. I love Harry, he’s such a smart ass; something like myself. I’m sure we’d have a blast!

  6. I’d take Matt from Charlene Teglia’s Animal Attraction and we’d go to Scotland. I want to see him in a kilt…or nothing at all.

  7. I’d grab one of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s were-hunters for some company, because they have those teleporting skills that make airlines obsolete.

  8. I’ll take the heroes from the Men in August series by Lora Leigh and go to Hawaii and Australia.

  9. Same as many people, I would take Roarke with me to Ireland. I know it isn’t a good idea. I’m so sure Eve would kill me but he is worth everything.

  10. I would take Samuel from the Mercy Thompson novels to Wales, so that he could see how his birth country has changed. The plus is that he is single, if I had taken Adam or Charles, both Mercy and Anna would have been pissed of at me :p

  11. I’m thinking I’d want to explore historical Europe, so maybe one of the many wonderful vampire characters out there. I might have to steal Giovanni from Mandy’s DOD book for the Italy part. Of course, I’ll have to bring provision to keep from getting eaten…

  12. Ohh…so many ideas. I love Nathanial too! I was thinking Jean-Claude (LKH’s Anita Blake)….Las Vegas…2 weeks..unlimited funds?? OH YEAH! That would be a blast.

  13. I would steal one of Anita Blakes men and go to a secluded beach in Australia

  14. would have to Judy Mays bandalarac from her celestial Seasons series. He doesn’t have his mate yet so I can appropriate him lol. Even if he doesn’t have a tail.

  15. Let’s see… Mercury from Lora Leigh’s MERCURY’S WAR… and vacation at some private beach somewhere…grrr! :grin:

  16. Sherrlyn Kenyon’s Acheron…because I mean how cool is he LOL. and since I love the beach any sunny beach would work for me.

  17. Um, as much as I adore my “Moss” AND Alejandro … Uh, well pooh!

    Does it have to be just ONE? I mean

    C’Mon…Lauren proved that sometimes it takes (2) to get that (1) perfect guy.

    I chose BOTH..Moss and Alejandro and we’re going to this little hut w/ glass floors out in the Caribbean.



  18. I would take Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron to Greece and surround countries and have him tell me how it was long ago.

  19. Hmm… so many choices! Maybe one of Beth Ciotta’s heroes from her Friends and Lovers trilogy–Colin Murphy, a professional bodyguard. And let’s see… how about gallivanting across Europe? :)

  20. I’d take Serrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron to a a hidden place in Ireland to show him that like in dreams life is more than what it seems !

  21. Vaughn from Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series. I’m not much of a camper, but if that’s what he wanted I would follow him anywhere he wanted to go!

  22. (Please don’t enter me, I’m already getting The Chosen Sin)

    I just want to wish you all GREAT luck with the releases!

  23. I’d take any one of the Chase brothers from Lauren’s series and go anywhere with them. Come on…who cares where as long as you got the right who….lol.

  24. Bruce Wayne. He’d be so busy he’d give me carte blanche to make up for his missing me. Vegas is one of my favorite vacation spots although I am not a gambler. I could spend my days sunning myself and going to the spa. At night, I could catch the shows. Since my escort is well known, I am sure I would get good service and I would be treated very well.

    Yeah, I’m cold, tired and in need of a vacation. I might be more creative on a higher-energy day. :-)

  25. I would have to take Zsadist from J. R. Ward’s Lover Awakened. I guess we could go to Alaska, more hours of dark and all lol.

    Hugs, Zara

  26. I would take Ranger from the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich with me. We would go to Paris and he would buy me whatever designer clothes I want, take me book shopping, and just spoil me rotten!

  27. If money was no object, than I think I would love to take Gregory and Stephen (from the Anita Blake series) on a world wide trip. We’re talking twin lycanthropes on a trip that would easily take 2 months.

  28. Oh that’s a toughie but I would probably grab Linda Howard’s Wolf Mackenzie and just spend some time up on his mountain!!

  29. Oh wow this is a tough one. Hmm I guess since I’m currently reading his story I’d have to say I’d take Acheron. Of all of Kenyon’s Dark Hunters he fascinates me the most and well the man just needs some serious care free fun and tons of lovin! ;) hehe And I’d start all of this by taking him to Italy with several world wide stops after that.


