April 8th, 2009
Ginormous Vegas II Celebration Contest! *Sticky*

***************** THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED**************

Grand Prize: $100 GC to Amazon.com
Runner Up: $25 GC to B&N and a box of surprise paperbacks and other goodies (like chocolate, bath goodies, ect). This is going to be a NICE prize!
Runner Up: $25 GC to B&N and a box of surprise paperbacks and other goodies. (same as above)

Plus chances to win books (almost) every day for a month!

Go to http://www.anyabast.com/blog/ for details on how to enter.


Welcome to the Ginormous Vegas II Celebration Contest!

I’m holding a month long celebratory contest leading up to the release of What Happens in Vegas…After Dark, which comes out on May 1st.

What Happens in Vegas…After Dark is the paranormal follow-up to What Happens in Vegas…. an anthology of contemporary stories that released last spring.

There are two parts to this contest. Below are the details for each.

The MAIN contest, (for the big prizes above)

You can enter two ways.

a.) Announce the contest and lead others here by posting the cover and the information below it (everything above the ~*~*~*~) to your blog, website, Facebook or Myspace. Wherever you have permission to post it. After you’ve done that, post the link to your announcement in the comments TO THIS POST and you’re entered!

b.) If you don’t have a blog or anywhere to post the announcement, tell at least one other person you think might be interested about the contest. Then come back here and post in the comments TO THIS POST that you did so, and you’re entered!

The DAILY contests

(Almost) every day there will be a giveaway for a different book. Individual authors whom I have recruited to participate in the giveaways will be offering these, so they will all be autographed! Check the blog every day for a new chance to win. You’ll have about 24 hours to enter each contest by answering the question posed for that day.

Black out days: There will be no book giveaways on Sundays. Also, I will be attending the Romantic Times Convention (RT) in the middle of the contest. Right before RT starts, I’ll be at Disney with my family. When I’m Disney, the daily contest will take a hiatus, but will start back up when I get to the RT Con hotel. Clear as mud, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when the daily contests pause and resume as we’re going along.

The daily contests start tomorrow.

An added bonus

I have twenty three bajillion ARCs of What Happens in Vegas…After Dark. I’ll be giving some of these away randomly throughout the month but you’ll never know when. So some days you’ll have TWO chances to win.


1.) Over eighteen only. What Happens in Vegas…After Dark is EROTIC, peoples. That means no one under the age of 18 is allowed to play. Sorry! Come back after you’ve reached the age of majority.

2.) Don’t post the announcement/cover anywhere you don’t have permission.

3.) Non-US entrants for main contest: Folks outside the U.S. are allowed to enter the main contest, but it will be tricky if you win. We’ll have to decide on how to handle the prize, since it’s not possible for me to buy GCs to bookstores outside the U.S. We’ll have to decide between us an equivalent prize. But go ahead and enter. If you win, we’ll figure it out.

4.) Non-US entrants for daily contests: I will let you know on a daily basis whether or not the daily book prize contests are open to non-US peeps. I left that up to each individual author, since they’re the ones sending the books out.

5.) Sock-puppets and creepiness: I reserve the right to delete any comment that is a shady duplicate from one person trying to enter multiple times. I can see you!!! I know who you are!!! There’s this cool thing called an IP address, so I can easily weed out the sock puppets. I also reserve the right to immediately delete any comment that I deem creepy or abusive.

6.) How the winners are chosen: All winners are chosen at random by number by my husband. It is possible for one person to win more than once. That’s the nature of randomness. Sometimes it’s just dumb luck your number is chosen more than once.

7.) Authors can enter: Authors are readers too and are more than welcome to try for prizes.

I think that’s it! This post will remain sticky at the top of the blog throughout the duration of the contest for the main contest, so scroll down for the daily book giveaways. Have fun!


Allison at Allison’s Reads was sweet enough to create and share this Sprout widget for the contest. If you’d like to use this, you’re more than welcome. Thank you, Allison!!

