March 18th, 2009
New Cover and a Possible Contest

Hoooooly hotness. I want this guy for Christmas. My husband wouldn’t mind, right?

This is the cover for the late September, 2009 release of Hot for the Holidays. My story is titled Sweet Enchantment and will kick off (though will be a stand alone) a new series I’m writing for Berkley Sensation.

As soon as I get Wicked Enchantment sent in to my editor (I’m soooooo close), I’ll talk a little more about this new series. Right now I feel like I’d be jinxing myself. Who, me? Superstitious? Yeah, a little bit.

Also…it’s almost May, which means it’s almost time for the release of this book. I have an idea brewing in my head for a BIG contest, something along the lines of the month long affair that I did for The Chosen Sin. My idea is still unformed at the moment, but I need to form it quick ’cause time’s a-wasting.

Tell me, please. What sort of contests do you like best? What kind of prizes do you like the best? Books, of course, I’m sure. How about GCs? To bookstores or another type of store? An iPod Touch? An ebook reader? I dunno…give me a place to start. I think my brain is deadline-fried at the moment.

22 comments to “New Cover and a Possible Contest”

  1. Books are some of the best prizes I think, but GC are good too cause it lets you pick out what you want. I personally would like the e-book reader, but then I am looking to purchase one myself so…are you looking for small everyday prizes and a big bang at the end? If so then books and GC and things like are are great with the big bang of electronics. It is as always a matter of money. How much any of us has to spend in this economy. (My tbp list is getting HUGE glad my mom won’t be around to see me go book shopping this summer lol). I am the kind of person that is happy with almost anything that I win. Don’t know if that helps any or not but…

    BTW I am single so if I got the hunk for Christmas there wouldnt be anyone to worry about *WEG*

  2. Y’know, I’m single, so you could store that guy at my place when your husband’s around. 😈

    Books are great! GCs are nice, particularly the kind that you can use at any bookstore, not just amazon or bn (I’m trying to support my wonderful neighborhood scifi/fantasy bookstore, Uncle Hugo’s!). I have mixed feelings about an ebook reader as a penultimate prize, since I think we’re still a couple years out from having a truly great ebook reader. Please, beloved Palm Tungsten E2, hold out for that long…

  3. Wow that cover is fantastic. I wouldn’t mind having that guy pass me a candy cane. lol

    As for contests, I love them all. I have a lot of fun with the treasure hunts, as long as the site(s) are easy to navigate. The treasure hunts have actually led me to new authors.

    I’m pretty happy with any prize, though books and GCs top the list.

  4. I love the idea of your contest. I personally prefer the idea of books & gift certificates. If you wanted to through in something different – maybe do a day where “what would you like day” and who ever wins receives that book/books.

    There are too many variables involved with E-readers. The kindles doesn’t have a backlight and you can only use it at Amazon. The Sony has a back-light but I’ve heard complaints with the lists. The ebookwise e-reader doesn’t do pdf at all. That’s just my thoughts.

    Jaci Burton is doing a prize of a $100.00 Harley Davidson leather purse – but her books are about Wild Riders who ride Harley’s so that kind of fits.

    Those are my thoughts.

  5. Meant to say – I love that cover.

  6. I like them all!
    I prefer books and GC. 🙂

  7. I like books and gift cards. It’s also good to have ebook reader contest for the readers who don’t have one. Ipod touch also good, readers could use for ereader or to watch author trailers on youtube.

  8. Oh my gosh, give it to me now (the cover!) 😛

    Its awesome, whew!!! I want that on my desktop, LOL. They both are great!

    Like others, I do love getting books and ARC’s. I especially love the fridge magnets! I keep them on my fridge! I too do some sorting and those I read, I organize , etc! 😀
    Too, GC are great too because sometimes I don’t play because I already have your book, its hard for me to wait to buy! So that works out good as or on a future book or ARC. Hope that helps!

    Lots to look forward to of yours Anya!

  9. Wow Anya, great covers! That first one is verrry nice!!

    I love to win books and gift cards the most. Your contest sounds like it will be lots of fun.

  10. all of the above is great

  11. I love trying for ARCs, you could email authors you know who are wanting to promo themselves OR ask Cindy at Berkley – they are usually really great with promotion new releases as well 🙂

    GCs are great but might not be as easy for international contestants.

    Congrats on both the releases and both covers are HAWT…

  12. Yummy cover…. WOW! 😀
    As for prizes, I think they are all great ideas.

  13. First of all….Wuh-hoof! Excellent cover art!

    Prizes….magnets, pens, books, gift cards, candycanes attached to hot men….um…wait…

  14. What about an e-reader with a copy of your book on it?

    I just like books, especially autographed. I have a thing for that. (I especially want one of your books autographed!)

    GC are good, but I like Amazon instead of just book sites, that way I have a choice.

    My thoughts…..


  15. I really like the idea of books and especially if they’re ARCs. There’s just something about getting a book before anybody else…

    But sometimes a cool lil gizmo is a great ultimate gift.

    Or you could do special gift bags with like tshirts, book protectors, stuff like that.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  16. Whoaaa… holy cover, Anya!

    And I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about your new Spice anthology! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

    As for contests… books books books! Gift cards are also most excellent. And… I guess an ereader. But 😛 It’s always too depressing when I lose. Haha. I say books and gift cards, personally.

  17. Thanks for the suggestions, all. You’re helping me determine what I want to do. 🙂

  18. BOOKS and GCs are the best! Can’t wait to read the next one!!

  19. WOW, he is amazing! Too young for me though. I LOVE your books and contests with books or GC for books (although I would love an iPhone!) as prizes.

  20. I personally like anything I get 😀

    I agree with whoever said ARCs, because I think getting ARCs are awesome although I’ve only received two. Anything you choose will make me happy because I’m a contest junkie lol.

  21. Winning something is always fun – a little bling or a nifty toy but I have to admit winning books and/or gift cards is my fave!


  22. GC , ,bookstore, walmart, resturants, amazon, ebay(if they make them ?? )

    items that is connect to the book, that cant buy at the store or for us who dont get to go to signings

    ellora cave had condoms as suckers and matchbook ,which was nice
    so item that can have condoms, promotes sex and SAFE sex and more pleasing to look at in pocketbook that just a condom hidden in wallet

    have no idea what a ipod touch is

    love the cover !