December 16th, 2008
Recieved a first copy of Witch Heart yesterday!

The book releases on January 6th, but my publisher sent me a little taste yesterday. It’s a very pretty book. Perhaps the prettiest, in my personal opinion, of the first three. I really do love this cover very much.

And look at the spines! There are all my girls together.


10 comments to “Recieved a first copy of Witch Heart yesterday!”

  1. Congrats on getting your author copies, Anya. I’m looking forward to reading Witch Heart.

  2. Anya, I have to say that since I work in a library, I approve of the way you have your elemental series shelved in alphabetical, not chronological order, LOL! Did you used to work in a library or bookstore at one time?

  3. NJ — Thank you, sweetie! 🙂

    Cheryl — Ahem. I soooo wish i could accept that praise. LOL. However the fact they’re alphabetical is an accident. *hides*

  4. And what lovely girls they are. Quite the trio!

  5. WooHoo – Congrats. I can’t wait until I have the book in my hands. I’m like you I think it is the prettiest cover for the Elemental Witches. 🙂

  6. Congratulations! It definitely adds a nice touch to your book shelf, and the girls look so nice all together like that.

  7. Very pretty, indeed! Congrats!


  8. Congrats… 😀

  9. EEEEEEeeeeeeeeee Congrats, Anya! I’m so excited about the next Elemental Witch book! Cannot wait to get my hands on it!

  10. I can’t wait either!!!