December 13th, 2008
*jumps up and down like a dork*

ZOMG, I’m so stupidly excited that Nana is coming to watch the kidlet tonight, thus allowing my husband and I to go to dinner and a movie!  We’re going to see The Day the Earth Stood Still. Hope it’s good.

I’m a bit bummed (more than a bit), but unsurprised that my fav restaurant in my little podunk town closed. It was a sushi place. I know, I know, sushi in a podunk country town? It was actually really good, though. No sushi tonight. *pout* Mmmm dragon rolls. *cry*

So, you’ve probably heard of Boxhab on Cuteoverload, yes? Well, this cat needs Boxhab really badly, but he also needs Clean Laundryhab too. I snapped this a few minutes ago.

Btw, I’m sharing this next bit because it was disgusting and I need to relieve the burden of it from my mind by inflicting it on others…one of my cats (not the one above) woke me up this morning by drooling down one side of my face…like wow. I mean, crazy ass amounts of cat saliva making rivulets down my cheek and chin. It was a love goober and it was a BIG one. Wiggle (the drooling cat in question) really loves me.

I wish he loved me a little less sometimes.

Also, I’m this close to stroking out over ebook pirating today, but I’m hiding it well, don’t you think? *forced smile and facial tick*

7 comments to “*jumps up and down like a dork*”

  1. Yay night out! Cute pic, horrible wake up and… I really have nothing to say about the pirating, other than, that sucks. A lot.

  2. Have fun tonight!

    And yes, that’s one handsome cat. As for cat drool… I have a cat who used to drool when he kneaded me, but nope, never woke up like that. Pretty gross, yup.

    Too bad you can’t wipe it on the eBook pirates…

  3. I had a cat that drooled like that—had to make sure he wasn’t in the bedroom at night.
    Ebook piracy sucks!

  4. I have a Lab…..I know all about drool,lol. my cat doesn’t drool, but I do wake up with a mouthful of cat fur sometimes, don’t know how that happens, probably don’t want to either :- ) Have a great “date” night!!!

  5. I hope you have a great night out with your husband. It’s a good way to distract yourself from the epirates.

  6. LOL. You guys crack me up.

  7. At least you got LOVE slobber…Mine proudly brought me a beautiful Red and Dead cardinal.