  30. one of the atlantis warriors from allysa day

    hard to pick just one

  31. I would love to take Murphy Muldoon from Nora Roberts, “Born In Shame” to the USA.

  32. I would take Gabriel Jones from Cindy Gerard’s “Show No Mercy” on a Mediterranean cruise.

  33. I would take Mitch from Jaci’s “Unwrapped” to Hawaii for a romp in the surf & so on & so on -yum!

  34. I would SOO take Roarke (and Eve, of course) from J.D Robb In Death series and I would totally want to do three way with them..LOL

    And for vacation I would like Roarke to take me to his home land, which is Ireland.

  35. I would take Roarke, from JD Robbs Death Series , to Ireland so he could show me all the good places to go.

  36. I would take Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series to any location where they allow nudity on the public beaches. He’s so fine looking that any excuse to get him nekkid is good in my book.

  37. Though it’s hard to narrow down a list of who I’d want to vacation with, I’ll have to go with the one fictional character I’ve always been drawn to: Jane Austen’s Captain Wentworth. I would choose him because he’s such a fabulous character and has proven that nothing will make him stop caring for the woman he loves.

  38. That really is a tough one because there are so many possibilities! I think I would take Carlisle Cullen to Ireland.

  39. That would be Savous from Jet Mykles Dark Elves Series…he is powerful, sensual, oozes erotic vibes & hot…

  40. If I’m taking a fictional character on a fictional get away why am I picking only one?
    Shouldn’t I pick a man for each occasion? Or shouldn’t I just combine the best parts of all my favorite leading men and make my own? I think if I have to chose one I’d go with Brock from Nicole Austin’s Corralled series. Yes, I know he doesn’t have his own book, yet, but talk about to die for with what limited page space he’s had. I think we’d just hop in his truck and drive with no particular place in mind. I’m sure he’d be able to show me a good time. LOL

  41. I would take Indiana Jones. My vacation would never be boring.

  42. Any of Jaci’s Harley riders will be fine with me. As a matter of fact I’d like to request one with a kick start on his Harley. There is just something so sexy about a man when he does it. If You have your hands on his waist you can feel the coil of muscles as he lifts up and then he comes down and there is that roar and the motor vibrates. Oh WOW! It doesn’t matter where you go. I have always wanted to tour Ireland.

  43. Hmmm……So many people picked a male hunk to take with, but I think I will go with Sookie Stackhouse on a world cruise. She would be so much fun to watch as she sees new things and there would surely be “others” on the cruise or in ports of call that she would run into to make it more exciting. :lol:

  44. This was a tough one…I would have to go to Scotland or Ireland and I would have to take Vichous from J.R. Ward’s books or Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s books. Either would be great.

  45. Hi Anya! Just one with me *g* I would love to take Ranek from Liquid Dreams By Cathryn Fox with me on vacation. We would go to the Bahamas. The things he have done to Katrina I wouldn’t mind him doing to me :lol:


  46. This is an impossible question! Errrmmm… ahh…. that is… lol – maybe… St. Vincent, from Devil in Winter? (Hey – it’s all imaginary, right?) And going back to my usual… WORLD TOUR – lol no, 2 wks? Italy. Hands down. Or Dubai.

  47. Hi Anya

    Cool question.

    I would choose Edgard Mancuso from Lorelei James’ Rough Rider Series because he just too hot to handle and we would go to my house…lol

  48. James Bond because where hasn’t he been?

  49. I would go travelling around the entire globe in a very carefully planned trip so i can see all the sights i’ve wanted to like the nothen lights and the pyramids!

    As to who i would go with… My character Ace (a ship with insanely good AI) would be both company and transport :)

  50. This is a hard one, but I would either take Niccolo and Gabriel from the embraced series with me…because I am pretty sure that all of my fantasy would be forefilled…yummy :blush:

  51. I would take Christine Feehan’s Carpathian Males (my mate) with me to an exotic island somewhere. I’m sure we could find a nice cave to stay in for a day or two…or five. lol

  52. I’d pick Roarke and a trip off planet to the Olympus Resort.

  53. Boone Dalton, my hero in TO SCHOOL A COWBOY. I think we’d have to go on a long lazy cattle drive.

  54. Too much of having my cake and eating it too leads me to a three-way tie between the men of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter universe: Urian (Spathi daimon), Savatar (a god among gods), and Nick (current rogue DH). Where would we go? Better question would be where wouldn’t we go… :grin:

  55. I’d love to have Bram from Tempt Me with Darkness by Shayla Black or any of the other guys. They’re magical and sexy. Both pretty handy if I do say so myself. I’d want to go to Australia. I really want to go there.