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  1. Wow I think Im first WHOOT


    posted to my blog :)

  2. Posted this to my myspace and emailed to to my friend! I cant wait !!

  3. Anya, I think you are the queen of erotic and paranormal writing and I know there are tons of people who can’t wait to enter your contests. I know Tami is one of them. Thanks for the awesome contests.

  4. I am so excited Anya that you are doing one of your giveaways again.

  5. I posted here.





  6. :cool: Anya I posted at my word press and to friends.
    I loved thr first book can not wait to read this.
    I just need the 4th Witch book..lol

    q’ for you…Are you going to Lori Foster’s thing this year?

  7. Awesome contest Anya!!!

    I’ve posted the required text on my blog!

    Book Reviews by Jess

    Are you accepting multiple entries or just one? I can post this on MySpace and Facebook too!

  8. This is SO on my to-read list!

  9. Wonderful contest I posted on my LJ


  10. I emailed friends all the information!

  11. http://visionarydruid.blogspot.com/

    And I told Lillie and Bama

  12. I love the rules to your contest! Especially about deleting the creepy comments.

    Can’t post to my FB page because I have too many young friends and wouldn’t feel comfortable with the cover.

  13. Hi Lisa — YES, please don’t if there’s lots of youngins. It’s a pretty racy cover.

    You can just tell a friend who might be interested in the contest (and who is over 18) and you’re entered.

  14. Deb — No, I won’t be at Lori Foster’s this year. I’ve got too many trips planned and I had to cut a few of my regulars. I’m sorry to miss it, though.

    Jessica — Hmmm, good question. Sure. If you post the contest info in more than one place, you can enter multiple times. Just make sure you comment individually with the links, so you make multiple entries.

  15. I posted it to my face book page http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&suggest&note_id=95634875999

  16. Okey dokey, I posted it here on my facebook wall so all my friends can see it :grin:

    I added you as a friend on facebook as well, b/c I’m not sure if you can see my post if you’re not one :question:

    This is a really cool idea to get the news out about a book releasing! I know I’m looking forward to it, and now the word is spreading and soon tons of people will be looking forward to the fun too!

    Have fun at Disney World and the RT convention (Florida this time of year – you are so lucky!). I’m going to be going to RAW again this year, so I’m not totally drooling with jealousy :razz: (only a little, lol).

  17. I e-mailed my friend and my daughter, I don’t get into the blogs, facebook, and things..

    I like the new cover, but nothing beats the cover of “the Chosen Sin”, that one rocks!

  18. Okay Anya that is the link for my facebook page I put it in my notes section and I will add it to my myspace later.

  19. I posted it on my blog spot. I absolutely adore your contests. I have found several new authors to read because of ones in the past.


  20. I have e-mailed several friends and will also be telling those in my reading group later this week when we get together.

    Love reading those paranormals!!! Keep them coming…

  21. Since I have some underage friends on both my myspace and facebook, I didn’t post there. However, I did email my sister, my mom, and my grandmother about the contest.

  22. I told my mom and she can’t wait to enter. You are a new author on my list and I can’t wait to read your witch series. It looks delicious!!!!!

  23. I tweeted about it also.

    User kelida on tweet.

  24. Here is my link on Myspace I think it turned out better than my link on facebook.
    I love your paranormals. I can’t seem to put them down even when I have read them through once already.

  25. i blogged about it here

  26. Posted here at my blog :)


  27. I also posted this at my other blog:


  28. I don’t have a blog or anything to post the links but I did tell my book club buddies about the contest and about What Happens in Vegas…After Dark coming out on May 1st. :grin:

  29. I posted it here:


  30. Anya I’m a new reader to your books, but what I’ve read so far is excellent!!! Can’t wait for the contest to start. :grin:

  31. I told my friend about the contest.

  32. I called my sister Jen and she told me to email her the details, so I did!

  33. Hi is me again, okay, I just got a blog(it was SO easy to make one, took me like 5 minutes to make it) and here is the link


  34. Anya,

    I sent an email to all of my friends who also love paranormal reads! I am sorry that I don’t have anywhere else to post it!! But there were a good dozen names on the email AND I encouraged THEM to share!! I also requested that our local library purchase copies of your books. :grin:

    Thank you!!!

