December 6th, 2008
Speaking of free shipping (and misspellings by major corporations)

Toy R Us has an advertisement on their site that says Sperd $49 and get free shipping.

Shame, Toy R Us. 100 lashes with a wet noodle for conspicuous misspelling.

Speaking of which, I drove next to a McDonalds truck the other day that had this on the side: CONTENTS INSIDE: FRESH. ‘Kay, not to get picky or anything, but ‘contents’ and ‘inside’ mean the same thing. They cancel each other out. It makes no sense. You could say, CONTENTS: FRESHNESS or you could say CONTENTS, FRESH! But contents inside? I say no.

NO, McDonalds.

One comment to “Speaking of free shipping (and misspellings by major corporations)”

  1. Both of those just made me laugh. Gotta love grammar problems with big corporations.