March 17th, 2009
Things that suck your brain

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Things that suck your brain = things that are frivolous and a time suck. Stuff you just can’t look away from.

Twitter sucks my brain pretty frequently these days. You know how some social networking apps you take to and others you really just don’t? I have taken to Twitter. At least, for now. Myspace and Facebook are not sites I took to easily, although I interact on both because I have readers who communicate with me through them.

For personal use, I like Twitter and Livejournal the best. I spend a lot of time on each.

I think I know why. Unlike Myspace and Facebook, Twitter and Livejournal allow me to talk to others the easiest and the best. People post ideas or anecdotes and I can respond to them as well as post my own. It’s very interactive that way. You can do that on Myspace and Facebook too, but it requires a bit more effort. Myspace and Facebook are more a static type of application. Myspace more so than Facebook. People have to make a point to go to your page to talk to you, or you have to make a point to go to theirs. With Twitter and Livejournal it’s all right there, all the time, no special effort required.

What social networking apps do you like the best and why?

Other things that suck my brain these days….The Celebrity Apprentice. I know, I know. *hangs head in shame* I love watching the train wreck that is this show. I mean, it’s irresistible. Get a bunch of B list celebrities together, separate them into teams and make them compete in tasks that require things like teamwork and a suppression of their egos. It’s like crack.

And Survivor. I probably shouldn’t admit that I’m a Survivor fan from waaaay back. In fact, I’ve never missed a season. I think it appeals to the psychologist-I-would’ve-been if I hadn’t pursued writing. I love watching all those personalities interact. It’s fascinating. Knowing, of course, the show has been edited in a way to slant things for ratings. Still, I love it.

Other shows that suck my brain are Dancing with the Stars and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. If either of these are on, I’m snagged and my eyeballs are glued to the TV. It’s really very sad.

So, tell me, what sucks your brain?

6 comments to “Things that suck your brain”

  1. I am a social network addict. Facebook and Twitter are my current drug. I also like blogging (blogspot).

  2. Hey Anya:

    I’m a blog addict. I previously haunted a couple of yahoo groups but had to give those up because of time constraints. However, I have a whole list of blogs I visit and follow almost daily.

    I don’t watch television, however a couple of my colleagues who work in a professional arena such as yourself enjoy reality TV shows. So, don’t hang your head, I think these things relax us and at the very least offer a laugh!

    Best Regards

  3. My blog, my WW Booktalk and Booktalk Friends threads on the Gen Daily message boards, Shelfari, Goodreads are the biggies. I have a Facebook page, but don’t go there very often unless someone pings me.

    Shows: NCIS marathons, Bones on DVD, Eureka on DVD, I can just sit there and watch til the cows come home…..

  4. Reading blogs is my major time suck. There are some many I’ve been sucked into that I try and check on a daily basis. The sad thing is that for the last few months I’ve been able to do all the blog visiting during work but will have to stop since my actual work load is about to pick up again and I won’t be able to play much, if at all, online while I’m at work.

    Aside from that, the TV shows that suck my time are Cities of the Underworld on the History channel and Chopped on the Food Network.

  5. Okay – I have a blog and several blogs regularly I visit. I have a Facebook page that I use to trying and get people to visit my blog. I’ve been eyeing twitter.

    I love the yahoo chat groups that I belong to.

    I do have a livejournal page that I set up over a year ago that I’m beginning to utilize more.

    Don’t think I could ever do My Space.

  6. A lot of mine are actually similar to yours- I used to be an Extreme Makeover:Home Edition Person, but have cut back on that one, but Dancing with the Stars still gets me. I don’t do MySpace, but I’m a FaceBook person… actually, I’ve “talked” with you via FB- at first I didn’t expect it to be something I spent a lot of time on, but as I find more and more people I used to know from high school, college and GIA, I spend more time there. My biggest TV timesuck is Charmed on DVR- there are 4 episodes a day that are played and recorded and there are weekend days that I might sit there and watch a bunch (well, like maybe 3) even though I’ve probably seen them. I have things I should do, but I do. My 6 year old will pretend to have powers sometimes. It’s sad… or inventive. Let’s go with inventive. And, of course, I read too much- Lordy, no wonder I don’t get enough sleep.