  35. I don’t have a blog or website, but I just e-mailed some friends about your contest.

  36. Whee – super excited about this book, and contest! I posted about it here: http://limecello.blogspot.com/2009/04/ginormous-vegas-ii-celebration-contest.html

    And I’ll be talking about it on twitter too :D

    Also I had to mention that I love love love #5 in the rules, lol.

  37. I posted contest here:




  38. No blog to post to, but I emailed my coffe club gals.

  39. I told my friend Karen Haas about your contest. She loves your books as much as I do. I recently read “Witch Blood”. Terrific book!

  40. Posted to my blog too. Great way to spread the word about your books!


  41. Thanks so much for running this fantastic contest…Hope my link works



  42. I posted everything (except the cover-didn’t know how) on MySpace

  43. I posted the contest information on my livejournal, here:

    I’m so excited for this awesome contest!

    Good luck everyone!

  44. I can’t wait to buy the book.

  45. Posted at my livejournal site
    nancyg1950@livejournal.com :wink:

  46. I am blogless… so I told a few friends! This will be fun! :grin:

  47. Limecello — Number 5 was all for you. LOL.

  48. http://iyamvixenbooks.blogspot.com/2009/04/anya-bast-uber-hewgah-contest.html


  49. The book sounds great and my favorite pastime is reading or listening to books on tape. Please sign me up.



  50. This is NOT for a second entry. I just posted my entry and forgot to tell you that I emailed my two best friends and told them about this. Please add this comment to my first one and count them as just one entry. I am so sorry for the error. I would have deleted my first one and started over but i can’t fiugre out how to delete the first.



  51. I emailed my 3 of my co-teachers about thr contset.

  52. I posted the contest on my blog:

  53. I posted the info through yahoo to a couple of my friends. You honestly have to love it sometimes.

  54. http://bulletins.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=bulletin.read&authorID=376963371&messageID=6403301408&MyToken=f0c2fad1-5c67-411f-8620-2f6fe8a4f4ca

    Posted on myspace

  55. Posted on facebook as well


  56. Don’t have a blog or anything, but I did email losts of people :-)

  57. I told my coffee clatch about this great contest! Some of them have web sites…so even if I can’t post maybe some of them will!

  58. I emailed both my daughters and my best friend.

  59. I sent the email to my friends.

  60. I told everyone everywhere I went today which included the grocery, the pharmacy and my gynecologists office! LOL

  61. I told my mom because she’s the only other person I know who loves to read as much as I do. Though the books I read are a bit racier than the ones she reads, ok a lot racier.

  62. I posted about your contest on my blog:


  63. I posted it to my facebook profile http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230817876&ref=profile

  64. Here is another place I posted it! I sure do hope I win. ttp://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&bID=481985172

  65. I e-mailed a bunch of my friends about the contest.

  66. Don’t have a blog but I posted about the contest on shelfari.com

  67. Hi Anya, I posted it on my Facebook page :mrgreen: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=1007852468&ref=profile
    I’m going over to my space and post it there too;-) Thanks.

  68. I posted on my blog here:


    Thanks for a great contest!!

  69. I posted on Myspace and told my friends about it!!


  70. Hi Anya,

    I told three people who I thought might want to enter your contest. I don’t know if you would like their names or not. If you do let me know and I’ll email them to you.

    Thank you for entering me in your contest.

  71. Hi! I am one of those few with no blog. But I told a friend and left a message for another!

    Thanks for entering me in this contest!!

  72. Hi Anya
    dont have a blog or a website but I did tell my girlfriend at lunch today about your upcoming contest.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  73. I emailed and called my friend about the contest.

  74. Hi Anya! Yeah on the sequel of Vegas!! I posted it on my blog here:


  75. Posted on my blog

    Man hope that link thingy works.

  76. Crap did it wrong.


    That’s what I get for trying something new.

