December 1st, 2008
I just found melted Play-Doh on the bottom of my laptop….

This is why I don’t buy an iPhone. I am bad with my personal electronics. I dropped my cell phone in the toilet at RAW in September (I have a chintzy, cheap replacement phone right now to get me to the end of my current contract). My daughter spilled apple juice on the keyboard of my beautiful new laptop not a week after I’d purchased it. I moved pretty fast and saved it, but the delete key sticks to this day. Then my cat splashed coffee on the screen a couple weeks ago. There’s still a faint stain.

Now purple melted Play-doh on the bottom.

The problem is that my laptop is like an appendage. I use it ALL THE TIME. It goes EVERYWHERE with me. I guess this is just the price my electronics must pay to belong and to be beloved by me. (Tell that to my poor cell phone, right?)

*Pets laptop*

8 comments to “I just found melted Play-Doh on the bottom of my laptop….”

  1. you should be able to pop the delete key off of there and clean under it with Alcohol (with a q-tip)… as for the rest of it, a protective covering maybe? *ducking*

  2. I am lucky, my 5 year old only puts stickers all over my laptop. The outside casing, not the screen, thankfully.
    Maybe get one of those extra tough laptops the military uses for their deployments….

  3. hmmm I have a problem with my H not wanting to work all the time, any ideas on fixing it. I am like you anya, I keep praying my electronics will work, that I will not mess them up too badly. LMAO I so can not afford a new laptop, I can hardly believe I managed to get the one that I have.

  4. Well, at least your laptop should know it is loved…even if it does suffer from some spills.

  5. Poor baby, give him(the laptop) a pat from me.

    I just recently got an eBookwise and I live in fear of destroying it. The things that are most important to us take the worst abuse.

  6. I think I have pudding and glitter on mine. I so understand.

  7. I am so sorry……

    But that makes me feel so much better that I’m not alone in trying to protect things and never fully succeeding!



  8. Oh, sure, Dana, mock my pain. 😉