December 17th, 2008
Holiday Contest Goodness!!

You guys didn’t think I would go the entire month of December and not hold a contest, did you?

Pretend I’m Santa. Uh, except I’m not as round in the belly so it doesn’t jiggle like a bowlful of jelly, and I’m not male, or bearded, and I can’t fit down the chimney…. Okay, don’t pretend I’m Santa. Pretend I’m a merry, gift-giving Anya because that’s what I am.

List one book of mine that you would like to be gifted with. I’ll pick THREE winners next Wednesday (Christmas Eve Day).

So, go ahead and explore my site and decide on a title. Or you can just go here and look at this nifty printable booklist that Frauke (who is an incredible web site designer) placed on the site. Bet you didn’t even know it was there, did you?

List one book (ebook or print). There will be THREE winners chosen.



197 comments to “Holiday Contest Goodness!!”

  1. Hi Anya!
    Santa’s Helper would be good and you get to wear the sexy outfit! Happy Holidays to you!
    An Thank You for this Wonderful Contest!! It is hard to pick just one but I pick “Witch Heart!” I have the first 2 and love them! My fave cover though is Cosen Sin! OH BOY!! 🙂
    Books make the best Xmas Presents!


  2. I love all of your books, especially the Witch series, but I do not have “What Happens in Vegas” I would have to select this Anthology as my choice if I win (what a hard choice to make!)

  3. The Chosen Sin. That is one of the best covers ever, and you have great book covers!

  4. First off….Anya, thanks for much for your generosity and holiday spirit!! It’s wonderful when one of your favorite authors takes the time to be a part of your everyday life! you rock!

    Secondly…My pick would be Witch Heart. i’ve been waiting (patiently :confused:) for this one. I LOVE the cover!!! I’ve got all my girlfriends reading the witch series…and turning them on to your erotic novels, too!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!

  5. 😎 I would love Witch Heart. Thanks for holding this contest!

  6. I would like to read Seasons of Pleasure: Winter & Spring. I haven’t read that series yet.

  7. I love your books Anya! They are just so fun and I eat them up! I would love “Chosen Sin” if I was to be the lucky winner!

    Take care and have wonderful Christmas!

  8. Hi Anya, happy holidays!
    I would love to read Witch Fire if I’m the lucky winner. Thanks for holding the contest.
    Best wishes, Tamsyn

  9. Witch Fire or Blood of the Rose – I haven’t been able to find any of your books around here so either of these would be great!! Thanks!!

  10. If chosen I would love a copy of Magical Seduction but would be open to choosinf something else if you did not have a copy available. Thanks for doing this.

  11. The Chosen Sin, please!! That’s the only one that I haven’t read yet! :o)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  12. I would love a copy of Witch Heart. I devoured the first two and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the third. And my birthday is January 1st – so this would make my Christmas and New Year’s! 🙂 Happy Holidays!


  13. Happy Holidays 😀
    If I get chosen I would like to have Witch Heart. Have a very Merry Christmas! 😛

  14. Oh I would love to get Witch Fire. I have not yet read the series and would love to be able to sit down with a nice hot cup of tea and Witch fire and fall into the book.

  15. I’d like Winter and Spring (Seasons of Pleasure, Book 1)

  16. ive been looking forward to getting witch heart since i saw the first blurb on it!

  17. Merry Christmas Anya,

    My choice is AND LADY MAKES THREE.

    Have a great year and congratulations on all your success.

    Blessed be

  18. I’d love to win WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS.

    Merry Christmas.


  19. Have to be Chosen Sin. Have a great holiday Anya

  20. Merry Christmas Anya.

    I would love a copy of Witch Blood.


  21. 😛 Would to win Witch Fire 😉

    Merry X.Mas

  22. Winter and Spring – Seasons of Pleasure, Book 1

    Happy Holidays!


  23. witch heart

    i love your books, you do goodies promos items\?

  24. I would love to read Seduced in Twilight. I have not read about the Tylwyth Teg fae and would like to get into their books.
    Thank you for giving us a chance at this great holiday gift.
    Hope your holidays are Merry.

  25. Happy Holidays!

    Would love to read Witch Fire

  26. I’d love Witch Fire! Happy Holidays!!! 😀

  27. I’d love a copy of The Chosen Sin! Somehow or nother I missed that one!! Merry Christmas.

  28. I’d choose Witch Fire! I’d love to start the series.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year!
    Blessings to you and yours.

  29. I would love Witch Heart! I read Witch blood and it was so amazing! I read it in a day. A friend actually got it and knew I would understand it more than her! LOL
    Happy Holidays!


  30. I would like Santa to bring me Chosen Sin 🙂 so I can start off my New Years’ resolution of being naughty lol. Happy Holidays!

  31. Hi Anya,

    I would love to get Seasons of Pleasure 1: Winter and Spring. I have the other books and I won’t read them until I can read them in order. I am new to your books and am anxiously awaiting getting started on another by you. Happy Holidays to you!

  32. Hi Anya
    I would really appreciate you sending me a copy of Chosen Sin since I still haven’t heard from Amazon about replacing my defective copy! Then I can know what happens to them.
    Thank you so much for this.
    Diane Sadler
    12 Spearman Lane
    Kanata, Ottawa, Ontario

  33. I would like to start with Witch Fire. as I haven’t started the series yet.

  34. I’d love a copy of Witch Fire. This looks like a great series and I can’t believe I’ve missed it so far!

  35. Merry Christmas Anya! I love your web site.

    Whew, if I had to pick only one, I would choose Chosen in Sin.

    Happy New Year!


  36. Hello,
    I would love to get Witch Heart.
    Merry Christmas

  37. I would pick The Chosen Sin.
    I’m big on Vampire novels 😀

  38. Aloha from Hawaii and Merry Christmas to everyone.
    I’d love to read “Witch Heart”

  39. I would love to add Witch Fire to my collection.

  40. I would love to win a copy of Witch Heart.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  41. Absolutely love Witch Fire… drew me into the story…

    I’m SOOOO happy that you have two books out in the next six months… I can’t wait.

    Thanks for the stories!

  42. Seasons of Pleasure 2: Summer and Autumn
    Merry Christmas !

  43. I would like The Chosen Sin. I have a thing for vampires. I alao have a thing for warewolfs I’m married to one. lol
    I adore reading your books keep up the good work. Thank you Anya.

  44. I would like to have “Witch Heart” so that I don’t have to wait for it to be released!! LOL

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!


  45. Witch Blood 🙂

  46. I would love to have The Chosen Sin. :mrgreen:

  47. Ohhh, I so would love The Chosen Sin! Thank you so much for the contest…I love contests!

    Merry Christmas!!!