  77. I told my old college roommate (who used to exchange romance novels with me when we should have been studying) and my sister in law. I hope they don’t beat me out for a prize though!

  78. http://myspace.com/jeannesheats

    I couldn’t get the picture to take for some reason. I also told my bowling buddies and card club!

  79. Okie dokie, all added to my site, http://home.comcast.net/~loismerritt1013 and click on Blog/What’s New right over there on the left. :)


  80. Thanks for the great contest! You’re on my blog.


    The Birthday Present coming August 2009!
    Suzanne Graham

  81. I told all my friends! I think I need to start reading SLOWER…I seem to finish and sit here waiting in anticipation for your next book!

  82. Anya:

    Thank you for such an awesome contest! This is wonderful. :grin:

    The cover art for this book is smokin by the way!!

    Okay, I posted the anouncement at my blog here: http://lea-closetwriter.blogspot.com/2009/04/awesome-contest-at-anya-basts-blog.html

    I will be sure to post a picture of the cover art with the link in my blog side bar.

    Best Regards

  83. NO blogs or websites for me to post this on but I did email all my reading friends.
    Thank you so much for this offer.

  84. Awesome giveaway!! I posted it here: http://www.readingwithmonie.com/2009/04/ginormous-vegas-ii-celebration-contest.html

    Please enter me to win :mrgreen:

  85. Great contest Thank you so much I posted it here:

  86. Anya:
    I’ve posted on my blog:

    and my face book page:

  87. i posted on my blog already

  88. Ayna:
    I have to first say thank you for having this awesome contest!!! Thank you for all the hard work it did to pull this together!!!

    I have posted it at my blog here:
    and I will also post it on my sidebar!!!


  89. I blogged about it here:


    I have to agree that cover is HOT!!

    Thanks so much!

  90. http://rantingsfromrach.blogspot.com/ <I posted the contest here!

    I also e-mailed some friends about it too!! :)

  91. :grin: wow!! what a hot cover!!

    this one looks like the pages should go up in FLAMES!! :mrgreen:

  92. Great Contest!

    I posted it in my blog

  93. I have posted on my blog and on my facebook!

    This sounds like an awesome good time! :D Thanks for hosting this!!

  94. I don’t have a blog but i told 3 of my reading friends about the contest and gave them the site to come and check it out.

  95. I told my BFF Robert, hopefully he’ll come by and enter, too! Thanks for the contest :)

  96. Hi Anya~

    Wow, what a great contest.

    I posted on MySpace:


  97. Hi Anya!

    Very cool contest!! :mrgreen:

    I posted about the contest at my blog


  98. Hi Anya,
    Thanks for this great giveaway. I blogged about the contest on my blog.


  99. Here is my blog address.


  100. Great contest!

    I posted about it on my blog:


  101. I told my sis about the contest; she’s just as “bad” a bookworm as I am.

    I could buy a LOT of bookes with $100!!
    But I would just as happily settle for $25 …..
    …. Or a free book!!

    Anything!!!! :)

  102. Hi Anya, I posted about the contest here:


  103. I posted it here


  104. Hello,

    I posted this on myspace blog…


    Happy Easter to you!!!

  105. This is a great contest! I’m so excited about the upcoming book.


  106. Great contest! I hope this doesn’t get posted twice for some reason it didn’t post the first time. *shrugs*

    Love your books!

  107. Oops! lol I made my whole comment my link. But I did post the contest on my blog. lol

  108. Hiya Anya, I’m excited about “What Happens in Vegas…After Dark.” I enjoyed the first book, so I know this follow-up book will be great too! :-) I shared news of the book with my friends and reading crew, we are all looking forward to it.

  109. Great contest! I posted it to my blog! http://mom2anutball.blogspot.com/2009/04/ginormous-vegas-ii-celebration-contest.html

  110. Hiya Anya! A little bird (okay, more specifically Lindsey :grin:) told me you were running a ginormous contest — so it seemed like an ideal time to come over and shout hi and say what a great time I had meeting you and Lauren and Megan last summer. Hoping to do Lori’s again this year, but I don’t know yet!

