November 14th, 2008
Buy a BOOK this weekend! G’wan…you know you want to.

In case you haven’t heard, the publishing industry is suffering, people. Ouchies, just like the rest of the economy. October was big, big ouchies for bookstores in particular.

You like to read, yes? I know I do. If you like to read and are as horribly addicted as I am, you may want to do something to keep the publishing industry going. Maybe? Yes?


YAY! Well, the solution is fun and rewarding! Buy a book this weekend. Make a point of doing it. It can be at a chain bookstore or online. It could be for yourself, for a family or for a friend. Start your Christmas shopping! Buy a present for someone on your list. G’wan…all the cool kids are doing it.

I already put in an order today online. Want to know what I bought?

Undercover, by Lauren Dane — I’m doing a contest for this one as soon as it arrives, so STAY TUNED. I’ll have it in a few days.

Broken Wing, by Judith James (that one is for me.)

Dr. Suess’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book
— Just who that one is for? (Nope, not me! Good guess, though!)

Aren’t you jealous?

This weekend I plan to go to B&N and get the last book on my current wish list — RED, by Jordan Summers.

11 comments to “Buy a BOOK this weekend! G’wan…you know you want to.”

  1. I’m doing my bit for publishing…today, I bought the following ebooks (they count, right?):
    – Hotel California by Caitlin Willows (new to me author)
    – The Englor Affair by J.L. Langley
    – Feral Heat by Jude Mason and Jamie Craig
    – The Dark One by Angela Knight
    – Wild Card by Moira Rogers

    Yesterday, I bought the following print books:
    – Running Wild by Sarah McCarty
    – The Haunting (Immortals) by Robin Popp
    – When You Believe by Jessica Inclan
    – The Delilah Complex by M.J. Rose
    and the following ebooks:
    – Cat of a Different Color by Dana Marie Bell
    – One and Only by Bianca D’Arc
    – Tequila Truth by Mari Carr
    – Demon’s Hunger by Eve Silver

    Whew…more books for my TBR.

  2. I think we’re pretty much at the bookstore EVERY weekend, sometimes more than one! Guess we’re not single handedly keeping them going like our checkbook thinks we are! But I’m sure we’ll be back there again this weekend too! lol!

  3. Okay – I got over 4 ebooks this last week. And just last week I got the CL Wilson novels I wanted, I also got Red by J. Summers – first read I really liked it.

    Planning on B&N run today — normal Sat activity.

  4. I just got hired at Wally World, so I will be able to purchase books here in a couple of weeks. I am still so broke that I cannot pay attention. But soon.

  5. I clearly see I’m preaching to the choir! 😉

  6. I went book shopping yesterday.
    Twilight–Stephenie MeyeOne silent Night–Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Cold Pursuit–Carla Neggers
    The Crush–Sandra Brown
    Tall, Dark and Tedan–Jodi Thomas
    Any given Doomsday–Lori Handeland
    The borrowed Bride–Elizabeth Lane
    Deadly Harvest–Heather Graham

  7. 😎
    I am all over this command, my queen….I plan on shopping on Monday for some filler books for my A-Z challenge. I will see what looks good at the used bookstore, The BookKeeper, near my house. Then I will box store it up at B&N. Must obey…..

  8. Will get right on it! Such a hard thing to do….but alas, I think I could a’hem do some buying and readingggggggggggggg!

    But Um…is it Jan yet? No?
    How about now?

    Need the next elementals NOWWWWWWW!!!


    Ok, I’ll TRY and be patient and pull out my 3 page book wish list and make some choices.

  9. I was supposed to get to the bookstore this weekend with my nephew so he could select a book for me to buy him. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I’m hoping to get home from work tomorrow before his parents do so I can take him over before they pick him up.

  10. Okay so I only bought one book this weekend but the previous weeks I’ve been a shopping fool. My pre-orders came in and then I bought a 2nd in a series not realizing it so I had to find the first one. I just can’t seem to go past a bookstore without walking in and out with something. sigh…. 😆

  11. I’m always doing my part for the industry. *g*

    Last week I bought the new Sherrilyn Kenyon, One Silent Night, and the new Allyson James, Dragon Master. Both were excellent reads.

    Can’t wait to see what the bookstore gets in this week. 🙂