  56. I would love to explore Egypt with both Zarek from Kenyon’s Darkhunter series and Zsadist from Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

  57. I’d want to take Lucas from Nalini Singh’s Psy Changling books – love him! Oh, and we’d go just about anywhere he wanted to! If nothing else, a secluded beach in the Caribbean would do nicely!

  58. I’ll take an order of Jeaniene Frost’s Bones (Crispin) ….especially two weeks of Chapter 32 in One Foot in the Grave. :mrgreen:

  59. I forgot to mention the travel destination, but I think we could totally do a world tour even in two weeks thanks to those teleportation skills that my were-hunter travel companion has: checking out Australia’s beaches, stopping at Taj Mahal in India, a lazy weekend in the Greek Islands, and lunching in New Orleans.

  60. I would love to see Australia’s out back. But, I think that would require an Aussie guide, so I would want Cohen Thorn from Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez. But since he’s taken, maybe big brother Miller could substitute for him.


  61. I want to see the real Australia so I’d need to take someone who could handle the unexpected. Jake Tierny from Deidre Knight’s Midnight Warriors series would be just that man.

  62. Good morning Anya,

    I would take Mark Wahlberg’s character in the movie ‘Big Hit’ or ‘Sniper’. Oh let’s be honest I’d take any of Mark Wahlberg’s characters except the one in ‘Fear’.

    Have a great weekend,

  63. I would love to take Judd from Nalini singh’s novel “Caressed by Ice” and explore the scottish highlands with him. I just read that book and he is so alpha!

  64. EMT Rafe Moore from Samantha Hunter’s Talking In Your Sleep. I’d love for him and me to go to a log cabin in the woods at Christmas time.

  65. I would have to choose someone who has the darkness of hundreds of years of torment in him. Someone who believes himself unworthy of redemption and i can show just how worthy he is. And also someone who carries the passion of 1000 men. Also him being hot would be helpful. My choice would have to be Zsadist from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Something about him just sends a chill throughout my body. I think i’d probably take him to an abandoned castle somewhere like Ireland. Equipped with a torture chamber so I can show him just how good torture can be.

  66. I would say Jaden from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. He could take me anywhere he wanted. I would be submissive to his dominate personality.

  67. I would definitely love to go somewhere with Simi from SK’s Dark Hunter universe. We could literally go anywhere: Vegas, NoLa, Katoteros, Kalosis, etc. And since she’s pretty popular at Santuary, we could hang out there with all the weres, DHs and whatever yumminess came through the doors :grin:

  68. This was hard picking just one, LOL. I’d so love to take each of the hero’s I read, LOL.

    I’m in the mood for a Dale from HER BEST FRIEND’S LOVER by Shiloh Walker and we’d go to Scotland and get to visit the old castles there and other yummy things!

  69. I would like to go on vacation with Hermione from Harry Potter since she can perform magic and likes learning and history. I would spend time in Europe looking for dragons and staying in castles and magic hostels.

  70. This is going to be a hard one to answer but I would pick Nicholas Stafford from Jude Deveraux and tour all of the bed and breakfast’s in England.
    A Knight in Shining Armor is my all time favorite book.

  71. I’d love to take Richelle Mead’s Georgina. Just because she’d be fun to talk to and go guy scoping with.

  72. I would love to take Griff from Beverly Barton’s ‘The Murder Game’. I am sure he could show me a good time and would know how to treat a woman right.

  73. Acheron and Rhage on an island for a weekend is all I need.

  74. I would take Sookie Stackhouse from Charlaine Harris’s books. She could read everybody’s mind and tell me when they think I look fat. LOL

  75. I would take Dageus from Karen Marie Moning’s book The Dark Highlander.
    First of all, he radiates sexiness.
    He will always be there to protect me and give me a good time.
    Beside that, he can make you smile and laugh at his jokes and stories.