    — Sierra

  111. I posted it over at livejournal :)

    So glad I found this awesome contest :)

  112. I emailed my friend and posted it on Sierra Dafoe’s yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sierra_Dafoe/message/22862
    Enjoying the wait for the book.

  113. told Sherry Bossun about the contest and your website

  114. Great contest! I emailed two of my friends, I know they love your books!

  115. I posted on myspace and told my local book club.

  116. Sorry, here’s the link to myspace. http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=80128076&blogId=482107021

  117. I emailed my friend and told her all about it!

  118. I tweeted about it: http://twitter.com/cdziuba/status/1482519767

    Also emailed my daughters and sisters and four friends.


  119. hmmmph! i am NOT a sock puppet. :P
    besides…. i know you know where to find me. ~grinning~ I’ll add to both my blog and facebook. I’ll post the linky lurv to blog when i do it after i get off work. Muwahhhhh!

  120. Hi Anya! Great contest! I posted it to my FB wall and made a comment in the status update. I tried to post the picture there, but it didn’t work. Got the link and information, though. Hope that qualifies me!

  121. I posted at a design board i go to well a couple of them http://forbiddendesigns.biz/index.php?topic=3251.0

    we design grafics and such so i figured id share the news with the art comunity since writing is art ty for sharing this opertunity with everyone

  122. I told my mom about this contest. Yeah, that’s a little weird, telling my mom about an erotica writer holding a contest. LOL
    hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

  123. This is not for the contest, I just wanted to say how awesome this turn out is. Anya, beauty you are a huge hit!

    Come on peeps we need more :)

  124. I could not figure out how to post on facebook so I emailed my six sisters.

  125. I invited 5 friends to your contest, Anya.

  126. Hi again, Anya! I shared your contest info with: TiaBangs@yahoogroups.com. More people might drop by and say I sent them.

  127. OK, I need more caffeine. MonieG sent me to your fantastic contest! I read it in my “Reading With Monie” newsletter. :grin:

  128. I think this is the right link for my facebook posting: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560637414&ref=nf

    If not, let me know and I will find another.

  129. ANYA!

    Your hottie cover and contest are on my blog!



  130. Count me in! You can check out my blog post here.

  131. I love all your books. I don’t email or have a special page but I told my sister Linda, my daughter-in-laws Kari and Ragon, my nieces Lisa, Laurie, Misty and Michelle and my friends Stacy, Cathy, Mandy, Becky and Kendalyn.

  132. Lovin the website – love your writing! Would love to share this book with my BookShare group!!

  133. Hi, e-mailed to my sister and a friend! :cool:

  134. I blogged about it!!
    You can read it here:


  135. I posted it here, thank you kindly!



  136. I posted this on a yahoo group I belong to. here is the link!


  137. Whew!! That took a little figuring out how to get it all done but I did it!! Yeah!!!


  138. I posted it to my blog.


    Have a great day.

  139. Mel K. sent me.

    Thank you for such a great contest!
    mittens0831 AT aol.com

  140. Great contest, Anya! Thanks for all these amazing opportunities! :D

    Here’s the link to my blog where I posted it: http://tbqspersonalbookpalace.blogspot.com/2009/04/heads-up-anya-bast-month-long-giveaway.html

  141. Anya,

    Since I don’t have a website or blog, I called
    my daughter, Missy, who is as great a reader
    and contest enterer (?) as I am. I gave her
    all the information about your big contest!
    Her comment: “WOW, I love chocolates! And

    Pat Cochran

  142. What a great contest!! I pimped the contest and book on my blog. Here is the link. :)


  143. i emailed this to all my friends and i cant wait to read it

  144. Hi Anya,

    I have emailed my friends…

    Thanks for the great contest!

  145. I don’t have a blog or website to put anything on, but I did tell my sister and my friend Kristen about the book and your contest. I also work in a bookstore and I alerted a few of our customers that WHIVAD was going to be coming out. I have some customers who always want to know about these kinds of releases. I hope that qualifies me.

