March 9th, 2009

Yep, I’m still quiet. I’ve been busy working toward the deadline for Wicked Enchantment at the end of the month. Also? I’ve been busy being sick. *lip curl* In the last two and a half weeks I’ve gone from sick to almost okay to okay (for a day) to SIIIIIIICK. Now I’m on the mend again, but I’m day two of almost no voice. An event that’s probably making my husband pretty happy. 😉

So here is a clearing house blog post of sorts of a couple interesting things around the net and some reviews. I have nothing interesting to say on my behalf unless you want me to either cough in your face or walk around in a zombie-like daze of deadline brain in front of you. It ain’t pretty, guys, it just ain’t.

Or I could tell you all about the super weirdo cold med induced dreams I’ve been having… nah. Let’s hear about some contests and stuff.

Hie thee to Bitten by Books for a contest they are doing on author team Moira Roger’s behalf to a win an iPod Touch. (too cool)

Don’t forget to check out Barbara Vey’s second birthday bash at Beyond Her Book. They’ll be giving away prizes all week, I think.

And here are a few reviews I’ve received lately, too.

For Witch Heart:

Lyda at Bitten by Books says, “Anya Bast uses words like Monet used paint. It‘s vibrant. It’s alive. Readers will be able to see the story come to life as it just leaps out of the pages.”

Anthonette Dotson at Romance Reviews Today says “Ms. Bast has done a fine job of delivering an equal mixture of action and love that will quench even the most selective reader’s thirsts. I highly recommend WITCH HEART to paranormal romance lovers everywhere.”

For Taken (still in the top five at My Bookstore and More over a month after release!):

Mickey at You Gotta Read says, “Ms. Bast is at her best writing erotic fiction, combining her gift for penning steamy love scenes with crisp and snappy dialogue. The book is interesting and engaging, only Anya Bast could and would envision an alien kidnapping and somehow make it thrilling, exciting and sensuous all at the same time.”

Chrissy at Romance Junkies says, “Anya Bast’s TAKEN delivers on all those ‘out of this world’ fantasies woman possess… I was expecting a fun read when I selected this story but in no way did I anticipate the emotional impact it’d have. Caleb, Van and Anne are a trio that truly capture the imagination and leave you salivating for more.”

2 comments to “Updatednessish”

  1. Woohoo! We all <3 Anya!

  2. I hope you keep on feeling better. I’ve been where you were and still have a touch of a cough, which is practically normal for me thanks to the asthma.