November 30th, 2008
Sven Check-In & Other Things

I hope the American peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We celebrated at my house and I cooked up a storm (I like to do that) and we all ended up with fat, happy bellies.

Here am I with Wicked Enchantment. I’ve revised my first draft target to 85k, since I know I’ll add so much during the second and third drafts.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30,000 / 85,000

I wrote about 10k this week, despite the holiday sucking up a bunch of my time. The story is flowing very well at this point.

In other news, ZOMG!, it’s almost time for Witch Heart to release (January 6th)! That just hit me the other day. Yipes. Time flies.

Here’s the book vid, for those who didn’t catch it the first time around.


Oh, and Frauke from Crocodesigns decorated my site for Christmas. Pretty, yes?

3 comments to “Sven Check-In & Other Things”

  1. Can hardly wait for Witch Heart to release!
    Your site looks very festive.

  2. Great book vid Anya. Your new book sounds awesome!! 😀

    Best Regards.

  3. Nice holiday touches.
    Very nice video for the book. Looking forward to reading it.