  146. I posted about the contest on my MySpace blog. Couldn’t figure out how to post the picture though.


  147. Wow, a lot of entries so far! Here’s my blog post: http://reviewsbybrooke.blogspot.com/2009/04/anya-bast-is-having-huge-contest.html

    bacarleton at gmail dot com

  148. I love contests!!

    I posted the sticky on my book review blog:


  149. I posted on myspace and told my friends at work!!

  150. This is an awesome contest. I love your books.

  151. I got carried away and forgot to tell you that I told my book club about this contest and also told all my sisters.LOL I have six sisters.

  152. :wink: Told several friends about this great contest.

  153. http://tamis-ramblings.blogspot.com/2009/04/anya-bast-contest.html

    You rock the boat girlie! Can’t wait to read Vegas After Dark (got it today!)


    tami.winbush @ gmail.com

  154. I talked to my girlfriends Amy and Angela. We have our own mini bookclub :grin: Can’t wait for May 1st!!!!!

  155. I’ve added your contest to my side bar at


    Congrats on the upcoming sexy release!

    Hugs, Danette

  156. Hi Anya!

    Posted this on my blog on the sidebar!

    Great contest, awesome giveaway!

    I would love to just have a copy!

    Dottie :)

  157. cool
    told a blog friend about this cool contest
    gl all

  158. Hi Mel K sent me and I told my mother and sister aobut the contest. I hope thye enter.

  159. OK, I’ve told my reading group, and I’ll post it on my blog as well when I get home this afternoon. :grin:

  160. In case my facebook doesn’t work, I posted the giveaway here as well: http://savvyverseandwit.blogspot.com/2009/04/after-dark-giveaway.html

  161. Awesome contest! I’ve blogged about it here: :grin:

  162. Sorry bout that my link got hidden under the smiley lol!


  163. Hi, Anya! What a great contest! I told my mother and a co-worker about your book and contest! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  164. blogged about this here and tweeted it too

  165. I love posting contests. It’s great karma


  166. Hope you had/have a good time at Disney and the RT convention. I have told my daughter about this, but I doubt she will enter–she would rather come and raid my bookshelves!

  167. TO THIS POST:

    I don’t understand computers much and I’m not sure that I’m entering the contest by doing this – BUT I HOPE SO.

    Anyway, I told my son, Chris, about the contest – he gave me “Witch Fire” to read, after he had finished it and we have now read the other 2 books in the series. We love them!

    Do you accept more than one entry to the contest, or does one entry make one eligible for all the prizes?

  168. Awesome giveaway! I posted about it here: http://debbiesworld.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/giveaway-so-awesome-it-needed-its-own-post/

  169. I posted about the giveaway here.

  170. AHHH Okay, please delete my first 2 comments if they’re showing up. Neither of them are showing in this comment feed, at least not on my screen but I really want to enter this contest so I guess (okay, hope) that the 3rd time’s the charm.


    PLEASE show up.

  171. dont have website but emailed my best sweep friend, an she said forget the contest where can I get my hands on a copy of that book!

  172. Great contest! I posted on my blog which will be linked to my facebook page. Here’s the link to my blog:


  173. Finally got motivated to set up the blog….Check it out.

  174. Wow, what a fun contest! Pleast count me in. I posted about it here: http://abookwormsblog1.blogspot.com/2009/04/anya-bast-contest.html
    and emailed a couple of friends about it.


  175. Correcting the entry…(sorry, newbie here)Let’s try this again.. Reading Writes a hopefully totally dedicated to the reading rights of others…

  176. i’d love to post this to my blog, but the cover is a little too racy for my followers ;) i will however let a few of my book reading friends know about this thru email. Heather and Kimmie… you’ve got mail!
    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  177. wow, this is an awesome contest!
    I posted the required details on my blog. :)
    Hope I win something! lol


  178. I posted about this celebration contest at my LJ:


  179. I’ve posted mine :)


    I’m kind of hoping for a runner-up position, though – the surprise box sounds awesome!

  180. Posted on my blog

  181. And I put the new widget on my LJ page at — http://ov-099.livejournal.com/ :)


  182. Posted on my blog: http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com/2009/04/ginormous-vegas-ii-celebration-contest.html

  183. This is an amazing contest! I’ve posted to my Facebook. Thank you so much!


  184. I posted on my blog:

    Hope I win!!! Good luck to all!

  185. Excellent contest!!!
    That is a very cool little widget.
    I posted about the contest at my blog here.

  186. Hi Anya, posted the info on my blog (main page, left sidebar). Thanks!

  187. Hello Anya

    I’ve posted about your contest on my blog ~


  188. I posted on another message board


  189. seriously sweet contest. Post be here: http://starsunite.blogspot.com/2009/04/aaahh-and-another-contest-grins.html

  190. i also posted in my tagged account


  191. http://www.myyearbook.com/bainesgoddess_14_and_9

    ia lso told my book group

  192. I Also posted it on my myspace page as well


  193. I posted the link to my blog.


  194. I posted the link on my blog.


  195. Thanks for the widget Allison! I’m going to use it to update the contest info on my Facebook page.

    I posted the contest info to the RAW2009 yahoo group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RAW2009/message/269

  196. I also added the widget to my yahoo profile. I couldn’t find the url for my profile, but here is the url for the widget after you click on my profile to enlarge it: http://apps.yahoo.com/-ZHMv304m/YahooFullView/?gig_cmd=pv&gig_ut=dBFII5RbVxUc8nBdc3bMDT7hmmrIvgen1wCG_dxqadJhAAWkNZSIhV-1DGKZvwZ0-DQUg5JS8Y61ukrjwOp8p81S9pP6R_BhovjemyHtbA0dAsx-PMuL2zIosIac-rUvj3lTh1WL6rg0IY1bFO3pdiNje1ypupvR2vjXyKn4UVwhM60UjqQ2BN3LVjezorLjFk17hWJXJg70_AUnI9V-xVtWqkgxc183hhdWzIJ-PZGC7WeLovpfO1Gn8dcfD9HTfmzC1lo43gcRD4R_C_wXhPmYQDSWrarblj7a2AIQwsyWKEfQh-MCkzrRGqq1CrFyC9HMgEbNfiidmc9FmiffLQVi6pdSkD_Q9MBCSEQUOgLNjEj4l5YIj5EWN1jOFkX_2V7QTtfTjy4d0ufGtkofaIvF9FTS4HKSsnlsh11VyTM.&__vid__=Y29sbGVjdGlvblR5cGU9Z3VpZAFjb2xsZWN0aW9uSUQ9RDJGTFJINU9RTEZKNDc3Mks3NUZYNVFEMlkBc291cmNlPUFQUC5aSE12MzA0bQFjbGFzcz1hcHABdHlwZT1hcHBBY3Rpdml0eQFzdWlkPUQyRkxSSDVPUUxGSjQ3NzJLNzVGWDVRRDJZNjMzNzUwNzk5OTU3NjU5ODc0

  197. Hi Anya-
    I posted this on my Facebook page and called 2 friends without internet access. Good luck everybody!

  198. I blogged about your contest here:

  199. Posted the details up at http://senalovescandy.blogspot.com/2009/04/cool-book-contests.html

  200. Hello, I am joining this contest from Deb’s review blog


  201. Hi Anya, This contest is awesome with so many chances at great books! Thanks!

    I posted about the contest on my blog
    here. :razz:

  202. Great contest! I posted on facebook http://apps.facebook.com/wildfire/fbhandler.ashx?mode=post_share&imp=1&siid=185320692

  203. I added the widget to my two blogs.


  204. Posted to my blog:

    Count me in. Thanks!

  205. I don’t have a blog, but I did tell me three favorite cousins about this amazing contest! Trust me, it’s right up their alley.

  206. Read the excert to Taken and was just tingling all over. I’ve added you to my new author list and emailed my sister about you.

  207. Wow!!


  208. http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&bID=483033323
    i think thats all of them

  209. WOW what a big contest! How exciting! I posted up a blog for this contest:

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  211. I posted it to my Facebook :-)

  212. What an awesome contest! Thank you so much!
    I have it posted on my blog here

  213. I posted the contest on my LJ blog.

  214. Sorry the link didn’t show the first time for some reason.


  215. Here is the link to my post:


    Thanks for a fun contest!

  216. I would love to win. I posted the widget on facebook.

  217. Hi Anya! What an awesome way to celebrate. Great contest. WooHoo! I look forward to reading Vegas II

    I have posted about this giveaway on both myspace & my blog at these links.


    http://www.myspace.com/readingissomuchfun In the blog.


  218. Hi Anya. I have posted about your contest on my blog at this link here, http://moneymakindiva.blogspot.com/

  219. Hi Anya. I have posted about your contest on my blog at this link here, http://moneymakindiva.blogspot.com/


  220. I posted it on my facebooks


  221. Love your books.

    I posted it at my mySpace


  222. Hi! Great contest.
    widget is up on my blog

  223. Your books are the best! I don’t have a blog and I don’t do facebook or Twitter yet so I don’t have a way to talk about your books or the contest in that way. But I tell all my friends about your books and I’ll tell everyone else I know as well — will that work? :-)


  224. I posted this on http://www.myspace.com/tracey449

  225. I’ve told several people about this contest. Would so love to win. Love your books. Thanks, Bridget

  226. Reposted your contest on my blogs. Here are the url’s:



    Am keeping my fingers crossed :grin:.


  227. Hello, What a fabulous giveaway prize contest! I entered your contest url at my
    Facebook. Many thanks, Cindi

  228. Told my friends.
    Love your books!!!

  229. Anya I posted to my facebook account and sent an email out to my gf!

    Facebook post –


  230. This is just an “add-on” to my comment above, An. Just to let you know that I have also emailed your widget to email addresses available to me.

  231. I told a friend.

    Thanks for the great contest.

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  233. Hi,

    I posted it to my romance novel Meetup group page.


  234. posted this @ my facebook! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=26705211 :D

  235. Had to tell someone, no blog, etc. But am asking if I can post if on a private forum.

  236. I posted about the contest here: http://www.thediscriminatingfangirl.com/2009/04/28/anya-bast-contest/

    Thanks, what a cool giveaway!

  237. I posted about it!


    Thanks so much! This is a fantastic contest!!

  238. This is another add on to my comment entry on the 19th of April. I have also posted your contest at my blog with the following url : http://cherryd-cherry.blogspot.com/2009/04/ginormous-vegas-ii-celebration-contest.html.


  239. Told my family about it. Enter me!

  240. Posted at http://wheretheboysr.blogspot.com/.

    Always interested in great books and interesting stories!

  241. Hi Anya,
    I finally got the link posted for your contest on my mySpace Blog.
    The link should be here:
    or the link to my home page is

    God Bless,

  242. Your contest rocks. I have wanted to enter this part of it all month but haven’t been able to put anything on my blog except school project until now. MBA class that required a blog, go figure. Anyway It’s posted on there now. Congrats on the release of the new book. Hope it’s not to late to enter me.



  243. I’ve told all my 3 bffs and they’re going to check out this blog! I also just blogged it on my myspace. But you have to be my friend to read it.

  244. HEY!

    I’ve posted on Myspace and Facebook. Wish much luck!



  245. Hi Anya,

    I have forwarded your email to 2 of my friends.

    Please enter me in the contest.
    Thank you.

  246. thanks for the contest. I told my daughter about the contest and plan to tell a friend later today. :grin:

  247. Hi
    Thank you for this great contest
    I posted om my Facebook today.

  248. I don’t have a blog, so I told my friend babygirlG to come over and she has taken part in some of the contests!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  249. I posted you as my status!


  250. http://tamis-ramblings.blogspot.com/2009/05/anya-bast-hunormous-contest.html

    This contest ROCKS! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: